: Sundown




: 153


: 8

Leveling history


: 9236179148295112159


: Very social, welcoming new players, veterans and roleplayers. Large house in Mist. Visit


: Maelstrom




: Sun Mansion at Plot 5, 3 Ward, Mist, Balmung, Crystal

Welcome message

: Welcome to the Sun Manor! Come in and enjoy yourself! <br />Please be respectful to all patrons (RPers and non-RPers alike).


: Always



Ranking history

Squire Abrit Gardner
Knight Aeron White
*Officer Aerrix Hatter
Knight Aileen Stormsong
Dies Apparently Alcione D'vega
Champion Alopeke Kaimana
Squire Angra Mainyu
Champion Anne Bonny
Squire Astemos Aragon
AdorableSapling Astra Neverwinter
Knight Astrasia Snowsong
Knight Athena Alstroemeria
Ghost [AFK] Aurica Nestmille
Ghost [AFK] Ayef Kay
Squire Azreil Aleistar
Black Catte Bad Luck
Squire Balduin Soulfire
Knight Byakuya Moonblossom
Knight Cassandra Galesong
Squire Celwind Snosrap
Supreme Leader Couch One
*Officer Couch Two
Knight Crimson Shade
Squire Crooked Ways
Squire Dakken Phoenix
Champion Deborak Wrathenshield
Champion Eiryah Amalia
Knight Eraya Sunsong
Squire Eugene Thunder
Knight Everlyn Moonsong
Squire Faelwen Storm
Squire Far Sal
Squire Faust Greylock
Champion Feloni Whitemane
Squire Gau Van
Squire Go'el Frostwolf
*Officer Grey Hatter
Squire Haifa Hashimi
Knight Hiricide Skia
Squire Hyuga Hinata
Champion Ilyana Altana
Squire Ioenysios Zephyr
Knight Izuko Yuuki
Champion Jedith Freelance
Squire Jeez Npeets
Knight Jetta Wrathenshield
Squire Jiynx Paradigme
Squire Johnny Hollow
Squire Jophrey Lethe
Squire Jungle Japes
Squire Jynnan Tonnyx
Champion Kaiori Osinacana
Squire Kairan Jeulerand
Knight Kali B'havatarini
Squire Kalon Osinacana
Champion Katherynn Aldinne
Knight Kellana Elessar
Knight Kiaya Jaganshi
*Officer Kimari Ronso
Champion Kimiko Amalia
Squire Kirino Ryu
Knight Koi Shangri'la
Squire Koko Horo
Squire Kooloo Limpah
Ghost [AFK] Kou Liang
Squire Krungon Raginmund
Squire L'mona Tia
*Officer Leanne Algeros
Champion Levi Storm
Squire Lilinda Linda
Champion Lillis Elric
Ghost [AFK] Lily Blossom
Champion Linda Pravdin
Champion Lognas Nimblekin
Squire Lord Taylord
*Officer Lyra Chattran
Ghost [AFK] Maevista Woodhouse
Squire Manfilia Declyne
Squire Mara'kai Vrede
Knight Marcelloix Brucemont
Squire Maryld Bedori
*Officer Master Windu
Squire Mathesar Galaxyquest
Squire Mayya Quah
Squire Megumin Min
Ghost [AFK] Mia Maste
Squire Minome Akagane
Squire Mister Watts
Squire Miyuki Hayashi
Squire Mr Sunshine
Squire Myrganroegan Wylfwyn
Champion Mysha Quin
Squire Mystic Wind
Knight Mystina Forestsong
Squire Nailim Renres
*Officer Nei Akiudo
Champion Nell Vremaix
Squire Nora Laverna
Squire Nuada Beignet
Squire Octo Pud
Squire Okwa Tenzinwan
Squire Origami Tobiichi
Squire Orrin Sheliss
Knight Pheonix Star
Champion Preiya Albion
Ghost [AFK] Purrsephonie Leona
Squire R'mikha Rhen
Squire Raiden Suigetsu
Champion Reggie Yin
Knight Robert Redensa
Champion Rubentai Rogenate
Knight Rubisie Grandsalle
Champion Ruruki Ruka
Squire Ruu Xian
Squire Ryu Kenshin
Squire Saba Necroquilus
Knight Saint Jiub
Ghost [AFK] Saiph Cygnus
Squire Sasha Ravencrest
Squire Sebastian Von'ryan
Champion Selen Vinland
Ghost [AFK] Seno Farron
Squire Sevin Xsaan
Squire Shirai Ryu
Knight Silmeria Cloudsong
Squire Simpsone Fenrir
Knight Sleverin Adamantfist
Knight Squeak Kawaii
Squire Sterlling Archer
Knight Stone Ocean
Squire Straw'hat Luffy
Squire Sumire Maibito
Squire Syvin Sunnsky
Squire Tabitha Winterbourne
Knight Takeda Kai
Squire Tarkain Malkieri
Champion Tatsu Jumon
Ghost [AFK] Thaddeus Tickles
*Officer Thurlan Elessar
Squire Tosho Chattran
Champion Trixxi Mcwootens
Champion Uberfuzzy Longbeard
Champion Unbendable Wrath
Champion Varius Oqha
Ghost [AFK] Vilente Valentine
Squire Vulkel Sythrac
Squire Whenjelly Attacks
Knight Wonder Woman
Squire Xylter Rystead
Squire Yahiko Myojin
Squire Yoru Koneko
Squire Yuli Senju
*Officer Zaphir Zurlac