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: Zero Latency


: -Z-


: 41


: 8


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: ProfessionalAmateurs


: Microsoft Mixer Free Company | Here to have fun! And maybe check out booty....definatly check out booty....and stream....but mostly booty.


: Immortal Flames




: Arcadia at Plot 5, 9 Ward, The Lavender Beds, Cactuar


: Always



Ranking history


as of 18/03/2018

[18/03/2018] Choopacabra Gonzo is assigned Classy Amateur rank

[18/03/2018] Adae Starcaller is assigned Basic Amateur rank

[18/03/2018] Darius Perryman is assigned Basic Amateur rank

[18/03/2018] Doof Nasty is assigned Basic Amateur rank

[18/03/2018] Khal Ugiar is assigned Basic Amateur rank

[18/03/2018] Lysannia Nyan is assigned Basic Amateur rank

[18/03/2018] Sarcolis Eurelt is assigned Basic Amateur rank

[18/03/2018] Shuutyurgoo Myduud is assigned Basic Amateur rank

[18/03/2018] Spanc Dandy is assigned Basic Amateur rank

[18/03/2018] Su Pa is assigned Basic Amateur rank

[18/03/2018] Tiny Pants is assigned Basic Amateur rank

[18/03/2018] Winter Yukino is assigned Basic Amateur rank

[18/03/2018] Xhendrole Runja is assigned Basic Amateur rank

[18/03/2018] Yuri Stormbright is assigned Basic Amateur rank

[18/03/2018] Zari Sato is assigned Basic Amateur rank

[18/03/2018] Zero Nightmare is assigned Basic Amateur rank

[15/03/2018] Ai Rongyu leaves Zero Latency

[15/03/2018] Any Questions leaves Zero Latency

[15/03/2018] Dante Little leaves Zero Latency

[15/03/2018] Innovative Mind leaves Zero Latency

[15/03/2018] Jeitoh Belmont leaves Zero Latency

[15/03/2018] Leyfallen Chassebel leaves Zero Latency

[15/03/2018] Lia Leatherby leaves Zero Latency

[15/03/2018] Miaki Arka leaves Zero Latency

[15/03/2018] Mycro Skoppic leaves Zero Latency

[15/03/2018] Nikki Bella leaves Zero Latency

[15/03/2018] Pootsthecat Coolaid leaves Zero Latency

[15/03/2018] Jester Zero leaves Zero Latency

[15/03/2018] Kilrif Minwanashi leaves Zero Latency

[15/03/2018] Reaper Fist leaves Zero Latency

[15/03/2018] Mega Man'x is assigned M'Lord Lives!!! rank

[15/03/2018] Shemio Moon is assigned Classy Amateur rank

[15/03/2018] Zuzeen Lyngwintsyn is assigned Classy Amateur rank

[15/03/2018] Sera Fell is assigned Workshop Worker rank

[15/03/2018] ProfessionalAmateurs is renamed to Zero Latency

[15/03/2018] Zero Latency changes insignia to "-Z-"

