Umbra Vulpes Ursa


: Umbra Vulpes Ursa


: UvU


: 10


: 8


: 9236742098248607970


: The Astral Cloister, Divinity, The Sin Lounge, Less Cynical.exe


: We currently are accepting and welcoming all! Things are more fun with friends!


: Maelstrom




: Sea Sparrow Lodge at Plot 44, 6 Ward, Mist, Hyperion, Primal

Welcome message

: Welcome to The Sea Sparrow Lodge! Looking for some Sin? Your princess is in another Castle! (Lav beds W15 P3)


: Always



Ranking history


as of 22/06/2018

[22/06/2018] Kai Hisaishi is assigned Officer rank

[22/06/2018] Umbra Vulpes Ursa changes insignia to "UvU"

[22/06/2018] Less Cynical.exe is renamed to Umbra Vulpes Ursa

[22/06/2018] Momeki Odgerel is assigned Sushi Boss rank

[22/06/2018] Rei Miyamoto is assigned Officer rank

[22/06/2018] Esuna Laitva is assigned Officer rank

[05/06/2018] Cirina Rose is assigned Trainee rank

[26/05/2018] Lilith Hanagrel is assigned Underling rank

[26/05/2018] Setora Nightstar is assigned The Doctor rank

[26/05/2018] Akuma Okuma is assigned Grand Sensei rank

[26/05/2018] Akira Kitty is assigned Bonjwa rank

[25/05/2018] Less Cynical.exe renames "The Sin Lounge" to "Sea Sparrow Lodge"

[25/05/2018] A'vette Rayoh leaves Less Cynical.exe

[25/05/2018] Less Cynical.exe changes insignia to "owo!"

[25/05/2018] Josephine Montilyet' leaves Less Cynical.exe

[25/05/2018] Jayne Uzuki leaves Less Cynical.exe

[25/05/2018] The Sin Lounge is renamed to Less Cynical.exe

[25/05/2018] White Nite leaves Less Cynical.exe

[25/05/2018] Luna Vox leaves Less Cynical.exe

[25/05/2018] Momeki Odgerel joins Less Cynical.exe

[25/05/2018] Axter Everis joins Less Cynical.exe

[25/05/2018] Lyra Medici leaves Less Cynical.exe

[25/05/2018] Rei Miyamoto joins Less Cynical.exe

[25/05/2018] Esuna Laitva joins Less Cynical.exe

[25/05/2018] Tyekosa Uzuki leaves Less Cynical.exe

[25/05/2018] Kershen Yamada leaves Less Cynical.exe

[25/05/2018] Ayah Vorma leaves Less Cynical.exe

[25/05/2018] Noah'go Ajani leaves Less Cynical.exe

[25/05/2018] Osha Lidmhooya leaves Less Cynical.exe

[25/05/2018] Stricken Aveden leaves Less Cynical.exe

[25/05/2018] Kombu Cha leaves Less Cynical.exe

[25/05/2018] Marmelade Taishi leaves Less Cynical.exe

[25/05/2018] Katy Khaos leaves Less Cynical.exe

[25/05/2018] Ichabod Magus leaves Less Cynical.exe

[25/05/2018] Yesugen Mol leaves Less Cynical.exe

[25/05/2018] Ral' Sin leaves Less Cynical.exe

[25/05/2018] Kai Hisaishi joins Less Cynical.exe

[25/05/2018] Kershina Yamada leaves Less Cynical.exe

[08/05/2018] Candy Anarchy leaves The Sin Lounge

[03/05/2018] Josephine Montilyet' joins The Sin Lounge

[03/05/2018] Evelyn Frost leaves The Sin Lounge

[03/05/2018] Jayne Uzuki is assigned In training rank

[03/05/2018] Ryu Yorae leaves The Sin Lounge

[03/05/2018] Marian Hawkes leaves The Sin Lounge

[03/05/2018] Tsugumi Shirogane leaves The Sin Lounge

[03/05/2018] Lyra Medici joins The Sin Lounge

[03/05/2018] Cirina Urha leaves The Sin Lounge

[03/05/2018] Martz Satrinu leaves The Sin Lounge

[03/05/2018] Tyekosa Uzuki joins The Sin Lounge

[03/05/2018] Ayah Vorma is assigned Sinners rank

[03/05/2018] Candy Anarchy joins The Sin Lounge

[03/05/2018] Kombu Cha is assigned Sinners rank

[03/05/2018] Marmelade Taishi is assigned Sinners rank

[03/05/2018] Katy Khaos is assigned Sinners rank

[03/05/2018] Ichabod Magus is assigned Enforcers rank

[03/05/2018] Yesugen Mol is assigned Enforcers rank

[03/05/2018] Futaba Sakuras leaves The Sin Lounge

[03/05/2018] Kershina Yamada is assigned Alts rank

[03/05/2018] The Sin Lounge renames "Sin Lounge" to "The Sin Lounge"

[03/05/2018] Liliana Vallintos leaves The Sin Lounge

[13/03/2018] Cirina Urha is assigned Deviants rank

[13/03/2018] Stricken Aveden is assigned In training rank

[12/03/2018] Keido Katalia joins The Sin Lounge

[12/03/2018] Ryu Yorae is assigned In training rank

[12/03/2018] Nyxx Ulric leaves The Sin Lounge

[12/03/2018] Marian Hawkes is assigned Alts rank

[12/03/2018] Tsugumi Shirogane is assigned In training rank

[12/03/2018] Lulu Stardust leaves The Sin Lounge

[12/03/2018] White Nite joins The Sin Lounge

[12/03/2018] Alan Granger leaves The Sin Lounge

[12/03/2018] Lumina Farronn leaves The Sin Lounge

[12/03/2018] Silverknight Valefor leaves The Sin Lounge

[12/03/2018] Martz Satrinu is assigned Sinners rank

[12/03/2018] Elise Evans leaves The Sin Lounge

[12/03/2018] Ayane Iaido leaves The Sin Lounge

[12/03/2018] Kershen Yamada is assigned Sinners rank

[12/03/2018] Noah'go Ajani is assigned Alts rank

[12/03/2018] Osha Lidmhooya is assigned Sinners rank

[12/03/2018] The Sin Lounge buys Plot 44, 6 Ward, Mist (Medium)

