Shiny Carbuncles


: Shiny Carbuncles


: Carby


: 487


: 8

Leveling history


: 9237305048202048782


: The FC where a Carbuncle is always at your side. :) Recruiting friendly members! Apply Now ;3


: Immortal Flames




: Carbuncle Den at Plot 13, 10 Ward, Shirogane, Sargatanas, Aether

Welcome message

: Welcome to the Carbuncle Hideout! ;3 Rumors say the roof of the house is like Kugane Tower...


: Always



Ranking history

Peridot Carby Aaeilu Bravo
Topaz Carbuncle Abasis Noble
Peridot Carby Abian Wrynn
Peridot Carby Adara Lagarto
AFK Carbuncle Aelaid Cos
Peridot Carby Aero Sage
AFK Carbuncle Aerospace Engineer
Topaz Carbuncle Ahory Elowanyl
Emerald Carby Ahsokaria Elowanyl
Topaz Carbuncle Ainz Ooal'gown
Topaz Carbuncle Airell Rose
Peridot Carby Airi Rosalie
AFK Carbuncle Akida Ejinn
Peridot Carby Akito Shokan
AFK Carbuncle Aldous White
AFK Carbuncle Alesha L'mardu
Topaz Carbuncle Alexandra Halestorm
Topaz Carbuncle Alice Caroll
Peridot Carby Alice Vessalius
AFK Carbuncle Alleria Whisperwind
Topaz Carbuncle Alliandre Davi'k
Peridot Carby Alto Ralhalla
Peridot Carby Alyna Embersoul
Peridot Carby Alzac Zerif
AFK Carbuncle Am'a Bee
Peridot Carby Amelia Braddock
Topaz Carbuncle Amelia Shintome
Peridot Carby Amenadiel Bane
Peridot Carby Amyst Celah
Topaz Carbuncle Anidem Delamuerte
AFK Carbuncle Annie Dahlia
AFK Carbuncle Anubis Godofdeath
Topaz Carbuncle Anya Ackerman
Topaz Carbuncle Arcana Valoris
Peridot Carby Archon Thylacine
Peridot Carby Arei Benjamin
Topaz Carbuncle Argath Jarnvior
Peridot Carby Aria Florentine
AFK Carbuncle Arjhan Sakheeli
Peridot Carby Arlios Stormfury
Topaz Carbuncle Arslai Angura
Topaz Carbuncle Aruna Quickpaws
Peridot Carby Aryanna Lycelle
AFK Carbuncle Ash Spark
Topaz Carbuncle Ashda Moonseeker
AFK Carbuncle Asuna Horo
Peridot Carby Asuna Vahlrin
Peridot Carby At'akal Syn
AFK Carbuncle Au' Ra
Topaz Carbuncle August Rivers
AFK Carbuncle Aurelia Vheol
AFK Carbuncle Aya Hart
Peridot Carby Ayame Shiunsai
Peridot Carby Ayton Hidenori
Diamond Carby Ayu Izumi
Topaz Carbuncle Ayumi Hatsune
Peridot Carby Bailey Ann
Peridot Carby Bambi Fletcher
AFK Carbuncle Baolin Va'lor
Topaz Carbuncle Bash Ravenwood
Topaz Carbuncle Beatrix Alexandria
Peridot Carby Beiste Bahadur
Peridot Carby Bennett Rotundatis
Topaz Carbuncle Betyn Kimbo
Peridot Carby Bibster Wang
AFK Carbuncle Bigchief Kalzone
Peridot Carby Blackrain Xi
AFK Carbuncle Blaire Fubuki
Peridot Carby Bloodscar Lionheart
Topaz Carbuncle Bofa Deezknutz
Peridot Carby Bomber Woman
AFK Carbuncle Brazer Solroja
Topaz Carbuncle Brittneze Sunicestress
Ruby Carbuncle Buffalo Brent
Peridot Carby Butter Nut
Peridot Carby Caelaer Leah
AFK Carbuncle Caelum Kail
Topaz Carbuncle Cahota Darkbringer
Peridot Carby Caitlin Snow
Peridot Carby Callae Vegul
Topaz Carbuncle Calluna Vulgaris
AFK Carbuncle Castella Cake
Peridot Carby Catherine Oskiras
AFK Carbuncle Catti-brie Do'urden