[19/02/2018] Eli'dhi Vilumar leaves ProfessionalAmateurs

[16/08/2017] Sera Fell joins ProfessionalAmateurs

[16/08/2017] Sandor Lament joins ProfessionalAmateurs

[16/08/2017] Rinoa Bae joins ProfessionalAmateurs

[16/08/2017] Pootsthecat Coolaid joins ProfessionalAmateurs

[16/08/2017] Nobuo Abasi joins ProfessionalAmateurs

[16/08/2017] Nikki Bella joins ProfessionalAmateurs

[16/08/2017] Mycro Skoppic joins ProfessionalAmateurs

[16/08/2017] Moonlit Desert joins ProfessionalAmateurs

[16/08/2017] Miaki Arka joins ProfessionalAmateurs

[16/08/2017] Lia Leatherby joins ProfessionalAmateurs

[16/08/2017] Leyfallen Chassebel joins ProfessionalAmateurs

[16/08/2017] Kaitlyn Foxx joins ProfessionalAmateurs

[16/08/2017] Jeitoh Belmont joins ProfessionalAmateurs

[16/08/2017] Its Prims joins ProfessionalAmateurs

[16/08/2017] Innovative Mind joins ProfessionalAmateurs

[16/08/2017] Exel Lion joins ProfessionalAmateurs

[16/08/2017] Dylan Dawnbreaker joins ProfessionalAmateurs

[16/08/2017] Darkko Strongborn joins ProfessionalAmateurs

[16/08/2017] Dante Little joins ProfessionalAmateurs

[16/08/2017] Bork Borkerson joins ProfessionalAmateurs

[16/08/2017] Majestic Avenger joins ProfessionalAmateurs

[16/08/2017] Aobh Battlereed joins ProfessionalAmateurs

[16/08/2017] Any Questions joins ProfessionalAmateurs

[16/08/2017] Ai Rongyu joins ProfessionalAmateurs

[16/08/2017] Xeodyn Nightfang joins ProfessionalAmateurs

[16/08/2017] Varrda Elentari joins ProfessionalAmateurs

[16/08/2017] Reaper Fist joins ProfessionalAmateurs

[16/08/2017] Mortanos Sombra joins ProfessionalAmateurs

[16/08/2017] Kilrif Minwanashi joins ProfessionalAmateurs

[16/08/2017] Jester Zero joins ProfessionalAmateurs

[16/08/2017] Balthazar Cirrus joins ProfessionalAmateurs

[16/08/2017] Bad Castle joins ProfessionalAmateurs

[16/08/2017] Zuzeen Lyngwintsyn joins ProfessionalAmateurs

[16/08/2017] Eko Syde joins ProfessionalAmateurs

[16/08/2017] Sigma Virus joins ProfessionalAmateurs

[16/08/2017] Eli'dhi Rath'rhi joins ProfessionalAmateurs

[16/08/2017] Brew Meister joins ProfessionalAmateurs

[16/08/2017] Mega Man'x joins ProfessionalAmateurs

[12/07/2017] ProfessionalAmateurs is registered in the service

[09/05/2017] Shemio Moon joins ProfessionalAmateurs

[09/05/2017] Ritch Nasty joins ProfessionalAmateurs

[09/05/2017] Fight Forth joins ProfessionalAmateurs

[09/05/2017] Zoe Bell joins ProfessionalAmateurs

[08/05/2016] Free Company is formed

M'Lord Lives!!! Mega Man'x
Classy Amateur Brew Meister
Classy Amateur Choopacabra Gonzo
Classy Amateur Shemio Moon
Classy Amateur Sigma Virus
Classy Amateur Zuzeen Lyngwintsyn
Basic Amateur Adae Starcaller
Basic Amateur Aobh Battlereed
Basic Amateur Bork Borkerson
Basic Amateur Darius Perryman
Basic Amateur Darkko Strongborn
Basic Amateur Doof Nasty
Basic Amateur Dylan Dawnbreaker
Basic Amateur Exel Lion
Basic Amateur Fight Forth
Basic Amateur Its Prims
Basic Amateur Kaitlyn Foxx
Basic Amateur Khal Ugiar
Basic Amateur Lysannia Nyan
Basic Amateur Moonlit Desert
Basic Amateur Nobuo Abasi
Basic Amateur Rinoa Bae
Basic Amateur Ritch Nasty
Basic Amateur Sandor Lament
Basic Amateur Sarcolis Eurelt
Basic Amateur Shuutyurgoo Myduud
Basic Amateur Spanc Dandy
Basic Amateur Su Pa
Basic Amateur Tiny Pants
Basic Amateur Winter Yukino
Basic Amateur Xhendrole Runja
Basic Amateur Yuri Stormbright
Basic Amateur Zari Sato
Basic Amateur Zero Nightmare
Workshop Worker Sera Fell
Chill Amateur Bad Castle
Chill Amateur Mortanos Sombra
Chill Amateur Varrda Elentari
Chill Amateur Xeodyn Nightfang
Chill Amateur Zoe Bell
Cool Amateur Eko Syde