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: The Heart of Gold at Plot 28, 5 Ward, The Lavender Beds, Malboro, Crystal

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Hitchhiker Aestr Nor's
Hitchhiker Alexandria Ander
Hitchhiker Allie Elfientis
Mirror Image Aluna Mira
Nowhere - AFK Aquatic Messiah
Hitchhiker Aria Erabith
Hitchhiker Athena Dragneil
Hitchhiker Athol Starrett
Mirror Image Azura Hecate
Nowhere - AFK Bini Sini
Hitchhiker Bonzo Montreux
Hitchhiker Bu John
Nowhere - AFK Cannon Fodder
Hitchhiker Capn Crunk
Hitchhiker Catherine Nightwalker
Hitchhiker Celania Moonblade
Mirror Image Cinnamon Yakatori
Hitchhiker Cuora Exusiai
Hitchhiker Cyn Ella
Hitchhiker Daimian Renor'cryso
Nowhere - AFK Damastes A'cimabeu
Nowhere - AFK Daven Cruzenwellett
Nowhere - AFK Delphine Elecrea
Nowhere - AFK Demonic Blades
Hitchhiker Desormais Moonfire
Hitchhiker Dora Renor'cryso
Hitchhiker Durian Gray
Hitchhiker Eliaria Dorne
Hitchhiker Eribella Dra'stan
Hitchhiker Etoile Winsome
Nowhere - AFK Ey'san Oren
Hitchhiker Faith Forsaken
Mirror Image Faust Aldritch
Hitchhiker Galaxy Brain
Hitchhiker Gwendolyn Galbatross
Hitchhiker Hastos Rousont
Nowhere - AFK Hawkeye Trapper
Hitchhiker Ilia Mercury'
Hitchhiker Iris Doromitji
Hitchhiker Itoshi Mihata
Hitchhiker Izanami Nookami
Hitchhiker J'hiri Tariel
Nowhere - AFK Jerald Tarrant
Hitchhiker Jogon Dra'stan
Mirror Image Kalista Bromweld
Hitchhiker Kalton Jesrah
Hitchhiker Kassandra Viras
Hitchhiker Kenshin Himura
Hitchhiker Key Wingtones
Nowhere - AFK Krystal Wyndmere
Hitchhiker Kumakain Ako
Hitchhiker Kyong Hui
Hitchhiker Larxa Greyashe
Nowhere - AFK Lex'uii Duraan
Hitchhiker Louie Star
Nowhere - AFK Luna Tsukimi
Hitchhiker Magitek Automaton
Hitchhiker Mala Lokkon
Hitchhiker Marie Viras
Mirror Image Marilya Petrieth
Hitchhiker Mario Plainsrunner
Hitchhiker Naomi Mizuki
Hitchhiker Nhojathon Doromitji
Hitchhiker Nissa Rivane
Hitchhiker Nojra Bysnoe
Hitchhiker Noss Talim
Hitchhiker Nuala Esteri
Mirror Image Omfgits Notmike
Hitchhiker Phoking Awesome
Hitchhiker Rashaz Khah
Mirror Image Rena Sato
Hitchhiker Riall Rain
Hitchhiker Risette Kujikawa
Hitchhiker Rory' Mercury'
Hitchhiker Satanica Angelus
Hitchhiker Schittzen Giggles
Hitchhiker Seromas Fellmoon
Hitchhiker Siegfried Whitewind
Hitchhiker Snow Nightmare
Mirror Image Solca Vis
Mirror Image Storm Mercury'
Hitchhiker Strom Eklund
Hitchhiker Stromgarde Siren
Hitchhiker Tchoulia Skieblayde
Hitchhiker The Sparrowhawk
Hitchhiker Thee Dees
Hitchhiker Vignette Tsukinose
Nowhere - AFK Whygee Galka
Nowhere - AFK Woo Tehfawk
Hitchhiker Wrath Beast
Hitchhiker Xavier Prime
Hitchhiker Xurakai Zhareighn
Hitchhiker Zexill Haeldin