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: .:: Red Wings ::.


: Sky


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: Maelstrom




: The Flying Fortress at Plot 5, 6 Ward, Mist, Goblin, Crystal

Welcome message

: Welcome to the castle that once soared through the sky. Now reachable for all to visit and enjoy~ ^-^

Ranking history

Mentor Alicia Zabi
Mentor Alpherious Ty'lere
Inactive Amy Lux
Mentor Anne Hedonia
Inactive Argo Doro
Inactive Arslang Goro
Mentor Ashaven Von'ternal
Mentor Asuna Ice
Inactive Bane Bane
Inactive Belinda Belus
Inactive Beorn Grylls
Mentor Crasus Akechi
1st Officer Damyra Cuthalion
Inactive Dashing Bull
Inactive Deitrich Karmine
Inactive Drakar Alakahri
Alts Dream Crusher
1st Officer Effion Zabi
Inactive Egezant Telandra
Inactive Elfice Qantara
Inactive Ellwine Quatro
Inactive Eozen Thes'eruk
Inactive Eris Thunderfelm
Mentor Fenrir Leidolf
Mentor Gendrin Dorthonion
Inactive Genesia Rhapsodos
Inactive Ghost Kirby
Alts Grim Reaper
Alts Hotroegadyn Needsadic
Inactive Inari Dakwhil
Inactive Izzy Nightshade
Inactive J'atoh Vega
Inactive Kairi Mizuho
Inactive Kaori Hellscythe
Mentor Krael Duskfeather
Mentor Kyjeh Noz
1st Officer Lemon Drop
Mentor Lobsata Rusata
Inactive Lord Sesshomaru'
1st Officer Maduin Faye
Alts Malon Alasrojas
Inactive Marshmellow Wildfire
Mentor Mistress Mizenda
Inactive Mosaic Thorn
Mentor Natsu Ryuu
Mentor Noxfeir Fenrisson
Alts Oki Tempted
Mentor Pictureman Valliant
Inactive Pocket Tank
Mentor Princess Alara
1st Officer Princess Ella
Inactive Rathnon Darkfyre
Mentor Reploid Vonkoopa
Inactive Rojo Pixler
Inactive Sameen Shaw
Alts Sassy Shirls
Mentor Scathach Labraid
Inactive Seraphim Hellscythe
Inactive Seraphina Oakheart
Mentor Shalquoir Mol
Inactive Shar Horo
Inactive Shitty Mcnitty
Mentor Shocky Ice
Mentor Sir Lel
Inactive Sonico Tomoe
Inactive Spanish Papi
Inactive Synn Uh
Inactive Takasis Bloodrayne
Mentor Tavion Richaude
Inactive Teagynn Greymore
Mentor Tsukuyo Tobita
Alts Ukalyptis Novak
Inactive Zack Fair'