Hell's Kitchen


: Hell's Kitchen

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7 Deadly Sins,


: hells


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: 30


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: Cooking is about passion, so it may look slightly temperamental in a way that its too assertive to the naked eye. ~Gordon Ramsay~


: Order of the Twin Adder




: Hell's Kitchen at Plot 31, 1 Ward, Mist, Ultros, Primal

Welcome message

: Welcome to Hell's kitchen. Enjoy your stay


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Ranking history

Trainee Abbiguile Moonfist
Head Chef Acelight Swag
Trainee Adriana Carrin
Manager Aiden Ames
Trainee Akurama Kyuubiking
Grill Cook Al Schwifty
Head Chef Alice Pyridoxine
Trainee Alter Nexus
Trainee Altina Sylphis
Swing Cook Aluette Lapine
Trainee Alysza Tal'naradtha
Checking out Amadeus Cho
Trainee Amancio Delorme
Swing Cook Amianna Corenti
Head Chef Angel Monster
Ramsay Family Angelius Katkiller
Grill Cook Apalado Galado
Trainee Aqua Tamryn
Trainee Arachi Fortuna
Checking out Aram Deriges
Grill Cook Arbert De'marets
Trainee Armani Valentina
Trainee Asama Sakuya
Trainee Astra Guardsong
Station Athena Loves
Trainee Ayre Valtris
Checking out Azerielle Dari
Trainee Azure Sun
Head Chef Baike Tonga
Trainee Baka Nani
Trainee Bakugo Bakugo
Checking out Batou Killsmcgee
Manager Bawg Pawggers
Grill Cook Bear Flips
Swing Cook Beef Blastbody
Grill Cook Bell Mimidan
Trainee Biscuit Fold
Grill Cook Bishop Connor
Trainee Blue Mountaintop
Manager Bobby Mcfinnland
Manager Bojack D'ura
Trainee Bomber Two
Trainee Borimir Ronzo
Grill Cook Brawt Wurst
Trainee Buff Biscuit
Grill Cook Buh Meatbag
Grill Cook Cadi Davies
Manager Caesar Dressing
Trainee Caia Scarlett
Trainee Caleb Grayson
Swing Cook Camsha Gamjamscamman
Manager Canidah Greeath
Trainee Cappy Cunch
Trainee Captain Crunt
Trainee Cassandra Ripley
Trainee Cassius Congreve
Checking out Cervial Gremory
Trainee Chara Kanshi
Trainee Charna Alatreon
Manager Chell Cragglethatch
Manager Cherche Minerva
Grill Cook Chung Hypnotonik
Trainee Cinnamon Dazkar
Trainee Clair Yascaret
Trainee Cleo Rhekye
Head Chef Clifton Ballard
Station Cold Mayhem
Grill Cook Colman Civador
Trainee Cosmos Flicka
Trainee Crimson Belle
Trainee Crystal Tears
Trainee Crystel Valiska
Swing Cook Dade Rheid
Grill Cook Dallas Corbinus
Swing Cook Darius Chords
Trainee Dark Abathur
Trainee Dark Magnus
Grill Cook Darth Ownage
Trainee Darth Revin
Vacation Deis Joy
Grill Cook Dex Longshot
Trainee Dilma Petista
Trainee Dodoki Doki
Station Dominica Oxford
Trainee Don Hasav
Manager Donny Sparko
Trainee Drako Feber
Head Chef Dusty Barrels
Trainee Eilphine Troisieme
Trainee Elaris Ducente
Trainee Eldras Nivie
Swing Cook Elundre Ishiku
Swing Cook Enkhtuya Adarkim
Grill Cook Eri Solis
Swing Cook Etrayis Cyro
Trainee Eureka Larsson
Trainee Ev'nick Bruugen
Trainee Everly Riverbloom
Trainee Ezmeralda Rose
Manager Ezra Wyra
Manager Face Crusher
Trainee Faris Argyle
Trainee Fatherdiddle Heals
Trainee Fdrrss Thewise
Grill Cook Feifong Wong
Checking out Felix Isadon
Head Chef Fen Aether
Vacation Filiandra Rose
Trainee Firekiller Two
Grill Cook Flo Rida
Trainee Flyntt Frostbyte
Trainee Ford Kollins
