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: The Great Library at Plot 25, 9 Ward, The Goblet, Ragnarok, Chaos

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Aegir Aldeman
Altani Avagnar
Amber Kiritani
Andoma Bloodfallen
Armag Eddon
Astrelle Itch
Asumi Moonpaw
Ben Husk
Bilbrand Inc
Bomchica Wowow
Bron Jakkya
Caedmorrs Snell
Catsy Miao
Chrisy Drake
Citrius Magius
Colten Ragnarok
Demiox Zer
Didimiaou Dimiaou
Draco Vondeath
Drakopoulos Gen'kin
Elinoora Rose
Elise Miniel
Erithia Westknight
Fusionin Rush
Gawnx Voldragon
Graeme Eversor
Hashim Alaskary
Ib'ra Kayuki
J'azih Vandriyal
Javer Chan
Jin Moonpaw
Kehda'li Kaatapoh
Kitsu Amaterasu
Kudelia Rex-lupus
Kykiki Lalatarutaru
Lady Aurelia
Lysis Nerr
Mandy Paws
Miss Whip
Mitsuba Shikibu
Mukuro Hoshimiya
Namii Amura
Narumi Yumite
Neskua Evengeline
Noni Leaf
Odysseus Chan
Orisic Kantos
Oryn Starr
Peanutbutter Cake
Poki Poki
Raijin Yoma
Rebekka Solace
Robert Bakuro
Robin Jansen
Ryao Sh'ang
Sakura Stonefist
Samel Tapia
Sekii Ely
Sheba Bast
Shinryu Fuma
Shion Galaxy
Sirron Kcuhc
Skyflower Digitalis
Stardust Bladedancer
Steven Ideal
Strawberry Punch
Taji Xanthe
Tedds Aevangel
Teeleeme Lkannibal
Theultimate Sunseeker
Vanessa Tachikake
Wily Kit
Xrikue Smith
Zhana Kumori