Castle in the Sky


: Castle in the Sky




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: 30


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: Castle in the Sky promises the eternal dream of nobility, devotion, love and <br />friendship. What cause would you sacrifice it all for? Who is your desire...


: Immortal Flames




: Ohtori Academy at Plot 60, 7 Ward, The Goblet, Adamantoise, Aether

Welcome message

: Shiogane comes to Eorzea! (The Salt is Real) We reside in a Castle in the Sky, where all your hopes and dreams may lie within... What are you looking for?


: Always



Ranking history

Senior Member Aaron Vistlip
Senior Member Aerin Vietskiev
Senior Member Aethelfled Marlow
Journeyman Aila Hiryu
Reserve Member Alcyone Nikephoros
Senior Member Amaya Zorn
Senior Member Anastasia Lancaster
Senior Member Anna Nishikinomiya
Journeyman Aravirn Dark-scale
Senior Member Aria Aeolus
Journeyman Arissa Gemenon
Journeyman Arna Sureli
Senior Member Arrahn Nightfang
Journeyman Arturon Caedus
Journeyman Asher Thalidar
Senior Member Avocadess Demonesca
Senior Member Ayana Neko
Journeyman Azura Drake
Senior Member Badger Original
Senior Member Baraxus Light-mender
Senior Member Benodil Stormrider
Senior Member Black Matter
Journeyman Blue Note
Journeyman Bo Kurogane
Journeyman Boog Lio
Novice Calix Deo
Senior Member Cassan Ros'anrothan
Senior Member Chaz Forte
Novice Cherry Wine
Journeyman Colina Varron
Senior Member Cosima Yuuki
Novice Crusty Rick
Senior Member Curtz Clashz
Journeyman Cuxuraro Firefall
Senior Member Damianna Moonspell
Reserve Member Damianna Venomqueen
Journeyman Daruma Row
Senior Member Dehvin Odesa
Senior Member Diana Drossel
Journeyman Drac Volarus
Journeyman Dracos Dhoro
Reserve Member Dramorian Jakarta
Journeyman Eara Valar
Journeyman Easy Zeke
Senior Member Eindzhel Do'urden
Senior Member Eirwen Bloodmoon
Journeyman Eliadan Trask
Senior Member Elizabeth Liones
Senior Member Elora Danan
Journeyman Elyon Celesta
Journeyman Emmie Aldebar
Senior Member Envion Phantasm
Journeyman Eris Greyrat
Senior Member Erza Gremory
Senior Member Evanora Menellwen
Journeyman Flickum Bicus
Reserve Member Fox Sin
Senior Member Freyalise Titanium
Senior Member Fusa Yumishi
Disciplinarian Fushigiai Dragon
Disciplinarian Fushigiko Dragon
Disciplinarian Fushigitsuki Dragon
Novice Gan Dalf
Senior Member Gattsu Gattsuson
Senior Member Gelabrous Finn
Journeyman Geminyde Pendragon
Journeyman Gentile Slave
Senior Member Golgotha Gustavus
Senior Member Grave Ackearose
Senior Member Grunnd Mahatso
Journeyman Grutar Atrots
Bancho Badbois Grym Yae'galvus
Novice Hakkinen Coffyn
Journeyman Hayato Kazuko
Reserve Member Hellish Tank
Senior Member Hildeyerd Fairclough
Journeyman Honerva Al'tean
Senior Member Hyrinn Larae
Reserve Member I'nes Wotansdottir
Novice Iginition Switch
Senior Member Impending Death
Reserve Member Isis Dothra
Reserve Member Japanese Schoolgirl
Reserve Member Jubei Yag
Senior Member Kai Morisato
Journeyman Kaime Kine
Reserve Member Kaistyn Taleth