Swing Cook Fretheriz Snow
Grill Cook Frute Basket
Manager Fujino Yufu
Trainee Furrias Crusher
Checking out Furriella Waifubait
Trainee G'arfield A'rbuckle
TV Chef G'uy Fieri
Manager Gabriel Zephyr
Manager Gaema Aelyn
Trainee Gato Silverpoint
Checking out Gatsu Berserk
Trainee Gherkin Richardson
Swing Cook Givens Jared
TV Chef Grandaux Clouseau
Grill Cook Grau Nygo
Grill Cook Greatdavi Davi
Swing Cook Grizzlt Andro
Trainee Hana Valcinthia
Trainee Hanako Eamon
Trainee Hayasaka Ai
Grill Cook Heaven Bray
Swing Cook Hendrickson Dara
Trainee Herospace Girl
Trainee Hinata Ismywaifu
Trainee Hol Le
Trainee Holy Fingers
Grill Cook Horus Luna
Trainee Hrjn Mua
Trainee I'zimzize Yarhu
Ramsay Family Id Demon-of-elru
Trainee Idril Elbereth
Grill Cook Inorik Makoyana
Grill Cook Interuptus Maximus
Head Chef Isa Caelum
Head Chef Izanami Yoshimoto
Manager Izumi Aogane
Vacation Jai Junn
Trainee Jakuzure Nonon
Grill Cook Jamsha Gammascarseat
Ramsay Family Jasmine Zephir
Trainee Jasper Lionheart
Grill Cook Jebei Torgud
Head Chef Jessi Jesseledji
Trainee Jessica Smith
Swing Cook Jessika Rabbit
Trainee Jette Hieghlan
Trainee Jinx Lionhart
Head Chef Jony Gold
Grill Cook Justin Cayse
Trainee Justjon Tho
Head Chef Juulno Juulvanna
Vacation Kabages Veget
Swing Cook Kagetsu Lacroix
Trainee Kaine Weiss
Trainee Kanantha Brookes
Trainee Karmin Sandiego
Head Chef Katherine Waltorana
Grill Cook Kb Therockstar
Trainee Ke'vonus D'vonus
Grill Cook Kelly Kint
Trainee Kelu Kiwafi
Trainee Kenshin Shirogane
TV Chef Kepopo Keepo
Trainee Kharma Khameleon
Trainee Kilgrog Restless
Trainee King Dracco
Vacation King Ofdestruction
Vacation Kit Suni
Trainee Kitiara Lathanderkin
Trainee Komrade Boris
Trainee Korra Swiftblade
Trainee Kronik Hooligan
Swing Cook Kumar Yorvasch
Trainee Kurgan Svenach
Grill Cook Kurt Simone
Trainee Kysna Lily
Trainee Lachelle Outacon
Manager Lalalisa Sky
Checking out Lazarus Suez
TV Chef Leeum Savioth
Grill Cook Lefi Myst
Trainee Legendairy Cow
Head Chef Lemon Sorbet
Trainee Lenny Applebalm
Trainee Liabella Aranae
Head Chef Liam Haland
Trainee Lilian Morales
Manager Lilja Dei-ijla
Trainee Lily Tsanumi
Trainee Little Benedict
Swing Cook Liubasch Svoboda
Grill Cook Loloza Loza
Trainee Lord Pain
Swing Cook Lou Banks
Trainee Lucius Pestem
TV Chef Luda Zuda
Trainee Luna Voras
Head Chef Madi Sunheart
Manager Malthaeuss Thane
Trainee Manami Ymir
Trainee Mapo Themangacoot
Vacation Marlo Clarke
Trainee Marrick Sunheart
Ramsay Family Matilda Ramsay
Trainee Matthew Wayne
Ramsay Family Megan Rudolfas
Trainee Meichi Skydragon
Grill Cook Meowsha Snowcat
Trainee Mia Bell
Trainee Mikazuki Arza
Trainee Min Asha
Swing Cook Mio Potato
Trainee Misfit Magus
Trainee Miss Samus
Head Chef Mister Satan
Manager Mitzi Peebs
Trainee Modestus Augustus
Vacation Molly Sparko
Trainee Moon Hope
Head Chef Mordekai Senpai
Manager Morrigan Aenslandd
Trainee Mr Heals
Trainee Mr Khan
Trainee Mrs Kitty
Trainee Myrun Doome
Trainee Mythos Pendragon
Trainee Najin Talink
Trainee Namiko Cain
Grill Cook Nashira Awandah
Grill Cook Nayla Blackthorn
Station Neshan Syl'drew
Head Chef Nestle Yeet
Grill Cook Nia Soul
Trainee Nobrows Chopsapotamus
Swing Cook Notta Chick
Trainee Nyla Amara
Trainee Nyx Duskfire
Swing Cook Olimbo Pewpew
