East Eerie TradingCo

Name: East Eerie TradingCo

Insignia: Eerie


Level: 8

ID: 9236179148295165678

About: Freelance Buccaneers specializing in the mystical and wyrd. Forging links with the East under Lominsan Privateer and Trading marques. (EU times)

Affiliation: Maelstrom


Location: Eerie's Rest at Plot 30, 13 Ward, Mist, Balmung

Welcome message: A place you can find those willing to forge the links with the East as well as tackle the mystical and wyrd.

Open: Always


History as of 15/02/2018

[15/02/2018] Aegis Elisus joins East Eerie TradingCo

[15/02/2018] East Eerie TradingCo is registered in the service

[05/07/2015] Free Company is formed

Aegis Elisus