Archadian Guard


: Archadian Guard




: 80


: 8

Leveling history


: 9236460623271863826


: If you are interested in flexible EX and Savage content please message Aegic to join the Aegis Company on Discord. Fun without the commitment. -Aegic


: Maelstrom




: Solace of Archades at Plot 45, 2 Ward, Mist, Excalibur, Primal

Welcome message

: Welcome! Check out our website at Feel free to apply!


: Always



Ranking history

Judge Magister Aegic Roske
Soldier Aeris' Gainsborough
Soldier Alice Aluette
Soldier Amarala Fuerza
Soldier Arcturen Ro
Captain Artalis Illumina
Soldier Ashrune Wytherbrand
Honored AFK August Cortez
Soldier Aupeux Fuifert
Soldier Aurelious Sol
Soldier Bunny Boop
Executor Calico Tyata
Soldier Cat Champion
Extended Leave Chele Tsugi
AFK=365Day=Boot Cheyne Cartee
Soldier Cinderstar Darkpelt
Soldier Dipped'in Mixtape
Judge Doobie Shiva
Archon Drakonias Roske
Soldier Draxem Reimore
Captain En Oh
Honored AFK Enttos Crestfallen
Soldier Fantasy Killer
AFK=365Day=Boot Gfins Fins
Templar Goltham Devereaux
Judge Goman Vess
Templar Gunn Gravitas
AFK=365Day=Boot Himi Tsu
Archon Ieli Lianasch
Archon Jakolis Roske
Soldier Jazzberry Moondrop
Soldier Jere Bear
Executor Kalista Leclair
Her Eminence Kassatsu Ishikawa
Templar Kelaren Illumina
Master Creator Kerrzhe Snowblade
Captain Kiizus Cristo
Extended Leave Killerslp Shadow
AFK=365Day=Boot Kurina Kushina
Captain Lionheart Di'odin
Templar Lord Darkseid
Soldier Lythie Amethysthaze
Captain Magde Vinland
Soldier Marilyn Bunroe
Captain Mithjade Sol
Templar Moiraine Damodred
Soldier Mrsmickles Happytimes
Soldier Neko Yurei
Soldier Ninjabou Beluga
Soldier Nix Ombrerose
Honored AFK Orran Durai
Soldier Osake Nomitai
Initiate Pnc Swtch
Judge Rastanor Wrathborn
Soldier Redmynx Pusspants
Soldier Relm Devereaux
Judge Roloco Poco
AFK=365Day=Boot Rori Wench
Soldier Roriya Valeriant
Templar Rory Pond
AFK=365Day=Boot Salt Dragon
AFK=365Day=Boot Shion Sonozaki
Templar Sinogard Tal
Soldier Sinon Oshposh
Soldier Sir Oldman
Judge Sirinee Kengmak
Soldier Squishy Fafnir
Soldier Stormy Smallpaws
Soldier Sxber Fate
Soldier Thaldin Frostshadow
Soldier Too Strategic
Soldier Trowa Blackfrost
Judge Una Carran
AFK=365Day=Boot Vanyil Viserith
Soldier Vestral Stab
Soldier Vharek Raikon
Executor William Lionheart
Soldier Xhuli Dotharl
AFK=365Day=Boot Zalen Galeth
Templar Zyzlt Dreamcrusher