Organization XIII


: Organization XIII




: 62


: 8

Leveling history


: 9236179148295111305


: A small humble free company, always looking for new members to join. Experienced and new players welcome.


: Maelstrom




: Hollow Bastion at Plot 6, 14 Ward, Mist, Balmung, Aether


: Always



Ranking history

Lesser Nobodies Aphorism Phecal
Lesser Nobodies Athallia Sqizzendimes
The Stalwart Benjinx Kal'thalos
Chilly Academic Bonsai Tree
Luna Diviner Brawulf Jurarkevan
Key of Destiny Brian Stout
Lesser Nobodies Calais Kaiser
The Freeshooter Chaanya Quickstep
Luna Diviner Drakon Maionios
Lesser Nobodies Durty Frenchman
The Stalwart Dyseine Wedgewood
Luna Diviner Eeo Snow
Chilly Academic Elion Kelnorin
Lesser Nobodies Faye Dingaway
Lesser Nobodies Gypsyking Gypsy
Gambler of Fate Holy Genasi
Lesser Nobodies Inara Wolfgang
Lesser Nobodies Kaiser Orion
Luna Diviner Kerrjak Yareth
Key of Destiny Kisom Crendraven
Key of Destiny Knox Patronus
Gambler of Fate Kontramina Kyata
Key of Destiny Leocadio Mendez
The Stalwart Lust Anima
Key of Destiny Macaroni Ncheese
Luna Diviner Maximillion Pegasus
The Stalwart Meowconi Windstrike
The Stalwart Mitus Starscream
Key of Destiny Monti Python
Luna Diviner Muhshuhu Daelaam
Lesser Nobodies Mumbles Malone
Lesser Nobodies Natrii Amariyo
Lesser Nobodies Nephalim Amariyo
Key of Destiny Noctis Rahl
The Stalwart Northe Wind
The Stalwart Otsdarva Thermidor
Big Lebowski Pijede Valtin
The Stalwart Poseidon Riptide
The Stalwart Pride Anima
Lesser Nobodies Rabid Mallard
Lesser Nobodies Raksha Keller
The Stalwart Revelations Reborn
The Freeshooter Roric Steele
Lesser Nobodies Scene West
Lesser Nobodies Scrible Scrable
Luna Diviner Seraphyl Highwind
Lesser Nobodies She Witch
Chilly Academic Shourt Rounds
The Stalwart Sigyn Halverstedt
The Freeshooter Silent Shadow
Lesser Nobodies Stop Short
Lesser Nobodies Stumbles Malone
Lesser Nobodies Sudo Monkey
Luna Diviner Syndella Nightbane
The Stalwart T'challa Wakanda
The Freeshooter Titan Silvershard
Lesser Nobodies Trinity Amariyo
Key of Destiny Vulcan Regar
Chilly Academic Yebo Bastet
Lesser Nobodies Zachariah Knight
Gambler of Fate Zehal Blade
Chilly Academic Zirnwyda Eifaentwyn