AFK Carbuncle Ceci Nhevra
Peridot Carby Celellis Lockhart
Topaz Carbuncle Chariot Du'nord
Topaz Carbuncle Chewtie Suruga
Topaz Carbuncle Chiaro Oscuro
Topaz Carbuncle Chloe Einzbernz
AFK Carbuncle Chornometria Demios
Peridot Carby Chrysaor O'fury
Ruby Carbuncle Cincy Blizzard
Emerald Carby Circine Vendrala
AFK Carbuncle Colette Lelette
AFK Carbuncle Colgach Solas
Topaz Carbuncle Constantine Lupus
Peridot Carby Cottoncandy Schnauzer
Peridot Carby Crystal Alzay
AFK Carbuncle Cyan Lothaire
Topaz Carbuncle Cynfawr Cadwallader
AFK Carbuncle Daerrus Sobek
AFK Carbuncle Dakorius Waylander
AFK Carbuncle Dalamiq Dataq
Peridot Carby Dalrin Thaladris
AFK Carbuncle Darcy Valtin
Peridot Carby Dark Magus
AFK Carbuncle Dark Shadowx
Peridot Carby Dartt Wolfram
AFK Carbuncle Dazra Flashpoint
Peridot Carby De Nam
Peridot Carby Deacon Daguerreo
Topaz Carbuncle Delitem Hyrall
Peridot Carby Despacito Suavecito
Topaz Carbuncle Deyen Aesith
AFK Carbuncle Donalo Sh'kyn
Peridot Carby Doodoo Butt
AFK Carbuncle Double Entendre
Ruby Carbuncle Dragon Wagon
Peridot Carby Dred Scott
Peridot Carby Drogyn Ninjaro
Topaz Carbuncle Drooby Drewbster
AFK Carbuncle Drunken Domed
Peridot Carby Dulcinea Vailemont
Peridot Carby Durante Grey
AFK Carbuncle Durzo Blintzz
AFK Carbuncle Dusty Pix
Topaz Carbuncle E'lyon Tia
AFK Carbuncle Ebilou Hoo
Ruby Carbuncle Edlaia Nelheh
AFK Carbuncle Eldrich Nightmare
AFK Carbuncle Elena Moonriver
AFK Carbuncle Elric Hunter
Topaz Carbuncle Elysia Wintersfield
AFK Carbuncle Entitled Princess
Peridot Carby Era Mintario
Peridot Carby Eri Astrella
Peridot Carby Eroldo Coil
Topaz Carbuncle Eru Light
Peridot Carby Eru Liight
AFK Carbuncle Ethan Emilio
Peridot Carby Faerlin Ravencrest
Topaz Carbuncle Falknor Strike
AFK Carbuncle Fallafel Millerchip
AFK Carbuncle Fear Noone
AFK Carbuncle Feleiril Alerion
Peridot Carby Felicia Darkstalker
AFK Carbuncle Finna Nut
AFK Carbuncle Finwe Eledhwen
AFK Carbuncle Fiona Constantine
AFK Carbuncle Fluffy Thunder
Topaz Carbuncle Forte Espada
Peridot Carby Foster Liddell
AFK Carbuncle Fragfist Dragonknight
Topaz Carbuncle Free Hat
Peridot Carby Freya Vonhaven
Peridot Carby Freya Wolfe
Peridot Carby Geralt Riviane
Topaz Carbuncle Gharl Londo
Emerald Carby Gheti'a Rhabtaki
Emerald Carby Gilgamaru Chronos
Topaz Carbuncle Glen Azer
Peridot Carby Glory Kong
AFK Carbuncle Goddess Ayla
Peridot Carby Godric Cabal
Topaz Carbuncle Gonn Freecss
AFK Carbuncle Gorlacka Skye
Peridot Carby Gorynya Avira
Topaz Carbuncle Green Belette
AFK Carbuncle Guy Suresong
Peridot Carby Hakai Urameshi
Emerald Carby Hanigir Tohl
AFK Carbuncle Harmony Rose
Topaz Carbuncle Haru Mikazuki
Peridot Carby Haru Rosalie
Topaz Carbuncle Hatsu Chamie
Peridot Carby Hectacular Rosenugget
Peridot Carby Hiziri Fuyuzuki
Peridot Carby Hobo Steve
Topaz Carbuncle Hot Cocoa
AFK Carbuncle I'raht Bashr
Peridot Carby Icing Death
Peridot Carby Ikari Kasai
Peridot Carby Ikohn Fylain
