Blue Horizon

Name: Blue Horizon

Insignia: Blue

Level: 8

ID: 9236179148295182158

About: [RP] Loosely-organized Free Company, definitely not established as a front for business both humanitarian and sketchy as each member sees fit.

Affiliation: Immortal Flames


Location: Eorzean Exports, LLC at Plot 57, 11 Ward, Mist, Balmung

Welcome message: A completely legitimate shipping company. Really! We wouldn't lie to you.<br />[RP - Clinic, weapons and armor, alchemy, and shipping, inquire within.]

History as of 22/03/2017 (update scheduled on 17/02/2018 15:37)

[31/12/2017] Odessa Cassius joins Blue Horizon

[19/03/2017] Kanai Nagamichi joins Blue Horizon

[25/02/2017] Edin Trevelle joins Blue Horizon

[25/02/2017] Khulgai Mankhild joins Blue Horizon

[25/02/2017] Kelestre Naliux joins Blue Horizon

[25/02/2017] Anya Durand joins Blue Horizon

[25/02/2017] Sumire Yukimura joins Blue Horizon

[25/02/2017] Slippery Bone joins Blue Horizon

[25/02/2017] Ameya Kimura joins Blue Horizon

[25/02/2017] Blue Horizon is registered in the service

[24/12/2016] Rigid Richard joins Blue Horizon

[15/04/2016] Free Company is formed

Odessa Cassius
Fearless Leader Nevivi Nevi
Founder Ameya Kimura
Founder Arthurioux Arscellius
Founder Aston Martin
Founder Atherton Namir
Founder Calum Vrel
Founder Dek Aerynson
Founder Drolh'a Ashoska
Founder Madeleine Lucem
Founder Niel Rynner
Founder Orphieus Night
Founder Slippery Bone
Founder Sumire Yukimura
Founder Uncle Dad
Fresh Meat R'khami Nunh
Council Afnielle Realtais
Council Anya Durand
Council Famiel Darcy
Council J'vanoh Tia
Council Kanai Nagamichi
Council Lenneth Andrew
Accomplice Anneliese Casimir
Accomplice Cato Cassius
Accomplice Edin Trevelle
Accomplice Gerard Arroway
Accomplice Gethwine Sadler
Accomplice Irma Gherd
Accomplice Jacques Durand
Accomplice Jeaulveux Loumort
Accomplice Jenos Idanian
Accomplice Kelestre Naliux
Accomplice Khotun Angura
Accomplice Khulgai Mankhild
Accomplice Kijyata Li'anna
Accomplice Qululu Qulu
Accomplice Sefeneux Reautafain
Accomplice Vianne Marinterre