Definitely Not DGKK


: Definitely Not DGKK

Previous names

Dragongod Knightking,
Encore Raiding,
haha gross,
howl jenkins is...,
Mom Said Let Me Play,
strong fc, good,
Texas Instruments


: Necco


: 106


: 8

Leveling history


: 9236460623271823315


:  -<br />  


: Immortal Flames




: An Actual Restaurant at Plot 8, 1 Ward, The Goblet, Excalibur, Primal

Welcome message

: Totally legit and real food place.<br />No cops.


: Weekdays

Ranking history

Rude Jerks Agrias Elms
Your Buddies Akarra Ethelgol
Actually Darth Akira Hime
Rude Jerks Altruizine Altruizine
Your Buddies Asbel Astralos
萌え mujahideen Ashen Karshe
Your Buddies Ashiinu Luquier
Your Buddies Avelyn Bruchgeld
Food Jerks Bacontotem Baconaxe
Food Jerks Baja Blast
Food Jerks Baked Potato
Nude Jerks Baphomet Rex
Food Jerks Beef Stew
Rude Jerks Bolow Santosi
Actually Darth Bramblepelt Snakebite
Your Buddies Brynn Lee
Food Jerks Burger Time
Food Jerks Butterknife Windslice
Nude Jerks Buttz Trousers
pepp squad Cayenne Pepper
Food Jerks Cherry Bellossom
pepp squad Cherry Pepper
GaLaXy BrAiN Citalune Moon
Food Jerks Coco Crisp
Food Jerks Coconut Cake
GaLaXy BrAiN Commander Shepherd
Nude Jerks Cup Noodle
Your Buddies Daigo Watanabe
Actually Darth Dapper Chap
Actually Darth Darth Nemesis
Food Jerks Dorito Taquito
Food Jerks Double Cheeseburger
pepp squad Dragon Pepper
Food Jerks Drinking Problem
Nude Jerks Dudude Dude
GaLaXy BrAiN Elysia Solis
GaLaXy BrAiN Epzi Orion
Your Buddies Fairport Mrniceguy
Food Jerks French Vanilla
萌え mujahideen Garbage Idiot
Actually Gokai Gokai Pink
Food Jerks Green Bean
pepp squad Green Pepper
pepp squad Hella Pepper
Your Buddies Howl Jenkins
萌え mujahideen Hustler One
GaLaXy BrAiN Io Jupiter
Your Buddies Iris Clover
Your Buddies Java Bee
Parole Handler Jenrai Valen
Rude Jerks Ji'shomara Willikers
GaLaXy BrAiN Jupiter Sky
Actually Darth Justin Vouivre
Food Jerks Kevin Mung
Your Buddies Lalady Lady
Food Jerks Lemon Meringue
pepp squad Lemon Pepper
Food Jerks Limeade Lemonlime
Rude Jerks Limonade Lemonlime
Actually Darth Loose Caboose
Food Jerks Lychee Sapindaceae
Rude Jerks Lyle Ghatazhak
Food Jerks Mamayo Mayo
Food Jerks Maple Sugar
Food Jerks Marvelous Breadfish
Food Jerks Meat Miracle
Your Buddies Meowy Bento
Your Buddies Mewn Yholo
萌え mujahideen Mossu Aliapoh
MaximumSecurity Mr Ntan
Actually Darth Must Needs
萌え mujahideen Neverlose Bearcharger
Actually Darth Nice Personality
Food Jerks Noble Salt
Actually Darth Nyancy Grace
Your Buddies Nyanderful Meowvelous
Nude Jerks Oceane Lithodidae
Food Jerks Onemus Valasquez
Food Jerks Pinky Pavlova
Food Jerks Pookiepie Peach
Food Jerks Porksmash Wrinklebum
Nude Jerks Poseidon Carver
Actually Darth Pray Return
Food Jerks Princess Cinnamon
Nude Jerks Princess Kurenai
Your Buddies Raine Autumnloft
Nude Jerks Rude Jerk
Food Jerks Salty Dockworker
Actually Darth Second Breakfast
Nude Jerks Setalla Kusanagi
Your Buddies Solvlias Hour
Food Jerks Sperm Fan
Food Jerks Spiced Rum
Rude Jerks Tango Sleepyfish
Nude Jerks Terena Eisenhorn
Your Buddies The Associate
Your Buddies Tihsa Lihmal
Your Buddies Tortolia Adrana
GaLaXy BrAiN Venus Luquier
Your Buddies Video Games
Food Jerks Whiskey Ginger
Your Buddies Wrong Fairy
pepp squad Yellow Pepper
Rude Jerks Yevea Leleva
Nude Jerks Your Buddy
Your Buddies Zen Xii