Peridot Carby Im Boosted
AFK Carbuncle Im Saucy
Peridot Carby Inches Qt
Peridot Carby Indem Cheeks
Peridot Carby Indica Izunia
AFK Carbuncle Innocent Creature
Topaz Carbuncle Insertedgy Namehere
Peridot Carby Inzu Sah'dal
Peridot Carby Ira Sapphir
Peridot Carby Iruga Shosei
AFK Carbuncle J'senfu Zargo
Peridot Carby Jack Teflon
AFK Carbuncle Jak Dragonheart
AFK Carbuncle Jamba Juice
AFK Carbuncle Jamey Sue
Peridot Carby Jeniva Licht
AFK Carbuncle Jmon Jones
Peridot Carby Joan Le'fay
AFK Carbuncle Jojo Popojijo
Peridot Carby Juliette Neko
AFK Carbuncle Juuzou Moikou
AFK Carbuncle K'era Kai
Peridot Carby K'zama Tia
Peridot Carby Kagan Llah
Peridot Carby Kai Unversed
AFK Carbuncle Kairi Aurelius
Topaz Carbuncle Kairos Xel
AFK Carbuncle Kal Ashe
Topaz Carbuncle Kaladin Windblessed
Emerald Carby Kali Themis
AFK Carbuncle Karalu Kusi
Peridot Carby Kasha Izanami
Topaz Carbuncle Kasma Omah
Peridot Carby Kassidey Donovan
Topaz Carbuncle Katherine Couteau
Peridot Carby Katniss Jesal
Peridot Carby Katt Alyst
Peridot Carby Kaze Aleateau
Topaz Carbuncle Kazed Rostress
Peridot Carby Kengu Satory
AFK Carbuncle Khal Drogo'
Peridot Carby Kiki Yomi
Obsidian Carby Kimiko Tsukuyomi
AFK Carbuncle Kirito Horo
AFK Carbuncle Kitkat B'harr
Topaz Carbuncle Kiurin Leorre
Peridot Carby Klynswys Bylgeidinwyn
Emerald Carby Knois Maker
Peridot Carby Knoss Halsen
Topaz Carbuncle Kodama Yurei
AFK Carbuncle Kokonzo Sasanzo
AFK Carbuncle Koneko Neko
Emerald Carby Kraz Valkarian
Peridot Carby Krysiel Ethos
Topaz Carbuncle Kupo Noodles
Topaz Carbuncle Kyleen Anorin
Peridot Carby Kyra Adesani
Peridot Carby Kyuubi Vuh
AFK Carbuncle Lady Kyoto
AFK Carbuncle Lady Myah
AFK Carbuncle Laeris Arad
Peridot Carby Landao Darkstone
Topaz Carbuncle Lavados Durai
AFK Carbuncle Lee Zanya
Topaz Carbuncle Lenora Lockser
Peridot Carby Lil Bara
Peridot Carby Lilith Laqi
Topaz Carbuncle Lingar Lightbringer
Peridot Carby Linne Kuu
Topaz Carbuncle Lucas Whitby
AFK Carbuncle Lumitia Whitescale
Topaz Carbuncle Lun'a Solaris
Peridot Carby Luna Ceknoyu
Peridot Carby Luna Sayuri
Amethyst Carby Lunar Tail
Emerald Carby Lunaria Starlight
Topaz Carbuncle M'rukki Talanish
Spinel Carby Macho Muchacho
Peridot Carby Mael Strumie
Peridot Carby Magnus Burnsides
Emerald Carby Maigriaith Faellum
AFK Carbuncle Makoto Iori
Peridot Carby Makuta Teridax
AFK Carbuncle Maple- Syrup
Peridot Carby Marquis Seyah
Peridot Carby Masha Yumikumi
AFK Carbuncle Mathurin Katsby
Peridot Carby Maverick Vokar
Peridot Carby Max Glavin
Peridot Carby Maxine Altaville
Peridot Carby Mayari Lizha
AFK Carbuncle Melom Jecke
Peridot Carby Metamora Dalamiq
AFK Carbuncle Miester Bubby
Peridot Carby Mikkii Levii
Topaz Carbuncle Milodias Darkblade
Peridot Carby Misharu Decimus
Peridot Carby Miss Quote
AFK Carbuncle Miya Avagnar
AFK Carbuncle Mo Jhava
Topaz Carbuncle Mooffy Mei'ra
Topaz Carbuncle Morthana Crystalsong
Peridot Carby Mr Bubbles
