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: Sabotender Venturing, The Necksus, Vipertech Inc


: "By Land, Sea or Air, we'll help keep Eorzea prepared!" (Now with Branches in Thanalan and Gyr Abania!)


: Immortal Flames




: The Sunset Spire at Plot 27, 18 Ward, The Goblet, Balmung, Aether

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: Home of Griffin Enterprises, a Security and Tech Company[A sign reads "Currently Undergoing Renovations. Check back soon!"]


as of 09/09/2018 (update scheduled on 10/09/2018 18:12)

[22/09/2018] Tyr Frostwyght joins Griffin Enterprises

[22/09/2018] Ulan Kahkol joins Griffin Enterprises

[09/09/2018] Algus Marquis joins Griffin Enterprises

[09/09/2018] Khojin Ura joins Griffin Enterprises

[09/09/2018] Yuuko Akagane leaves Griffin Enterprises

[09/09/2018] Griffin Enterprises renames "Vipertech Inc" to "The Sunset Spire"

[09/09/2018] Griffin Enterprises changes insignia to "GE-RP"

[09/09/2018] Solaire Stark joins Griffin Enterprises

[09/09/2018] Vipertech Inc is renamed to Griffin Enterprises

[09/09/2018] Shoto Kajoto joins Griffin Enterprises

[09/09/2018] Griffin Enterprises closes recruitment

[18/08/2018] Yuuko Akagane is assigned Grand Maker rank

[14/08/2018] Vipertech Inc buys Plot 27, 18 Ward, The Goblet (Small)

[14/08/2018] Yuuko Akagane joins Vipertech Inc

[14/08/2018] Vipertech Inc builds "Vipertech Inc"

[14/08/2018] Vipertech Inc changes insignia to "Vtech"

[14/08/2018] Zezu Nbolo leaves Vipertech Inc

[14/08/2018] The Necksus is renamed to Vipertech Inc

[14/08/2018] Vipertech Inc opens recruitment

[14/08/2018] Miko Payne leaves Vipertech Inc

[14/08/2018] Ricard Windcaller leaves Vipertech Inc

[22/04/2018] Zezu Nbolo is assigned Sabotender rank

[22/04/2018] Miko Payne is assigned Emperador rank

[12/04/2018] Sabotender Venturing is renamed to The Necksus

[12/04/2018] The Necksus closes recruitment

[12/04/2018] X'khalara Haqqisehk leaves The Necksus

[12/04/2018] Bleilorh Bylgaergwyn leaves The Necksus

[12/04/2018] Ricard Windcaller is assigned Sabotender rank

[12/04/2018] The Necksus buys Plot 32, 16 Ward, Shirogane (Small)

[12/04/2018] The Necksus builds "Nexus"

[12/04/2018] The Necksus changes insignia to "Nexus"

[12/04/2018] Ulfarr Reddwing leaves The Necksus

[24/11/2017] X'khalara Haqqisehk joins Sabotender Venturing

[24/11/2017] Bleilorh Bylgaergwyn joins Sabotender Venturing

[24/11/2017] J'tehn Nunh joins Sabotender Venturing

[24/11/2017] Ricard Windcaller joins Sabotender Venturing

[24/11/2017] Sabotender Venturing is registered in the service

[10/05/2017] Ulfarr Reddwing joins Sabotender Venturing

[07/06/2016] Free Company is formed

Algus Marquis
Khojin Ura
Shoto Kajoto
Solaire Stark
Tyr Frostwyght
Ulan Kahkol