Journeyman Kalas Jazris
Senior Member Karin Onadera
Voyage Engineer Karura Fenghuang
Senior Member Kay Ceinfarfog
Reserve Member Kay Saab
Reserve Member Kiht Molkoh
Senior Member Killer Cherry
Journeyman King Leonis
Senior Member Kishimei Omega
Senior Member Koral Dragon
Novice Kris Humphries
Senior Member Kroij Iegost
Journeyman Kyo Mitsurugi
Senior Member Legosi Belpoise
Journeyman Lil Purrrfect
Senior Member Lilith Mya
Journeyman Lill Bo
Journeyman Livvy Windsailor
Journeyman Lord Vexxes
Reserve Member Lulu Lovelace
Senior Member Luna Khoury
Senior Member Luna Tataru
Senior Member Luzrov Rulay
Senior Member Lyal Aliamon
Reserve Member Malaika Torvonen
Journeyman Malaki Deltorres
Novice Marielle Portelaine
Reserve Member Matty Venomking
Senior Member Melialdes Dendrine
Senior Member Meline Sureli
Journeyman Memento Mori'
Journeyman Mewloh Molkot
Journeyman Milza Targon
Senior Member Mina Miyafuji
Journeyman Mister Magoo
Journeyman Mo Skrilla
Journeyman Mo'slaa Thish
Journeyman Moon Anstar
Journeyman Mythra Ivy
Senior Member N'eiren Felnox
Journeyman Nanovu Novu
Senior Member Nelani Lux
Senior Member Ninne Serpentsong
Groundskeepers No'ble Dragon
Reserve Member Nubi Soul
Senior Member Nyan Katt
Senior Member Omni Deniblehelm
Journeyman Osric Dameon
Senior Member Otoh Tonotoh
Bancho Badbois Ozbeg Torgud
Journeyman P'aiyana Touka
Voyage Engineer Punished Alexander
Senior Member Queen Yuuki
Journeyman Raine Hollow
Voyage Engineer Raphtalia Solari
Senior Member Rathin Fortuna
Novice Ravethriner Hephestis
Senior Member Rekkai Nightfang
Novice Rhea Fae
Senior Member Rhea Hughes
Journeyman Rinh Summermoon
Senior Member Riokunai Lykaios
Journeyman Risasa Rasi
Senior Member Roc Toc
Journeyman Rocksteady O'foot
Senior Member Sage Skyblade
Journeyman Shaggy Wiggin
Senior Member Shion Szoldos
Senior Member Sironas Ravensword
Senior Member Sirzen Adhara
Novice Slug Pirate
Reserve Member Snarkldrago Mediocre
Reserve Member Snarlander Mediocre
Journeyman Sogetsu Maru
Senior Member Solreifnir Ragnarok
Bancho Badbois Soul Keeper
Bancho Badbois Soul Keepers
Bancho Badbois Soul Warrior
Journeyman Soullock Daring
Journeyman Spany Moonstone
Senior Member Star Track
Senior Member Sue Lihzeh
Journeyman Suha Aries
Journeyman Tag Urit
Reserve Member Taggerung Democritus
Senior Member Tallulah Jingles
Journeyman Termoran Wyndblade
Journeyman Thatgirl Ruby
Journeyman Thorred Starseer
Disciplinarian Tyyri Molkoh
Senior Member Usagi Tsukino
Senior Member Valdemaras Pendragon
Senior Member Valrian Wrynn
Senior Member Vantus Sol
Bancho Badbois Vessek Taranogas
Senior Member Victas Shan
Senior Member Victor Altershade
Journeyman Virrze Lit
Bancho Badbois Vissik Taranogas
Novice Vixilla Surona
Senior Member Vurion Steinkatze
Journeyman Withrow Gallager
Senior Member Wolfzero Fenrir
Senior Member Xander Le'oarro
Journeyman Yazzflute Instruments
Company Crafter Yorha Model-a
Company Crafter Yorha Model-b
Journeyman Yumichi Silverbow
Journeyman Zangetsu Benihime
Journeyman Zixis Dislan