Makai Kingdom

Name: Makai Kingdom

Insignia: Makai


Level: 8

ID: 9233786610993152083

About: A home for crafters, gatherers, raiders, and socially active members. Our value is in quality people - open interviews anytime!

Affiliation: Maelstrom


Location: Makai Mansion at Plot 24, 12 Ward, Shirogane, Coeurl

Welcome message: Welcoming social raiders and crafters, feel free to apply and question

Open: Always


History as of 13/02/2018

[13/02/2018] Rawls Waygukin joins Makai Kingdom

[13/02/2018] Makai Kingdom is registered in the service

[31/01/2017] Free Company is formed

Underlads ♦ Rawls Waygukin