Quintessence Chaos


: Quintessence Chaos


: 0RD3R


: 32


: 8


: 9236742098248613978


: Tsukiakari


: When life gives you lemons, squeeze them dry.


: Maelstrom




: Sigma Epsilon Chi at Plot 37, 6 Ward, Mist, Hyperion, Primal

Welcome message

: You'll never see it comming.


: Always



Ranking history


as of 18/03/2018 (update scheduled on 23/06/2018 04:11)

[18/03/2018] Naoh'ra Amariyo is assigned Altoholics Anon rank

[18/03/2018] Koh Amariyo is assigned Altoholics Anon rank

[18/03/2018] Harmonics Sonata is assigned Kuntala Please rank

[18/03/2018] Elnath Tauri is assigned Member rank

[18/03/2018] Shoji Ramuro is assigned Kuntala Please rank

[18/03/2018] Shadow Colossus is assigned Member rank

[15/03/2018] Quintessence Chaos buys Plot 37, 6 Ward, Mist (Medium)

[15/03/2018] Nahvi Kazumi leaves Quintessence Chaos

[15/03/2018] Quintessence Chaos builds "Sigma Epsilon Chi"

[15/03/2018] Black Elements is assigned Kuntala Please rank

[15/03/2018] Storebrand Teabags is assigned Kuntala Please rank

[15/03/2018] Quintessence Chaos changes insignia to "0RD3R"

[15/03/2018] Elemia Metafalica is assigned Kuntala Please rank

[15/03/2018] Tsukiakari is renamed to Quintessence Chaos

[15/03/2018] Varnis Azura is assigned The Blue V rank

[15/03/2018] Alera Tsuki is assigned Kuntala Please rank

[15/03/2018] Sergio Ramos leaves Quintessence Chaos

[15/03/2018] Shampoo Leithrit joins Quintessence Chaos

[15/03/2018] Quintessence Chaos opens recruitment

[15/03/2018] Lymle Leithrit joins Quintessence Chaos

[15/03/2018] Fuby Geddon is assigned The Blamed rank

[15/03/2018] Takoom Valentine is assigned Takos Time Out rank

[15/03/2018] Kyokugen Yuusha is assigned The Crimson E rank

[15/03/2018] Alana Cypruss is assigned Gundam Fat Cat rank

[15/03/2018] Altoh Ryuki is assigned Scumbag rank

[15/03/2018] Lyte Switch is assigned The "Clap"per rank

[15/03/2018] Aldebaran Tauri is assigned Kuntala Please rank

[15/03/2018] Lil Kouhai leaves Quintessence Chaos

[15/03/2018] Vinaskar Alli joins Quintessence Chaos

[15/03/2018] John Beer is assigned Kuntala Please rank

[18/02/2018] Esmian Leithrit leaves Tsukiakari

[12/11/2017] Esmian Leithrit joins Tsukiakari

[17/08/2017] Lyte Switch joins Tsukiakari

[17/08/2017] Uncle Buck joins Tsukiakari

[17/08/2017] John Beer joins Tsukiakari

[17/08/2017] Boss Johnson joins Tsukiakari

[04/08/2017] Black Elements joins Tsukiakari

[04/08/2017] Storebrand Teabags joins Tsukiakari

[04/08/2017] Joe Little joins Tsukiakari

[04/08/2017] Chet Adlai joins Tsukiakari

[04/08/2017] Elemia Metafalica joins Tsukiakari

[04/08/2017] Varnis Azura joins Tsukiakari

[04/08/2017] Alera Tsuki joins Tsukiakari

[04/08/2017] Sergio Ramos joins Tsukiakari

[04/08/2017] Argares Amagi joins Tsukiakari

[04/08/2017] Fuby Geddon joins Tsukiakari

[04/08/2017] Takoom Valentine joins Tsukiakari

[04/08/2017] Runa Hoshi joins Tsukiakari

[04/08/2017] Azelia Tsuki joins Tsukiakari

[04/08/2017] Kyokugen Yuusha joins Tsukiakari

[04/08/2017] Alana Cypruss joins Tsukiakari

[04/08/2017] Altoh Ryuki joins Tsukiakari

[04/08/2017] Aldebaran Tauri joins Tsukiakari

[04/08/2017] Lil Kouhai joins Tsukiakari

[04/08/2017] Neia Fourze joins Tsukiakari

[04/08/2017] Himiko Rose joins Tsukiakari

[04/08/2017] Tsukiakari is registered in the service

[04/08/2017] Aria Eternia joins Tsukiakari

[03/05/2017] Darkness Pr joins Tsukiakari

[09/02/2017] Nahvi Kazumi joins Tsukiakari

[21/01/2017] Free Company is formed