Arkadia Garden


: Arkadia Garden




: 116


: 8

Leveling history


: 9234490298434938228


: Omnis vir lupus - This is fine<br />&lt;CA&gt;


: Immortal Flames




: Edea&#39;s Orphanage at Plot 35, 17 Ward, The Goblet, Cactuar, Aether

Welcome message

: If you are unable to return to your Garden,<br />please return to the nearest one instead.


: Always



Ranking history

Student Adam Steinbreaker
SeeD Aelene Litany
Student Aika Mizushima
SeeD Aira Wildheart
SeeD Akiko Naraya
Student Aphrodite Yatsurugi
Student Areinval Aladassi
Student Aria Tsuki
Student Arilus Knoctival
SeeD Auralei Cade
Principal Auror Borealus
SeeD Aya Kizune
SeeD Ayame Aiyuri
Principal Azie Sky
Student Banana Phtwo
SeeD Bibiri Biri
SeeD Blue Flourite
Student Brii Faekro
SeeD Recruiter Brother Imperator
SeeD Cami Guiles
SeeD Engineer Cassius Malabray
SeeD Recruiter Celestial Sprout
Student Cens Tsuki
SeeD Charity Oakenbranch
Student Chibi Luna
Instructor Crispin Beake
Student Damian Aalam
Student Dance Dance
Student Danos Teowolf
Student Dewslam Beefgrab
Student Dishonest Ly
Student Dora Explorer
Student Ed Figaro
SeeD Ellena Rhal
SeeD Eryn Schezaar
Student Eve Vynitan
SeeD Evie Raine
SeeD Foxyetta Windstrider
Headmaster Graham Hruodland
Student Grimlock Forgeborn
SeeD Guilty Crown
Student Guinevere Feld
SeeD Gwyn Syl
Student Hefty Large
Student Hoon Park
Principal Hope Zidel
Student Hugene Feld
SeeD Ilyana Neriskal
SeeD Inoue Orihime
Headmistress Jeanne Roncevaux
Instructor Jenki Mitsuka
SeeD Recruiter Jocroraunt Herrerera
Student Kainabis Sativa
Student Kana Shironuri
Instructor Karma Armstrong
SeeD Kayne Nightblade
Student Keldi Maskelyne
Student Kellen Regalis
SeeD Kerr Plunk
Student Kiratai Haragin
Student Kiyoshi Akiyama
Student Kyix Kogane
Student Linkabyte Lothaire
SeeD Lucette Dhalion
Instructor Lucienne D'umbra
SeeD Lulu Faravel
SeeD Mama Mac
Student Maru Odyssey
Instructor Mathias Marr
SeeD Mina Krynn
SeeD Mini Turk
SeeD Mira Bisha
Student Miryah Luna
Student Neren Reach
SeeD Nex Falithon
Student Nora Atoel
SeeD Engineer Noxthir Faravel
Student Nyan Nyan
Student Percival Douglas
SeeD Recruiter Reese's Pieces
SeeD Reiko Lockhart
Student Ronan Redwood
Student Ruelle Molkoh
Student Rusk Kamigawa
SeeD Rylie Eldraith
Student Sa Ds
Principal Sailor Megan
SeeD Saneshka Hollinar
SeeD Senri Aster
Student Sigrid Dragonsbane
SeeD Specific Zod
SeeD Suzuyuu Kurawa
SeeD Tadarlis Ishyan
SeeD Talademmon Estrelaint
SeeD Engineer Tarkus Solidor
Student Tfuzz Carew
Student Thundr Cow
SeeD Thurston Waffles
SeeD Recruiter Tor Friggsch
SeeD Turk Shields
SeeD Tuya Qerel
SeeD Uratoh Rutsah
Student Veralakshmi Noor
Student Victor Saltzpyre
SeeD Violet Rosefall
Student Voxillia Sankari
Student Warren Hex
SeeD Wcappy Zz
SeeD Wtf Demon
Student Xalic Nightborne
SeeD Xelsol Stormrager
SeeD Xul Draco
Student Yazawa Nico
Student Ypri Nymeia
Student Zakharov Montcroix
Student Zeitaku Gomi