Military Force


: Military Force


: Army


: 122


: 30


: 9233927348481535410


: Bringing adventurers together for the betterment of Eorzea and beyond!


: Order of the Twin Adder




: Army7-1 at Plot 3, 12 Ward, The Lavender Beds, Malboro, Crystal


: Always



Private Afternoon Coffee
Sergeant Alaron Arlathan
Sergeant Amber June
Private Amelia Mae
Private Aria Galestrike
Private Aubriella Wind
Private Aukina Eizen
Private Aurelia Isleen
Private Autumns Laughter
Private Azalea Young
Private Balboa Pendragon
Private Blathnaid Cunobelinus
Private Bluemoon Oakblood
Colonel Booboo Cahcoo
Private Boogie Boi
Private Breela Proudheart
Private Cassius Whitemane
Private Ciel Alouette
Private Danie Escobar
Private Dispo Sita
Private Dos Xx
Private Draykon A'balastor
Private Elzbeth Nighthawk
Private Emerald Selephy
Private Emma Crow
Private Enablise Vericique
Private Erberd Sawyer
Private Erik White
Private Erinaldia Woode
Private Esene Riejeraux
Private Feyre Cursebreaker
Private Fluff Buff
Private Forbidden Knowledge
Private Fuji Cakes
General Griffith Daybreaker
Private Grimm Black
Private H'keppe Moshroca
Sergeant Hana Sieghart
Private Hroth Garr
Private Ilayna Renaugh
Officer Imsleepy Letsrock
Sergeant Intense Meow
Sergeant Inuyasha Decora
Private Irides Bloodtooth
Sergeant Istorii Khailm
Private J'azee Rix
Sergeant Jaymison Rolandos
Private Juritta Hyskaris
Private Kaiya Eisner
Private Kalcifer Strange
Colonel Kali Nyx
Officer Kaya Noona
Private Kelin Mccoy
Private Keon Azgali
Private Kered Wyngaard
Officer Kiel Magnus
Treasurer Kio Mckioster
Private Knives Killington
Private L'iaho Eric
Private Lasykar Mentari
Private Licia Gail
Private Lukrahn Chambre
Sergeant M'ham Eyez
Private Magnus Modric
Private Mal Forge
Private Malakai Springs
Private Malekith Targaryen
Private Malifence Longren
Private Maple Syrup'
Private Meat Popsicle
Private Megomama Seraph
Private Melinoe Renault
Private Mia Long
Officer Mik Heal
Private Mikhale Ulfar
Private Mixi Leive
Private Myrddyn Wyldt
Private Myth Hunter
Private Nix Novian
Private Octavious Spellbinder
Private Oddjob Shortstock
Private Olbncus Dormar
Private Oliva Ava
Private Racso Nah
Private Ranarius Ashkevron
Private Rattling Diablos
Sergeant Redwynn Meska
Private Reina Sylvilagus
Private Remy'etienne Lebeau
Officer Rhain Sih'he
Officer Roninson Hawk
Private Ruuj Oghu
Officer Sapphire Sun
Private Savannah Jade
Private Selina Highlord
Private Sha'lea Selenia
Private Shawnith Darkbane
Private Shima Kucherov
Private Shining Wizard
Sergeant Sigurdh Bishop
Private Sintara Firaga
Estate Designer Sky Hazel
Private Sonja Bloodfallen
Private Sui Ashbell
Private Sylerea Unakain
Private Synisster Yaaj
Private Tab God
Private Tiggerbear Moomoo
Private Tilirion Sabroth
Private Tsswolf Ling
Sergeant Umbra Goliath
Private Victoria Wilkinson
Private Waxillium Ladrian
Private Wizzer Gadgits
Private Xaney Rureras
Private Xodd Mortifear
Officer Yana Grimm
Private Your Psychiatrist
Private Yunaleska Healwind
Officer Zanzah Zeref
Private Zareah Darkbane
Private Zenchusha Chusha