Everyone's Grudge


: Everyone's Grudge




: 110


: 8

Leveling history


: 9236460623271829826


: Making a difference since 2.o.


: Immortal Flames




: Tonberry Haven at Plot 16, 3 Ward, The Lavender Beds, Excalibur, Primal

Welcome message

: Adeyus Talboth: The Karma FC is my hero.

Ranking history

TonberryHOA Admo Sael'dea
TonberryHexer Aelurus Mortis
TonberryHOA Aianna Ithilagar
TonberryHexer Amira Lanthir
TonberryHexer Anyer Hershell
TonberryStalker Ares Mamy
TonberryHexer Arey Nicola
TonberryHexer Arkarnis Decimus
TonberryHexer Ashi Oishi
TonberryHexer Ashye Mini
TonberryHexer Auri Avidan
TonberryCaster Bel Eriond
TonberryHexer Bodde Kazelr
TonberryHexer Brownjack Deathbringer
TonberryHOA Celes Fortis
TonberryHexer Chiz Falco
TonberryHexer Coolster Gorefist
TonberryHexer Copilot Ricardo
TonberryHexer Crispy Chicken
TonberryHexer Croque Madame
TonberryHexer Croque Monsieur
TonberryHexer Daeval Atarau
TonberryHexer Darth Nacho
TonberryStalker Darude Snowstorm
TonberryHexer Das Maus
TonberryStalker Doctor Flavor
TonberryHexer Dr Bigglesworth
TonberryHexer Drek Therandol
TonberryHexer Dulcea Mae
TonberryHexer Eri Ara
TonberryHexer Fisty Cuffs
TonberryCaster Fleecy Blanket
TonberryHexer Gankas Khan
TonberryHOA Granir Bolenthal
TonberryHexer Gwen Lunae
TonberryStalker Harald Hardrada
TonberryHexer Hiya Fail
TonberryHexer Hulo Bulo
TonberryHexer Hunt Jackson
TonberryHexer Ikura Toa
TonberryHexer Inigo Mewtoya
TonberryHexer Jade Mist
TonberryHexer Jasadin Baines
TonberryHexer Katrina Caelestis
TonberryCaster Kayana Orangestar
TonberrySlasher Kayile Fyre
TonberryHexer Kenik Aubrey
TonberryStalker Kid Wok
TonberryHOA Kiht Nelhah
TonberryHexer Kirishoto Azphina
TonberryHOA Krysas Azphina
TonberryHexer Kyla Daimhin
TonberryHexer Lapchi Duong
TonberryHexer Lika Voss
TonberryHexer Lithele Palaoa
TonberryHexer Living Legends
TonberryHexer Love Lei
TonberryHexer Mayene Lumos
TonberryHexer Merry Knightmare
TonberryHexer Mister Tubbles
TonberryStalker Miu Miuri
TonberryHexer Mocke Inolokti
TonberryHexer Mr Fish
TonberryHexer N'rathi Rhen
TonberryHexer Neo Geoz
TonberryStalker Nergal Hakase
TonberryStalker Olon Tsao
TonberryHexer Pappy Manhattan
TonberryStalker Pasty Face
TonberryHexer Pete Wells
TonberryHexer Peter Griffin
TonberryHexer Phan Man
TonberryHexer Phish Cake
TonberryHexer Pleasantly Plump
TonberryStalker Prosek Ka
TonberryHexer Revna Askani
TonberryStalker Ryuu Shin
TonberryStalker Sai Meiridia
TonberryHexer Salty Kai
TonberryHexer Shandi Dunestrider
TonberryHexer Shouri Excelsior
TonberryHexer Sik Noz
TonberryHexer Sir Bamalot
TonberryHexer Sizhatan Tayuun
TonberryCaster Soc's Socks
TonberryHexer Spero Crestheart
TonberryHexer Starky Nesingwary
TonberryHexer Styx Ranseur
TonberryHexer Talo Ward
TonberryCaster Taru Adonis
TonberryStalker Tempesta Repentia
TonberryStalker Tenn Dator
TonberryHOA Thalnor Ellemenach
TonberryHOA Tira Misu
TonberryHexer Toki Azphina
TonberryCaster Trillian Reynolds
TonberryStalker Ukko Seraphim
TonberryHexer Uncl Rusl
TonberryStalker Usagi Masami
TonberryHexer Viela Rekka
TonberryHexer Vultrex Shadeseeker
TonberryHexer Wahfuls Shot
TonberryStalker Wesley Lanthir
TonberryHexer Yo Voq
TonberryHexer Yougobyebye Schwa
TonberryHexer Yuki Sasori
TonberryStalker Yuri Valore
TonberryHexer Zaiden Duclaw
TonberryHexer Zalasta Desade
TonberryHexer Zorro Shnups