Peridot Carby Mr Original
Topaz Carbuncle Murpheous Malfyr
Emerald Carby Nabi Yang
AFK Carbuncle Nala Alexandria
AFK Carbuncle Naldo Augus
AFK Carbuncle Nalyna Grace
AFK Carbuncle Natsu Kitsune
AFK Carbuncle Navy Army
Topaz Carbuncle Neon Cate
Topaz Carbuncle Nhago'li Botnessa
Topaz Carbuncle Nicholas Arrowny
AFK Carbuncle Nietzche Ascetic
Amethyst Carby Nise Void
Peridot Carby Nocturn Stormsong
AFK Carbuncle Noggin Blast
Peridot Carby Novae Tomson
AFK Carbuncle Noxastra Lightshard
Peridot Carby Nyan Roro
Peridot Carby Nym Talavir
Topaz Carbuncle Ohhai Marc
Topaz Carbuncle Okito Musuko
Peridot Carby Old Seadog
AFK Carbuncle Ollan Durai
Peridot Carby Ona'sin Lockhart
Peridot Carby One Tail
Peridot Carby Oona Corvus
Peridot Carby Osamu Nagata
AFK Carbuncle Osyrn Waldis
Topaz Carbuncle Otori Windwalker
Topaz Carbuncle Otuel Mist
AFK Carbuncle Ozymandias Oathkeeper
AFK Carbuncle Paco Supertramp
Topaz Carbuncle Para Goric
Peridot Carby Party Barty
AFK Carbuncle Parus Armest'reng
AFK Carbuncle Patrycja Jagoda
Topaz Carbuncle Percival Giraud
Peridot Carby Phildian Antonin
Peridot Carby Phyrus Khatayin
Topaz Carbuncle Pilot Flame
Peridot Carby Pineapple Shortcake
AFK Carbuncle Pink Waylander
AFK Carbuncle Pompadour Thug
Topaz Carbuncle Pon Lu
Topaz Carbuncle Porokie Parker
Peridot Carby Portuguese Lala
AFK Carbuncle Primax Xiv
AFK Carbuncle Pupinia Stewart
Topaz Carbuncle Qatat Relan
AFK Carbuncle Quseio Nmhnys
AFK Carbuncle Raeyne Emora
Topaz Carbuncle Raike Dawnbringer
AFK Carbuncle Rainbow' Dash'
Peridot Carby Reaper Blood
Peridot Carby Remy Remy
Topaz Carbuncle Rexs Akagane
Peridot Carby Rhos Wahcondalo
AFK Carbuncle Riku Heartless
Peridot Carby Riley Zoey
Peridot Carby Roe Gadyn
Peridot Carby Ronin Thunderbrew
Topaz Carbuncle Rosalynde Xantara
Topaz Carbuncle Rosaria Nightray
Obsidian Carby Rose Kisaragi
Topaz Carbuncle Roslin Marsana
Peridot Carby Roxie Roll
Ruby Carbuncle Roza Pyroblade
Emerald Carby Ruruka Ruka
Topaz Carbuncle Rydia Azran
Topaz Carbuncle Ryoko Hikari
AFK Carbuncle Saibre Wolf
Peridot Carby Saikos Vera
Topaz Carbuncle Saki Garro
AFK Carbuncle Sakura Yukito
Topaz Carbuncle Samsterz Moon
Topaz Carbuncle Saria Kharis
Topaz Carbuncle Saruto Uchimaki
Peridot Carby Sasuke Ryusaki
Peridot Carby Satheria Steelbreaker
Topaz Carbuncle Sazhka Oppress
Topaz Carbuncle Scarlett Phoenix
AFK Carbuncle Scarlett Rose'
AFK Carbuncle Scout Nabout
AFK Carbuncle Seamus Rubypubes
Topaz Carbuncle Sedulus Ga'wien
Peridot Carby Sephyn Ambrosius
Peridot Carby Sereis Edmond
Peridot Carby Seriph Nah
Peridot Carby Seymour Berttrim
Peridot Carby Shard Raeder
Peridot Carby Shi Kabe
Topaz Carbuncle Shin Frostfyre
AFK Carbuncle Shiro Inu
Peridot Carby Shirou Wolf
AFK Carbuncle Shiza Chan
Topaz Carbuncle Shuren Muren
Topaz Carbuncle Silica Celah
Peridot Carby Silver Tovey
Peridot Carby Sinthia Ariannona
Topaz Carbuncle Siqamour Gasparde
