The Heated Hearth


: The Heated Hearth


: Heat


: 98


: 8

Leveling history


: 9236179148295197248


: The Heated Hearth Guildhall and Levemete - open for business and employment from the greatest adventurers to the greenest novices! (RP)


: Immortal Flames




: The Heated Hearth at Plot 35, 6 Ward, The Goblet, Balmung, Aether

Welcome message

: Adventurers Guild, Entertainmene Venue, Tavern and Guildleve Hall, please<br />stop by for training, drinks, &amp; more! Doors always open, come and go freely!


: Always



Ranking history

Council A'nuket Urshi
Adventurer A'pamyu Nilaux
Damn Alts! Alex Arkwright
Council Altessa Beaufort
Council Aluun Angura
Staffing Amelia Chase
New Member! Anna Delacroix
Staffing Araneae Rana
Council Ashen Meadow
Council Bahki Ukhar
New Member! Bhratedzna Irynmaga
Council Butter Cup
New Member! Caerula Sanguis
HIATUS Calia West
Damn Alts! Callous Jade
Damn Alts! Captain Rowdy
Council Carvallain Leblanc
Damn Alts! Celie Delacroix
Adventurer Chance Datura
Adventurer Chiyo Itou
Damn Alts! Dheina Tayuun
Council Distant Mountain
Damn Alts! Eavan Nolan
Adventurer Eleanor Chase
Adventurer Elrich Stone
Staffing Erebos Athanas
Staffing Eselkin Mariet
Adventurer Esperia Murrak
Council Fahr Kha
Council General Beatrix
New Member! Gisette Graitaire
Council Glittering Skin
Council Goro Yatsurugi
Council Grinding Iron
Adventurer Haruhi Londari
Damn Alts! Hiyoyo Hiyo
Staffing Isabeau Onyx'eart
Staffing Isabelle Alambertel
Adventurer Jack Landale
New Member! Jacob Holmes
Damn Alts! Jollienne Frivalioux
Staffing Jorah'li Sevorha
Adventurer Kal Numara
Adventurer Keai Meerclar
Council Khoni Bayaqud
Adventurer Ko Kawanami
Council Konami Nami
Friend Lady Heather
Council Laroq'to Lacroix
Adventurer Linmei Quan
Staffing Lisette Faure
New Member! Littlesun Littlesun
Adventurer Lucrezia Wir-valerius
Adventurer Maren Ryder
Council Marguerite Eldritch
Adventurer Maryel Shadow
New Member! Medusa Moks
Adventurer Miata Luna
Ambassador Misuzu Mizu
Council Molten Iron
Adventurer N'ahaara Khetas
HIATUS Nadinie Freron
Staffing Naomi Snowblossom
Damn Alts! Nue Itou
Council Ojojo Ojo
New Member! Platinum Magpie
Adventurer Ra'jhiri Nunh
Adventurer Ra'kasah Ralmel
Council Raaj Al-daaji
Damn Alts! Rhielle Karani
Council Rin Dawnsinger
Council Ronu Vanu
Damn Alts! Ryuzaki Shiki
Damn Alts! Sahja'zi Jakkya
Damn Alts! Samuel Miller
New Member! Seranelien Veraux
Adventurer Serid Spellweaver
HIATUS Syaritha Ebonclaw
Damn Alts! Tafah Forgefire
Council Tatoto Tato
New Member! Tetsu Doga
Council The Peddler
Council Thorn Meltigemini
Council Tiramisu Misumisu
HIATUS Tsuna Borlaaq
New Member! Tsunari Kagon
Staffing U'zangho Khah
Staffing Umbral Topaz
Damn Alts! Uraahn Dotharl
Council V'yhaar Tia
Adventurer Veragaud Thorne
Council Xelah Jakkya
New Member! Y'unbei Rudoh
Damn Alts! Yesuntei Dazkar
Adventurer Yuina Kumihimo
Council Zable Kynbiir
Damn Alts! Zangilaa Himaa
Council Zorn Meltigemini