Sweet All Around


: Sweet All Around

Previous names

Gimme Sweets


: Sweet


: 88


: 8

Leveling history


: 9233786610993172081


: Too much salt is bad for you ( 。・ω・。)ノ♡


: Order of the Twin Adder




: SweetShop at Plot 36, 14 Ward, The Lavender Beds, Coeurl, Crystal

Welcome message

: ~Don't be so salty~


: Always



Ranking history

Marshmallows Abby Sinthe
Cookie Aeya Statera
Cookie Alarielle Curufinwe
Cookie Ambi Wuff
Cookie Aragibal Ejinn
Frozen Pastry Aramis Ardor
Frozen Pastry Asche Grace
Cookie Beliora Foxin
Cookie Bunnie Blunts
Cookie Carbon Spark
Cookie Ceyl Dazkar
Cookie Cherry Parfait
Frozen Pastry Ciara Iver
Frozen Pastry Clutch Sixsevenfive
Cookie Connection Error
Cookie Cupcake Beloved
Cookie Danny Milroses
Frozen Pastry Dante Cassanova
Cookie Drunken Death
Cookie Eri Noct
Cookie Evelynn Carmine
Cookie Fable Amahagane
Cookie Fidona Dei-ijla
Marshmallows Figment Dreamfinder
Frozen Pastry Flamma Lucchese
Marshmallows Geralt Hellsing
Cookie Glados Ate-my-cake
Frozen Pastry Grimm Stormbringer
Cookie Hakatachi Asataki
Marshmallows Hakyoshuku Hikari
Cookie Hellshock Kaiser
Marshmallows Hellshock Kaiserr
Marshmallows Hesojo Sojojo
Cookie J'ibrail Geckoh
Cookie James Shadowclone
Frozen Pastry Jani Zizo
Frozen Pastry Kadrev Eogann
Cookie Kaidan Sionnach
Marshmallows Kane Amahagane
Cookie Kanna Kobayashii
Cookie Keoxi Nahr
Marshmallows Khalarak Dhoro
Banana Split Kibo Heiwa
Frozen Pastry Lanelli Kettei
Frozen Pastry Lensa Rothruinil
Banana Split Lili Liliya
Cookie Lililuna Lalarune
Cookie Lomi Nighteyes
Cookie Luciel Sociel
Cookie Luthan Soran
Cookie Luxray Aeterna
Cookie Makoto Ni'ijima
Banana Split Meinfrid Hunter
Frozen Pastry Moon Luck
Marshmallows Nami Neqo'te
Frozen Pastry Nikita Goldmane
Frozen Pastry Nite Terror
Cookie Nobu Haragin
Frozen Pastry Nosaje Darkmist
Frozen Pastry Nugget Sauce
Frozen Pastry Oak Tree
Frozen Pastry Omg Blazeit
Frozen Pastry Orbobo Balsimo
Frozen Pastry Palicat Spookabutte
Frozen Pastry Paper Langerhans
Frozen Pastry Prism Lightseeker
Cookie Quilbeck Desertsun
Frozen Pastry Reiner Leonhardt
Cookie Ringo Shouryu
Frozen Pastry Rionah Grace
Frozen Pastry Ririyoku Mimiyoku
Cookie Rokka Steele
Cookie Saazai Symphony
Cookie Sayori San
Cookie Self Diagnosed
Frozen Pastry Shiid Postur
Frozen Pastry Sleepy Khajiit
Frozen Pastry Solaria Azimuth
Frozen Pastry Sun Kettei
Cookie Sunny Sundae
Frozen Pastry Sylvester Windracer
Cookie Valyria Fyrre
Cookie Wily Kyoti
Frozen Pastry X'ved Kotra
Cookie Xereas Rojo
Marshmallows Xi On
Cookie Yuki Ito
Frozen Pastry Zaku Sazabi