: SlayerZ


: SlayZ


: 142


: 8

Leveling history


: 9235053248388283048


: We are a mixed European Guild that likes to help with all things in game. We welcome any class, race, lvl. We also have Discord and a guild website.


: Order of the Twin Adder




: SlayerZ Guild at Plot 30, 4 Ward, Mist, Louisoix, Chaos

Welcome message

: Welcome to the home of SlayerZ. Please sign our visitors log in the FC garden, thanks :)


: Always



Holiday/OnBreak Ace Baker
Holiday/OnBreak Acreesor Dhar
Holiday/OnBreak Adara Bast
Holiday/OnBreak Aeckrix Zraex
Holiday/OnBreak Aix Nya
Holiday/OnBreak Al Sin
Holiday/OnBreak Alex Ironborn
Holiday/OnBreak Aragorn Elessar
Holiday/OnBreak Arata Jiro
Holiday/OnBreak Ari Raky
Holiday/OnBreak Aurelia Dianza
Holiday/OnBreak Avron Xethum
Holiday/OnBreak Aysu Natvri
Holiday/OnBreak Ayumi Harada
Holiday/OnBreak Azazel D'apocalypse
Holiday/OnBreak Baardig Schaap
Holiday/OnBreak Bang Poulsen
Holiday/OnBreak Banta Noodle
Holiday/OnBreak Bence Jk
Holiday/OnBreak Bordok Krous
Holiday/OnBreak Call Mcbane
Holiday/OnBreak Chryz Covenant
Holiday/OnBreak Civuzerus Fidmael
Holiday/OnBreak Crave Azra
Holiday/OnBreak Dark Elf
Holiday/OnBreak Dark Genesis
Holiday/OnBreak Debby Scott
Holiday/OnBreak Deej Ninjaas
Holiday/OnBreak Deku Strife
Holiday/OnBreak Dizzy Lui
Holiday/OnBreak Drunk Star
Holiday/OnBreak Dysastria Shivers
Holiday/OnBreak Elas Toplast
Holiday/OnBreak Enelye Eldar
Holiday/OnBreak Equa Lizer
Holiday/OnBreak Eraisuithon Wolfsbane
Holiday/OnBreak Evita Lophi
Holiday/OnBreak Evunn Denoche
Holiday/OnBreak Ezekiel Endrim
Holiday/OnBreak Fairy Tales
Holiday/OnBreak Felicia Tandem
Holiday/OnBreak Felicity Extremera
Holiday/OnBreak Foreseen Daiki
Holiday/OnBreak Freana Maroon
Holiday/OnBreak Gencas San
Holiday/OnBreak Ginger Ninja
Holiday/OnBreak Grey Mayne
Holiday/OnBreak Grim Lazar
Holiday/OnBreak Haela Ansgar
Holiday/OnBreak Haelind Dorwind
Holiday/OnBreak Heather Row
Holiday/OnBreak Hyper Wolf
Holiday/OnBreak Igal Karpel
Holiday/OnBreak Ima Molen
Holiday/OnBreak Indrasyl Kurose
Holiday/OnBreak Inubis Dal'achaeus
Holiday/OnBreak Isolde Klagenebel
Holiday/OnBreak Ivy Faint
Holiday/OnBreak Ixyion Reeve
Holiday/OnBreak Jake Farron
Holiday/OnBreak Jekyllian Rodna
Holiday/OnBreak Jemma Simmons
Holiday/OnBreak Jessica Swift
Holiday/OnBreak Jirandai Qalli
Holiday/OnBreak Kai Tangata
Holiday/OnBreak Kaiser Whitebeard
Holiday/OnBreak Kar'jo Malakiir
Holiday/OnBreak Kashi Do
Holiday/OnBreak Kenny Kentucky
FC Owner Alt Kidd Payaro
Holiday/OnBreak Kirk Dunwell
FC Owner Alt Krystalia Sky
Holiday/OnBreak Kura Yuki
Holiday/OnBreak Kvasiir Divion
Holiday/OnBreak Lady Shoot
Holiday/OnBreak Lancefer Stones
Holiday/OnBreak Lexi Lola
Holiday/OnBreak Lillie Ikaduchi
Holiday/OnBreak Lilly Leu
Holiday/OnBreak Lira Luna
Holiday/OnBreak Lola Labowloss
Holiday/OnBreak Lucy Skheals
Holiday/OnBreak Madus Madusson
Holiday/OnBreak Martiallais Imbertain
Holiday/OnBreak Max Dex
Holiday/OnBreak Merida Freezeing
Holiday/OnBreak Merrow Kelpie
Holiday/OnBreak Mesuumika Par'jila
Holiday/OnBreak Migatteno Loli
Holiday/OnBreak Mighty Asuka
Holiday/OnBreak Mindy Leara
Holiday/OnBreak Mordread Pendragon
Holiday/OnBreak Night Wing
Holiday/OnBreak Noora Gidalis
Holiday/OnBreak Nosgoroth Soulsinger
Holiday/OnBreak Nununi Bulo
Holiday/OnBreak Oberyn Sand
Holiday/OnBreak Ombrias Azanor
Raid Chief(s) Ophelia Mioma
Holiday/OnBreak Ppellar Blargh
Holiday/OnBreak Pugi Erdal
Holiday/OnBreak Ralla Rahmas
Holiday/OnBreak Rikku Heartilly
Holiday/OnBreak Rina Penra
Holiday/OnBreak Rivikja Ross
Holiday/OnBreak Robin Locksley
Holiday/OnBreak Roronoa Kagoshin
Holiday/OnBreak Rozpruwacz Gaci
Holiday/OnBreak S'nijah Dart
Holiday/OnBreak Sapphire Blue
Holiday/OnBreak Sceler Haliaxil
Holiday/OnBreak Scyther Gydlan
Holiday/OnBreak Seloria Nouver
Holiday/OnBreak Seojoon Choi
Holiday/OnBreak Shahaf Maimon
Holiday/OnBreak Shangguan Bing'er
Holiday/OnBreak Sigurdh Miller
Holiday/OnBreak Sinoni Noiraether
Holiday/OnBreak Sir Admiral
Holiday/OnBreak Sir Demidart
Holiday/OnBreak Skye Konata
Holiday/OnBreak Sleep West
Holiday/OnBreak Soephea Schoshoc
Holiday/OnBreak Sukra Teeheim
Holiday/OnBreak Sylva Noodle
Holiday/OnBreak Tacoismylife Taco
Holiday/OnBreak Trixy Stormclaw
Holiday/OnBreak Velvet Deicide
Holiday/OnBreak Vira Ra
Holiday/OnBreak Volnara Ashdale
Holiday/OnBreak Whoopsie Lumax
Holiday/OnBreak Willow Wildoak
Holiday/OnBreak Xavria Falx
Holiday/OnBreak Xiliah Nightshade
Holiday/OnBreak Y'dalina Fhey
Holiday/OnBreak Yamamoto Genrysai
Holiday/OnBreak Yasuo Hazakii
Holiday/OnBreak Zephie Berlinette
Holiday/OnBreak Zeza Doma
Holiday/OnBreak Zhao Dong
Holiday/OnBreak Zodiac Aiyule
Holiday/OnBreak Zorander Vexx