[12/03/2018] Yesugen Mol is assigned Deviants rank

[12/03/2018] The Sin Lounge changes insignia to "SinRP"

[12/03/2018] Futaba Sakuras is assigned Sinners rank

[12/03/2018] Divinity is renamed to The Sin Lounge

[12/03/2018] Liliana Vallintos joins The Sin Lounge

[12/03/2018] A'vette Rayoh is assigned Sinners rank

[12/03/2018] Evelyn Frost is assigned Sinners rank

[16/02/2018] Yesugen Mol joins Divinity

[13/02/2018] Martz Satrinu joins Divinity

[13/02/2018] Kershen Yamada joins Divinity

[13/02/2018] Keido Katalia leaves Divinity

[12/02/2018] Agrias Dular leaves Divinity

[26/11/2017] Alan Granger joins Divinity

[22/11/2017] Lulu Stardust joins Divinity

[22/11/2017] Lumina Farronn joins Divinity

[22/11/2017] Nina Kitsune joins Divinity

[22/11/2017] Luna Vox-aeternum joins Divinity

[22/11/2017] Elise Evans joins Divinity

[22/11/2017] Ayane Iaido joins Divinity

[22/11/2017] The Astral Cloister is renamed to Divinity

[22/11/2017] Illianna Dawn'knight joins Divinity

[22/11/2017] Liliana Milstrid joins Divinity

[22/11/2017] Agrias Dular joins Divinity

[22/11/2017] Ral' Sin joins Divinity

[22/11/2017] Keido Keitalia joins Divinity

[22/11/2017] Nyxx Ulric joins Divinity

[15/09/2017] Brianna Valentine joins Divinity

[11/09/2017] Ismaire Eclispe joins Divinity

[11/09/2017] Unknown Name joins Divinity

[11/09/2017] Ferrous Drachedandion joins Divinity

[11/09/2017] Jieun Lee joins Divinity

[11/09/2017] Mw Muffette joins Divinity

[11/09/2017] Lazarus Ezekiel joins Divinity

[11/09/2017] Yerihn Nomu joins Divinity

[11/09/2017] Salam Halabin joins Divinity

[11/09/2017] Envy Gem joins Divinity

[11/09/2017] Nyipo Sylph joins Divinity

[11/09/2017] Thrusty Akura joins Divinity

[11/09/2017] Isla Armenda joins Divinity

[11/09/2017] Fritz Toka joins Divinity

[11/09/2017] Sneak Peek joins Divinity

[11/09/2017] Aurou' Tsui joins Divinity

[11/09/2017] Shiroe Megane joins Divinity

[11/09/2017] Poke Monster joins Divinity

[11/09/2017] Shina Lamia joins Divinity

[11/09/2017] Chanar Orben joins Divinity

[11/09/2017] Orien Sorahel joins Divinity

[11/09/2017] Zora Leviathan joins Divinity

[11/09/2017] Phloxine Soulus joins Divinity

[11/09/2017] Shino Uchimata joins Divinity

[11/09/2017] Zhixin Gweth joins Divinity

[11/09/2017] Kobe Toban joins Divinity

[11/09/2017] Vel Ranperre joins Divinity

[09/07/2017] Keuken Dazkar joins Divinity

[09/07/2017] Aeric Ro'maeve joins Divinity

[09/07/2017] Haughty Wolf joins Divinity

[09/07/2017] Charin Dataru joins Divinity

[09/07/2017] Jay Novak joins Divinity

[09/07/2017] Lord Nick joins Divinity

[09/07/2017] Athen Starbreeze joins Divinity

[09/07/2017] Madamoiselle Javert joins Divinity

[09/07/2017] Azai Narukami joins Divinity

[09/07/2017] Lief Draktar joins Divinity

[09/07/2017] Agabal Solara joins Divinity

[09/07/2017] Astra Namy joins Divinity

[09/07/2017] Infinity Stryker joins Divinity

[09/07/2017] Khaleesi Chamo joins Divinity

[09/07/2017] Apexx Dragan joins Divinity

[09/07/2017] Cyn Faerie joins Divinity

[09/07/2017] Caidan Rein'del joins Divinity

[09/07/2017] Luna Blackwater joins Divinity

[09/07/2017] Caelum Pendragon joins Divinity

[13/05/2017] Blunder Balmy joins Divinity

[09/05/2017] Seekou Rin joins Divinity

[09/05/2017] Thayos Redblade joins Divinity

[07/05/2017] Silverknight Valefor joins Divinity

[03/03/2017] Marribel Silverwind joins Divinity

[03/03/2017] Yesuntei Angura joins Divinity

[03/03/2017] Fiona B'elli joins Divinity

[03/03/2017] The Astral Cloister is registered in the service

[03/03/2017] R'nym Raha joins Divinity

[03/03/2017] Izaya Oriharra joins Divinity

[03/03/2017] Touka Kirishiima joins Divinity

[03/03/2017] Avatar Zan joins Divinity

[20/01/2017] Botch Rosting joins Divinity

[20/01/2017] Vevina Lylia joins Divinity

[15/01/2017] Vanimon Larco joins Divinity

[27/09/2016] Free Company is formed