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: //TaintedFantasies. Low man free company, small fc with friends and family. End-game focused. TF is based on quality over quantity.


: Order of the Twin Adder




: Laughter House at Plot 3, 4 Ward, The Lavender Beds, Sargatanas, Aether

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: OOOOOOH Laughter House! Come for the wipes, and stay for the laughs!

Ranking history

tF Coterie Abraxas Hyral
Yoshida's Fault Acid Thunder
Yoshida's Fault Aeon Drakos
tF Coterie Akila Eshe
Yoshida's Fault Aqua Tempesta
Yoshida's Fault Atehki Mejastra
Alt Character's Aurora Undine
tF Coterie Belwas Blackfyre
tF Coterie Brando Vu
Alt Character's Brickhouse Betty
Yoshida's Fault Btdubbs Kukunori
Yoshida's Fault Cheefer Sutherland
tF_Master Chef Chilwill Thunderkat
tF Coterie Chitara Chiya
tF Coterie Corvis Rebaine
Yoshida's Fault Dawp Hat
Yoshida's Fault Deesz Nutz
Yoshida's Fault Dio Zentoz
tF Coterie Dolanar Velantis
tF Coterie Drae Skyy
Yoshida's Fault Ehrivia Kyadrana
Yoshida's Fault Fat Pebble
tF Coterie Foxxy Kyu
Yoshida's Fault Freaker Ryu
Yoshida's Fault Futeh Runfield
Alt Character's Grela Alesting
Yoshida's Fault Grimtales Jenkins
Yoshida's Fault Guyug Ugund
Yoshida's Fault Hexxus Lis
tF Coterie Ideal Masters
tF Tubby Iromi Eversong
Yoshida's Fault Ishnoch Zentoz
tF Coterie James Hanson
Alt Character's Jim Tom
Yoshida's Fault Jonas Venture
tF Coterie Jondi Taru
tF Coterie Kaede Takagaki
tF Coterie Kairin Rinko
tF Coterie Kaito Kazenoha
tF Coterie Ketten Derlust
tF Coterie Khan Stratton
tF Coterie Khorre Grom
Yoshida's Fault Kleric Awesome
tF Coterie Kouta Cabbit
Yoshida's Fault Krystela Rose
tF Coterie Lala Deviluke
Yoshida's Fault Ledus Tempesta
tF Coterie Leeman Sanmonflo
Yoshida's Fault Leisure Time
tF Coterie Lucy Hearts
Yoshida's Fault Malakai Merrick
tF Coterie Masha Nbolo
Alt Character's Materia Michaelis
Yoshida's Fault Miko Creepo
tF Coterie Mille Aiguilles
Yoshida's Fault Minxy Lakshmi
Yoshida's Fault Mischa Aquila
tF Coterie Moosi Riyln
Yoshida's Fault Moriko Tsukino
Yoshida's Fault Nerjinzul Mejastra
tF Coterie Niran Kyu
tF_Mentally ill Norack Sunstorm
tF Coterie Nori Hirogao
tF Coterie Nyxia Nbolo
tF Sage Orzhov Nivix
tF Coterie Pahja Wahcondalo
Yoshida's Fault Palidor Carbuncle
Yoshida's Fault Pararei Iyikiyi
Yoshida's Fault Princess Momo
tF Coterie Psycophantic Null
tF Sage Ramzus Granzswerd
tF Coterie Rekor Mirark
Yoshida's Fault Ringo Agito
tF Coterie Rorrie Star
tF Coterie Sarba Bodjv
tF Coterie Shonuff Blastorini
Yoshida's Fault Soltari Ubrok
tF Coterie Son Drogon
tF Coterie Sparkleigh Star
tF Coterie Tehol Beddict
Yoshida's Fault Thorn Alexandros
tF Tubby Tilla Eversong
Yoshida's Fault Trillian Gallifrey
tF Coterie Vera City
Yoshida's Fault Vir Solum
Alt Character's Yoshida's Master
tF Coterie Yuraku Andras
tF Coterie Zaine Lionheart
Yoshida's Fault Zorn Alexandros