Remnants of Cetra


: Remnants of Cetra




: 66


: 8

Leveling history


: 9234490298434848334


: Recruiting players of any class & level! A good group of people always willing to help out and have fun. Discord available.


: Immortal Flames




: Ancient Hall at Plot 60, 8 Ward, Shirogane, Cactuar, Aether

Welcome message

: Enjoy the mansion in which the Remnants of Cetra call home. <br />


: Always



Ranking history

Knight A'stro Tia
Off Duty Adela Lucis
Champion Aeryn Dunbroch
Knight Akira Kurusu
Champion Annabelle Leigh
Master Engineer Arita Vykor
Champion Atamer Ramodill
Champion Beatrice Baxter
Champion Belthesar Eoudren
Founder Big Bossu
Champion Boopy Boop
GM Cadwin Shiin
Champion Calexia Nulah
Knight Dedsome Moonstrider
Off Duty Delcin Romus
Sworn Protector Dexy Bloom
Champion Eave's Drop
Apprentice Eden Griever
Champion Eredrion Vykor
Off Duty Exz Stormblessed
Off Duty Fleur Reynolds
Off Duty Frost Chroridis
Apprentice Genki Sudo
Champion Heart Less
Off Duty Jin Hyun
Champion Jolu Solu
Champion Karawyn Ljosalfar
Off Duty Kit Sionnach
Off Duty Koketei Khan
Off Duty Koop Sesenji
Off Duty Koopa Khanadha
Sworn Protector Lady Jen
Officer Lepeta Nut
Off Duty Limencoco Nut
Apprentice Loly Aivirrne
Sworn Protector Luka Solu
Master Engineer Luna Inverse
Off Duty Lynn Yunshoa
Off Duty Mesut Ozil
Off Duty Nirol Yui
Champion Nyx Nyctores
Off Duty Osaka Cain
Apprentice Pilant Radagast
Squire Piotr Kolwinski
Off Duty Polka Nut
Champion Rabidpinkturtle Bunny
Knight Reptar Crunch
Champion Rider Iskander
Off Duty Rinkaikaze Blackwind
Champion Rowan Ashby
Apprentice Sami Lanbata
Officer Sarina Vykor
Champion Shiki Makie
Off Duty Shu Ouma
Champion Sosuke Aizen
Apprentice Tadon Nightshifter
Sworn Protector Taledar Flamestriker
Off Duty Tenzin Aercon
Off Duty Terron Gorehowl
Off Duty Tracer Route
Knight Tricia Klein
Knight Tristana Kazame
Off Duty Tsuki Shirogane
Off Duty Tsun Derella
Champion Yu' Narukami
Sworn Protector Zig Ahroo