Sine Nomine


: Sine Nomine




: 74


: 8

Leveling history


: 9234490298434907246


: Sine Nomine is a small, familiar, progression encouraging guild that creates a safe and friendly atmosphere


: Immortal Flames




: St. Bodenolf's Haven at Plot 30, 6 Ward, The Goblet, Cactuar, Aether

Welcome message

: &quot;We are the blades in the night&quot;.<br />Be welcome traveler, enjoy your stay and pay tribute to the nameless god.

Ranking history

Doppelgangers Akyr Falence
Doppelgangers Aldeaux Lueur
Mad Scientists Alhandra Frye
Werewolf Pack Alicia Neo'thil
Vampire Hunter Arenvald Lentinus
Mad Scientists Arthuroz Rosencrantz
Werewolf Pack Artti Cario
Doppelgangers Astra Gabbiani
Doppelgangers Astrid Renart
Doppelgangers Aurelia Drakenhart
Doppelgangers Aurelien Arceneaux
Doppelgangers Avatar Kyoshi
Werewolf Pack Brim Mythra
Werewolf Pack Calzone P'zza
Doppelgangers Captain Hellion
Werewolf Pack Celes Tsukiga
Doppelgangers Diana Cavendish
Doppelgangers Dismas Sheo
Doppelgangers Dizz Aster
Doppelgangers Draken Trayven
Werewolf Pack Eiko Neko
Werewolf Pack Em'zira Mythra
Doppelgangers Estishia Valero
Doppelgangers Evil Pickles
Doppelgangers Gwendolyn L'hemael
Werewolf Pack H'venn Dune
Mad Scientists Helix Helix
Doppelgangers Inako Oshidari
Doppelgangers Jim Hawkings
Doppelgangers Kahryn Galtran
Werewolf Pack Kamikazejoe Joe
Bringer of Dawn Karashney Levanthe
Doppelgangers Kira Silverwynd
Werewolf Pack Kudo Dee
Werewolf Pack L'zine Fenne
Doppelgangers Laila Wanderer
Doppelgangers Lalaben Gabbiani
Doppelgangers Laylah Mzzileyn
Werewolf Pack Lolina Phoen
Doppelgangers Low Fat
Werewolf Pack Lyreza Ashmourne
Werewolf Pack M'rotte Tia
Werewolf Pack Maeka Blazewing
Werewolf Pack Mekranil Yotriken
Werewolf Pack Minthe Torel
Werewolf Pack Mocha Cappuccino
Werewolf Pack Moonshadow Kingslayer
Vampire Hunter Noelfort Arbremont
Werewolf Pack Noir Diablos
Doppelgangers Noobie Noob
Werewolf Pack November Hotel
Doppelgangers O'livier Armstrong
Werewolf Pack Opal Sol
Werewolf Pack P'rahjha Tahni
Doppelgangers Panpan Pimpim
Doppelgangers Phaedra Misthau
Werewolf Pack Prompto Ar'gentum
Werewolf Pack Ramze Hyaena
Mad Scientists Rayne Trayven
Werewolf Pack Reginald Culpepper
Werewolf Pack Rizuki Kanagi
Werewolf Pack Roah Hatsuseno
Doppelgangers Sanna Whitelilly
Werewolf Pack Serim Kohl
Doppelgangers Smallicia Neo'thil
Doppelgangers Swim Swim
Mad Scientists Ujiku Folfsky
Werewolf Pack Varius Crosshold
Doppelgangers Vixena Vexnia
Werewolf Pack Vriess Mathys
Werewolf Pack Walker Wusky
Mad Scientists Waltpaper Peiste
Werewolf Pack Yue Athelas
Werewolf Pack Zana'tan Molkoh