The Scythewoods


: The Scythewoods

Previous names

Elemental Conclave,


: Scyth


: 72


: 28


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:  An adventuring guild with a criminal underbelly. <br />[Immersive RP &amp; Storylines • PvE &amp; Events]


: Maelstrom




: Scythewood Hotel at Plot 35, 19 Ward, Mist, Balmung, Crystal

Welcome message

:  Scythewood Hotel <br /> We hope your stay will be enjoyable!


: Always



The Unbranded Afifi Afi
Officer (OOC) Akimi Autumnsong
Officer (OOC) Alaryk Blackwood
Unaffiliated Allaut Sousedane
Officer (OOC) Apotha Shugosha
Officer (OOC) Arkaiel Scythewood
Officer (OOC) Ayia K'sai
Officer (OOC) Aylin Scythewood
The Unbranded Azuria Firouzeh
Unaffiliated Baien Tatakai
Officer (OOC) Briar Woodveil
Unaffiliated C'aden Tia
The Unbranded Chloe Lombardi
The Fold Cota Kahkol
The Unbranded Cota Qalli
The Fold E'mir Tia
The Trusted Eleanor Blackfeather
The Trusted Eligos Venator
Officer (OOC) Enrei Malaguld
Officer (OOC) Eunbhe Nbolo
The Unbranded Evelyn Viras
Unaffiliated Faraji Dal
Unaffiliated Ferlyn Travies
Officer (OOC) J'ardynna Korvu
Unaffiliated Jacob Baneblade
Unaffiliated Jasmine Rahal
Unaffiliated Jeanette Kalbryn
Officer (OOC) Jetai Scythewood
The Fold Kali Lotus
Officer (OOC) Kazuo Yuuto
The Trusted Khaet Bhojuih
The Trusted Khaida Ahmahno
Officer (OOC) Khali Qerel
The Unbranded Khanah'to Rabntah
Unaffiliated Koji'ra Almasi
The Fold Kowa Brimaine
Guardian Kycen Scythewood
The Unbranded Leifr Noirivault
Officer (OOC) Leoric Scythewood
The Trusted Marie Fayette
Unaffiliated Melisahnd Cohrce
The Trusted Mia Ljanta
Officer (OOC) Mionne Shahl
Unaffiliated Mjara Camoa
Officer (OOC) Myst K'sai
The Fold Nameless Crow
The Unbranded Nanaji Naji
Officer (OOC) Natal Synfar
Officer (OOC) Nikol Lesrekta
Officer (OOC) Onyx Lyehga
Officer (OOC) Ostromir Brankasch
Officer (OOC) Parvaneh Shadi'ra
The Unbranded Rhena Zhwan
Unaffiliated Rhoe Bahiri
The Fold Rune Delacroix
The Trusted Saitou Yoshida
The Unbranded Sanemi Shingen
Officer (OOC) Sidha Kha
The Trusted Skoengeim Iyrnstyrwyn
Unaffiliated Strijden Kha
Unaffiliated Strijden Khanetsugo
Unaffiliated Suisenko Sakurai
The Trusted Tara Greystone
Unaffiliated Tei Qarash
The Unbranded Telemakhos Spardah
The Fold Tharja Njehr
Officer (OOC) Validar Scythewood
The Fold Veijia Vitae
The Trusted Vhaso'a Amariyo
The Unbranded Volos Anatalyasch
Officer (OOC) Wandering Merchant
Officer (OOC) X'rahl Jaharl