Peridot Carby Skaenryss Lyngwintsyn
Peridot Carby Skyo Bootyripples
AFK Carbuncle Snotra Johnson
AFK Carbuncle Sollgart Thegolfer
AFK Carbuncle Sora Izanagi
Topaz Carbuncle Stephen Silver
AFK Carbuncle Sterrbroda Sykursyn
Topaz Carbuncle Stormy Bridge
Peridot Carby Stown Boy
AFK Carbuncle Strabo Meeks
AFK Carbuncle Street Walker
Peridot Carby Succulent Citrus
Topaz Carbuncle Sugah Beans
Topaz Carbuncle Sumire Kasanui
Topaz Carbuncle Sweetea Himouto
AFK Carbuncle Sylar Gray
Peridot Carby Sylestion Mystiv
Topaz Carbuncle Syrie Feinrus
Topaz Carbuncle Taerra Elyssia
Peridot Carby Tahl'a Tayuun
Emerald Carby Taki Caloise
Peridot Carby Talan Ardent
Peridot Carby Talios Wynnick
Topaz Carbuncle Tartarus Epimetheus
AFK Carbuncle Teldrissa Moonguard
AFK Carbuncle Teran Silverleaf
Topaz Carbuncle Thalin Dracon
Peridot Carby Thanrec Miles
AFK Carbuncle Tharian Savanna
Topaz Carbuncle The Hunted
Peridot Carby Thebigbad Scruggs
Peridot Carby Thorn Tumet
AFK Carbuncle Tiberious Creighton
Peridot Carby Tiny Taru
AFK Carbuncle Tobias Wolfe
Peridot Carby Tohru Quetzalcoatl
Peridot Carby Tolsimir Nelios
AFK Carbuncle Tormithius Paladinsun
AFK Carbuncle Tree Senpai
Emerald Carby Tsukasa Kitsune
Peridot Carby Tuna Sandwich
Topaz Carbuncle Tylren Therus
Topaz Carbuncle Tyrillia Moon
Topaz Carbuncle Tyrin Alrakin
Peridot Carby Uatu Aron
AFK Carbuncle Usagi Aya
AFK Carbuncle Vagrant Of-light
Peridot Carby Valas Ruin
Peridot Carby Valentine Vincent
AFK Carbuncle Varas Mori
Peridot Carby Vaxarius Slyrex
AFK Carbuncle Veclauge Mortesque
Peridot Carby Vee Colm
Peridot Carby Vergilius Maro
Peridot Carby Vericks Visage
Peridot Carby Vesterly Sicksixsix
Peridot Carby Vex Black
Peridot Carby Vexitus Vokar
AFK Carbuncle Victory Starforce
AFK Carbuncle Vie Kaelis
Peridot Carby Vield Jakkya
Peridot Carby Vile Mutation
Peridot Carby Vinide Zedrana
Topaz Carbuncle Vinkel Lia
Peridot Carby Visk Tohka
Topaz Carbuncle Vispor Selene
Peridot Carby Vitra Crimsonash
Peridot Carby Volker Mateus
AFK Carbuncle Vulshara Gulifon
Peridot Carby Welkin Rose
Topaz Carbuncle Wendy Tenryu
Topaz Carbuncle Wheatly Harvest
Topaz Carbuncle Whiend Apple
Peridot Carby Whose Blue
Peridot Carby William Locke
Topaz Carbuncle Wynd Uasiaghail
Peridot Carby Xela Adejo
Topaz Carbuncle Xeno Drakesbane
Peridot Carby Xerran Ghann
AFK Carbuncle Xhial Thompson
AFK Carbuncle Xzavior Ambermoon
AFK Carbuncle Y'vihni Tia
Topaz Carbuncle Yayanji Papanji
AFK Carbuncle Ydnic Dlaregztif
Topaz Carbuncle Yomi Shi
Peridot Carby Yoon Saetern
AFK Carbuncle Yoonagnes Merlin
Topaz Carbuncle Yui Ackerman
Peridot Carby Yuki Nishimura
Topaz Carbuncle Yukino Bairon
AFK Carbuncle Zaerog Totoro
Peridot Carby Zatara Ulrich
AFK Carbuncle Zavus Zav
AFK Carbuncle Zeft Mormegil
Topaz Carbuncle Zell Seboy
Topaz Carbuncle Zenn Stormrunner
Peridot Carby Zero Two-
Topaz Carbuncle Zezelo Zelo
Peridot Carby Zivo Sunrunner
Emerald Carby Zoldrick Hakk