Kore wa KORE


: Kore wa KORE




: 85


: 8

Leveling history


: 9234490298434878726


: We're a happy little crew. We do just about everything. Come chill with us - Mist Ward 6, Plot 18.


: Immortal Flames




: KORE HQ at Plot 18, 6 Ward, Mist, Cactuar, Aether

Welcome message

: Welcome to our sweet house. Come chill with us! All FCs are welcome here, come have a good time.


: Always



Alts Aeboroth Lunaris
Lovely Aeryn Kaeda
Lovely Ale'cz Bakkyar
Lovely Aria Vahlat'n
Lovely Artemis North
Lovely Atomic Varieris
Alts Axel Draco
Lovely Basch Althyk
Alts Butch Queen
Mikey Captain Dreamboat
Inactive Cathlyn Dawnguard
Alts Claire F'
Lovely Count Swagula
Lovely Crakatoa Whitewater
Lovely Dag Bragi
Inactive Dain Valar
Nico Burritos Doctor Beefcake
Doodlenapper Doodlebot Butts
Lovely Eleven Twelve
Lovely Enzi Omega
Lovely Evelyn Twelve
Alts Falt Ambric
Lovely Fifi Del'rio
Alts Fifteen Sixteen
Nico Burritos Floor Inspector
Lovely Fufuulu Jojoulu
Lovely Grimm Cross
Lovely Haleth Odinson
Alts Higosha Riversong
Alts Ilo Spearmancer
Alts Kema Na'aru
Lovely Khatayin Kagon
Lovely Kiht Bajihri
Lovely Kumi Izumi
Lovely Leon Hart
Alts Lily Elwood
Lovely Lily Nighte
Lovely Lleytus Eqal
Lovely Lun Ari
Lovely Mao Noru
Mikey Melanin Roegadyn
Lovely Mhicki Molkoh
Lovely Milla Neptos
Lovely Minne'sae Jin
Inactive Morgan Freman
Lovely Mykah Bree
Glamour Queen Nana Fell
Nico Burritos Neko Milano
Alts Nym Na'aru
Alts Obi Odinson
Lovely Obitus Odinson
Lovely Pahibiont Etrianica
Mikey Papaya Paya
Mikey Parfait Classic
Mikey Parfait Milano
Alts Pine Cone
Alts Popotau Nicosan
Nico Burritos Potato Popoto
Axe Spud Ququlu Qulu
Nico Burritos Rainy Day
Lovely Rhuya Bajihri
Lovely Rigo Maccioni
Alts Rigogo Rigo
Lovely Rorak Draco
Lovely Sakura D'hana
Alts Sergeant Hammer
Inactive Shara Al'mandragoran
Lovely Shell Bree
Alts Shinamon Ro-ru
Lovely Shiro Artorias
Kore Classic™ Sibylla Nighte
Lovely Signa Tervantes
Lovely Silas Trigus
Nico Burritos Silvio Milano
Lovely Snuggle Plus
Lovely Soren Ashwen
Alts Thirteen Fourteen
Inactive Triela Hilsh'r
Kore Classic™ Trysten Nighte
Lovely W'zohq Nunh
Nico Burritos Weeby Chan
Mikey Weeby Kun
Lovely Wenson Neptos
Alts Youko Nakajima
Lovely Yoyoibu Naibu