Tempest Legacy


: Tempest Legacy


: TL


: 128


: 8

Leveling history


: 9233786610993146594


: We are a casual, friendly, active, and helpful FC that welcomes players new and old. Feel free to join today :) Website with forums, and discord!


: Immortal Flames




: Tempest Legacy at Plot 5, 8 Ward, The Goblet, Coeurl, Aether

Welcome message

: Welcome to the Temptest Legacy House.


: Always



Knight Ahleia Nari
Squire Alberio Havenworn
Page Alexandu Lyondil
Page Alexis Dawnbringer
Knight Alucio Baelfire
Knight Amalthea Divarius
Knight Anayan Levyion
Baron Andreu Beoulve
Knight Andrin Stormcrow
Squire Aquila Darkight
Squire Arkk Angel
Page Ashimaru Joochwagon
Page Asuar Zurazat
Page Autumn Knight
Page Aveis Blackstone
Page Balfour Lance
Page Bi Luu
Squire Biker Bones
Page Bjorn Varangian
Page Bobbysaurus Rex
Knight Boto'khali Syke
Knight Bronze Beak
Page Cargen Wolf
Page Carnage Everywhere
Knight Cat Bewbs
Knight Chibizs Okumora
Knight Chromzie Reigns
Page Chu Batsky
Page Crazy Booger
Page Dakota Zephyr
Squire Dalinar Threetrees
Knight Dan Louis
Squire Dana Wolfgang
Knight Dawn Elereth
Squire Derp Derpingtion
Page Dirty Ijin
Page Drifting Mountain
Queen Durata Forza
Squire Elenor Hemlock
Page Ember Sky
Knight Emi Vixen
Page Eobard Thawne
Page Estelwyn Windsong
Knight Firecutter Bladeaxe
Knight Fukuro Kenshiro
Knight Galdil Lendis
Page Garrok Swiftmane
Page Gigi Gemini
Page Graham Feredir
Knight Helixus Bloode
Squire I' Cie
Squire Illiana Juturna
Page Imatosa Blitzball
Page Imoene Smitt
Knight Inron Masahiro
Squire Isarien Velarien
Page Issak Windsong
Page Ixy Wah
Page J'atoh Epocan
Royal Court Jaarlo Argiris
Knight Jace Winters
Page Jaina Proudmoor
Page Jason Ophelio
Squire Kallisti Eris
Page Kentucky Ra
Squire Kiara Nuwa
Page Killer Jackal
Squire Kujaku Uhara
Duke Lady Lunafreya
Page Laetti Saika
Page Lao Mingye
Squire Leo Chan
Page Lizzy Kamileon
Royal Court Losty Tsunhe
Page Lotour Vel'teir
Squire Luna Eden
Knight Malickrel Kallen
Baron Maywiki Silverleaf
Knight Medusa Silverfang
Page Mercy Oncall
Count Micronowski Msk
Royal Court Mira Lyrael
Page Mixie Dee
Page Nas Lamonte
Page Nimie Asturmaux
Knight Pael Sin
Page Parsnips Rainsfolk
Page Pokeman Pokeyaman
Knight Qilae Aiae'azhu
Knight Rashir Thalath
Squire Rodyn Wolfgang
Page Rydia Stormwind
Page Saithe Starstrike
Page Sakura Sannin
Page Salem Sado
Royal Court Sanette Lestrange
Royal Court Sara Hollowind
Knight Saraph Deus
Page Scathrix Janak
Knight Shadow Dog
Knight Shearuh Morena
Knight Shisuikaigan Uchiha
Page Sissar Moonwind
Page Skjord Bjornson
Page Soleis Noctis
Page Solo Readdyeddy
Page Tanire Grimhaven
Knight Tanka Palooza
Page Tempest Moonlight
Knight Tenebris Tia
Duke Torval Syke
Knight Traylini Delvegar
Page Ty Fetty
Count Tyrlin Suderein
Page Tzu Johnson
Knight Ujitame Ishiku
Page Verathragna Suin
Squire Vlad Dragul
Page Vyncent Wight
Royal Court Yaro Liah
Knight Yuffie Lightheart
Page Yuki Kasumigaoka
Page Zacky Faire
Page Zaiaku Aesir
Knight Zerelos Yggdrasil
Page Zerox Wolfenx
Page Zinthero Frey
Royal Court Zuara Noire