Head Chef Oliver Morningstar
Trainee Orella Hext
Head Chef Pasteles Liriolis
TV Chef Pewpew Lazerbeamz
Trainee Piki Alagona
Trainee Plasmodium Malaria
Manager Pluto Isplanet
Trainee Prin Dost
Station Putoni Kesutoni
Trainee Queen Lillian
Trainee Quinn Kimisanerd
Grill Cook Raena Commith
Swing Cook Ragnar Loken
Trainee Raiden Revengeance
Grill Cook Ran Belwynn
Trainee Raosena Vidoziv
Trainee Rasho Koyomi
Trainee Reidria Adarian
Grill Cook Renard Silverfox
Trainee Renaria Skycrash
Trainee Renlee Baratheon
Trainee Reoei Daiku
Trainee Rhaya'li Jostar
Grill Cook Rhea Carcosa
Trainee Rizah Altea
Trainee Rob Clay
Checking out Robb Cerberus
Grill Cook Rock Star
Trainee Roeh Thota
Swing Cook Rosa Hutchenson
Grill Cook Roz Smash
Trainee Ruinin Ya'day
Trainee Ry Lee
Grill Cook Ryko Shiroko
Trainee Ryu Kaizen
Trainee Safire Vixen
Trainee Saoirse Ljanta
Grill Cook Sarina Evergarden
Trainee Sarlona De'santa
Station Sass Aroth
Trainee Satan Phen
Trainee Satch Headache
TV Chef Sativa Dro
Trainee Scattered Rain
Grill Cook Scav Enger
Manager Scrodi Boogerballs
Trainee Seabass Cplus
Trainee Seiru Okibi
Trainee Seksual Tyrannosaurus
Head Chef Senelo Cavanich
Trainee Seseraji Jojora
Swing Cook Severe Punishment
Manager Shad Coldnight
Trainee Shadow Lionheart
Grill Cook Shayera Hol
Swing Cook Shilugei Bararaq
Trainee Shion Kawanami
Trainee Shiro Ren
Swing Cook Shuri Quarian
Grill Cook Shyara Kelthas
Trainee Sigmund Wyvernheart
Swing Cook Siioz Tziios
Trainee Sir Mitty
Trainee Skathe Wrathebinger
Trainee Snak Aestus
Trainee Snowqueen Moonbeam
TV Chef Sol Badgirl
Trainee Soninha Curadora
Trainee Sonny Bunny
Grill Cook Sora Tassa
Vacation Sotien Cusis
Grill Cook Spoonofmagic Spoon
Grill Cook Squiggs Allirog
Trainee Star Lites
Trainee Stella Freyath
Trainee Summonerbrandon Awm
Checking out Sunfire Moonlight
Manager Tamamo-no Bae
Ramsay Family Tana Ramsay
Swing Cook Tank Program
Trainee Taquito Knight
Trainee Tarkus Bolivean
Trainee Tauriel Silvann
Trainee Taylorkil Ex
Trainee The Husband
Swing Cook Thorim Highwind
Grill Cook Thunder Island
Trainee Tin Sola
Trainee Tin'rel Sordin
Trainee Toasted Poptart
Swing Cook Tokyo Psycho
Trainee Tom Pre
Grill Cook Tooru Honda
Trainee Toxic Drago
Manager Trey Milligan
Vacation Trixella Triscuit
Trainee Tylenish Tia
Trainee Tyler Esquire
Manager Ufer Tiefen
Swing Cook Ulia Heimdallr
Grill Cook Ulva Eliredda
Swing Cook Umi Yuphoria
Trainee Vacheun Bisha
Head Chef Vaire Mella
Manager Valdamos Chungarius
Trainee Valentyne Calamity
Trainee Valeria Valentine
Trainee Varania Ascal
Trainee Varyn Drace
Swing Cook Velvett Scarlatina
Swing Cook Videl Deathbringer
Trainee Vienta Vrionis
Trainee Vistoso Charnel
Trainee Vivi Samwise
Grill Cook Vla Mander
Manager Wang Dangler
Trainee Warick Zuiewski
Swing Cook Wfeg Ujiyt
Trainee Wieght Twight
Trainee Wolverine Strif
Trainee Xain Berchwood
Trainee Xavier Wulf
TV Chef Xbox Kinect
TV Chef Xenna Soulburn
Trainee Xeo Amon
Grill Cook Xoya Lutshane
Grill Cook Yen Pirouette
Trainee Yohnu Thimo
Swing Cook Young Lizard
Grill Cook Yoyojoni Hihijoni
Station Yuuna Vidan
Trainee Z'mhati Tiatialfi
Swing Cook Zachariah Muraviov
Head Chef Zelodius Roach
Head Chef Zodeph Cormag
Trainee Zohra Vermillion
Head Chef Zora Silver