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: Pass the Bong




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: Pass the Bong Linkshell & Free Company is a social, casual content group with a focus on helping each other out and having fun. "Chief, friend, and enter!"


: Order of the Twin Adder




: The Green House at Plot 6, 1 Ward, The Lavender Beds, Hyperion, Primal

Welcome message

: Ancestral home of what is far and away the most illustrious free company ever to grace Final Fantasy XIV with its presence. <<No soliciting>>


: Always



Ranking history

Burnout Anja Lumney
Burnout Aqua Melodia
Bongsglaive Armourdon Diabolos
Midnight Toker Aroxys Aetherblade
Light Smoker Arrow Barrage
Dankster Asa Uchiha
Flame Bearer Autumn Beesehventein
Heavy Smoker Ava Hawkes
Midnight Toker Aydan Rasono
Flame Bearer Bad Wolfe
Light Smoker Beastman Vec
Burnout Blunt Force
Heavy Smoker Captain Angrypants
Hemportant Caspar Amble
Flame Bearer Colaio Viali
Master Grower Corwyn Faulconbridge
Midnight Toker Cotillion Rope
Dankster Crisis Crayons
Burnout Darien Ondore
Heavy Smoker Dark Ultimate
Midnight Toker Darrien Cross
Flame Bearer Devona Lightbringer
Flame Bearer Eldren Huxley
Bongsglaive Elle Eagle
Flame Bearer Future Shock
Light Smoker Galis Temalda
Midnight Toker Glyce Eraine
Flame Bearer Grimm Frost
Heavy Smoker Guvnah Jones
Midnight Toker Hammity Hamham
Light Smoker Harken Ladislaus
Heavy Smoker Hideo Kojima
Light Smoker Hillary Clinton
Master Grower Hitomi Tanaka
Midnight Toker Illidan Boombaby
Heavy Smoker Incognito Fabula
Master Grower Inertia Makospawn
Burnout Itz Personal
Heavy Smoker Janeysaurus Rex
Hemportant Jarik Marder
Bongsglaive Jin Heiwa
Burnout Joe Poh
Flame Bearer Justin Evans
Bongsglaive Karasu Sirenborn
Heavy Smoker Katt Dancing
Dankster Killswitch Engaged
Midnight Toker Knight Lite
Light Smoker Krillin Likeavillain
Heavy Smoker Kronic Kush
Dankster Kyle Katarn
Master Grower Leonell Necredor
Flame Bearer Lestat D'lioncourt
Dankster Lily Pad
Burnout Local God
Heavy Smoker Lord Xzage
Burnout Low Level
Master Grower Lumina Grey
Light Smoker M'night Sage
Dankster Mando Matunaaga
Light Smoker Martin Longbowed
Light Smoker Mary Jaene
Master Grower Menelwa Misaki
Midnight Toker Mfk King
Midnight Toker Mononkei Princess
Heavy Smoker Nima Deleon
Midnight Toker Omega Titan
Light Smoker Orus Toodles
Heavy Smoker Owain Strife
Dankster Pancake Mix
Flame Bearer Pierre Nomreg
Heavy Smoker Randy Lagoo
Midnight Toker Rey Sky
Light Smoker Reza Kazuto
Master Grower Ridahj Vec
Burnout Riesig Jaeschke
Midnight Toker Righteous Stoner
Heavy Smoker Rikear Ka'jhar
Heavy Smoker Ro Sham-bo
Midnight Toker Samantha Darwin
Heavy Smoker Sanosuke Vamp
Flame Bearer Sekushi Akuma
Light Smoker Sena Shiroyuki
Dankster Sephiras Lightspeed
Midnight Toker Shado Karyuudo
Midnight Toker Shroom Kazuto
Master Grower Skylar Grey
Master Grower Spooky Mulder
Flame Bearer Spunky Dataru
Flame Bearer Stella Lestrange
Midnight Toker Stephanie Darkerson
Dankster Stian Holymoogle
Master Grower Stone Mann
Bongsglaive Tammy Oko
Heavy Smoker Tcb Nopples
Light Smoker The Associate
Heavy Smoker Thisalee Baelfire
Hemportant Tien Moonlight
Dankster Tri Edg'e
Dankster Trissa Fluor
Burnout Uhlan Dragoon
Midnight Toker Uskei Kuwabara
Burnout Xero Ardorgale
Light Smoker Zey Rauc
Master Grower Zseven Xtreme