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: 8


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: Maelstrom




: zHaus at Plot 24, 11 Ward, The Goblet, Adamantoise, Aether

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: Come in or whatever.


: Always



Ranking history


as of 11/07/2018 (update scheduled on 17/07/2018 03:48)

[11/07/2018] Rance Armstrong is assigned Initiate rank

[11/07/2018] Juni Akako is assigned Initiate rank

[11/07/2018] Guila Cabon is assigned Initiate rank

[11/07/2018] Rayn Ralalbi is assigned Initiate rank

[11/07/2018] Weeb Chan is assigned Pundit rank

[11/07/2018] Liz Thompson is assigned Initiate rank

[11/07/2018] Utakata Chieko is assigned Initiate rank

[11/07/2018] K'yalwynn Tyata is assigned Punderstudy rank

[11/07/2018] Dixon Ticonderoga is assigned Initiate rank

[11/07/2018] Lord Pigs is assigned Punderstudy rank

[11/07/2018] Mission Vao is assigned Initiate rank

[11/07/2018] Aws Obaidy is assigned Punderstudy rank

[11/07/2018] Kuina Kurogane is assigned Pundit rank

[11/07/2018] Yumi Kimura is assigned Punderstudy rank

[11/07/2018] Tori Wasabigucci is assigned Initiate rank

[11/07/2018] Motoko Kusanagiii is assigned Initiate rank

[11/07/2018] Emerald Sustraii is assigned Initiate rank

[11/07/2018] Hussein Mantis is assigned Initiate rank

[11/07/2018] Haruhana Yatsurugi is assigned Initiate rank

[11/07/2018] Noel Ayakaile is assigned Initiate rank

[11/07/2018] Annalise Edhor leaves ZOVNDS!

[11/07/2018] Young-c True-fist is assigned Initiate rank

[11/07/2018] Meme Desu is assigned Initiate rank

[11/07/2018] Orthinax Arche is assigned Master rank

[11/07/2018] Takashi Katana is assigned Initiate rank

[11/07/2018] Ol' Salty is assigned Initiate rank

[11/07/2018] Noel Valkyrur is assigned Initiate rank

[11/07/2018] Astrid Winter is assigned Initiate rank

[11/07/2018] Lily White is assigned Initiate rank

[11/07/2018] Zoruda Blackthorne is assigned Pundit rank

[11/07/2018] Medeia Icarus leaves ZOVNDS!

[11/07/2018] Kashleigh Fox is assigned Punderstudy rank

[15/03/2018] Weeb Chan is assigned Pundit rank

[15/03/2018] Kahtra Katriana leaves ZOVNDS!

[15/03/2018] Althea Stormblade leaves ZOVNDS!

[15/03/2018] Lord Pigs is assigned Punderstudy rank

[15/03/2018] Kuina Kurogane is assigned Pundit rank

[15/03/2018] Aven Dawnbearer leaves ZOVNDS!

[15/03/2018] Kuji Mashiro leaves ZOVNDS!

[15/03/2018] Annalise Edhor is assigned Punderstudy rank

[15/03/2018] Serenity Skylord leaves ZOVNDS!

[15/03/2018] Sadu' Dotharl leaves ZOVNDS!

[15/03/2018] Kreo Nekrosis leaves ZOVNDS!

[15/03/2018] Medeia Icarus joins ZOVNDS!

[15/03/2018] Boss Baal leaves ZOVNDS!

[19/02/2018] Blanc Ironfire leaves ZOVNDS!

[19/02/2018] Thexan Valonwrath leaves ZOVNDS!

[19/02/2018] Yasuji Evelyn leaves ZOVNDS!

[19/02/2018] Ameen Summonoir leaves ZOVNDS!

[19/02/2018] Blanc Whitehearrt leaves ZOVNDS!

[07/08/2017] Rayn Ralalbi joins ZOVNDS!

[07/08/2017] Kahtra Katriana joins ZOVNDS!

[07/08/2017] Liz Thompson joins ZOVNDS!

[07/08/2017] Utakata Chieko joins ZOVNDS!

[07/08/2017] Lord Pigs joins ZOVNDS!

[07/08/2017] Mission Vao joins ZOVNDS!

[07/08/2017] Tenebris Ibaraki joins ZOVNDS!

[07/08/2017] Tori Wasabigucci joins ZOVNDS!

[07/08/2017] Motoko Kusanagiii joins ZOVNDS!

[07/08/2017] Kuji Mashiro joins ZOVNDS!

[07/08/2017] Weeb Trash joins ZOVNDS!

[07/08/2017] Serenity Skylord joins ZOVNDS!

[07/08/2017] Noel Ayakaile joins ZOVNDS!

[07/08/2017] Young-c True-fist joins ZOVNDS!

[07/08/2017] Sadu' Dotharl joins ZOVNDS!

[07/08/2017] Meme Desu joins ZOVNDS!

[07/08/2017] Takashi Katana joins ZOVNDS!

[07/08/2017] Ol' Salty joins ZOVNDS!

[07/08/2017] Noel Valkyrur joins ZOVNDS!

[07/08/2017] Lily White joins ZOVNDS!

[07/08/2017] Melissa Mabry joins ZOVNDS!

[07/08/2017] Rance Armstrong joins ZOVNDS!

[07/08/2017] Juni Akako joins ZOVNDS!

[20/07/2017] Thexan Valonwrath joins ZOVNDS!

[20/07/2017] Althea Stormblade joins ZOVNDS!

[20/07/2017] Patty Slaimyn joins ZOVNDS!

[20/07/2017] Dixon Ticonderoga joins ZOVNDS!

[20/07/2017] Kuina Kurogane joins ZOVNDS!

[20/07/2017] Dj Pushpower joins ZOVNDS!

[20/07/2017] Aws Obaidy joins ZOVNDS!

[20/07/2017] Aven Dawnbearer joins ZOVNDS!

[20/07/2017] Nee Sama joins ZOVNDS!

[20/07/2017] Emerald Sustraii joins ZOVNDS!

[20/07/2017] Hussein Mantis joins ZOVNDS!

[20/07/2017] Haruhana Yatsurugi joins ZOVNDS!

[20/07/2017] Annalise Edhor joins ZOVNDS!

[20/07/2017] Ameen Summonoir joins ZOVNDS!

[20/07/2017] Orthinax Arche joins ZOVNDS!

[20/07/2017] Astrid Winter joins ZOVNDS!

[20/07/2017] Blanc Whitehearrt joins ZOVNDS!

[20/07/2017] Boss Baal joins ZOVNDS!

[20/07/2017] Zoruda Blackthorne joins ZOVNDS!

[20/07/2017] Kashleigh Fox joins ZOVNDS!

[20/07/2017] Blanc Ironfire joins ZOVNDS!

[20/07/2017] ZOVNDS! is registered in the service

[20/07/2017] Weeb Chan joins ZOVNDS!

[01/05/2017] Guila Cabon joins ZOVNDS!

[01/03/2017] Kreo Nekrosis joins ZOVNDS!

[16/06/2016] Free Company is formed

Free Company members are being registered, so not all of them may be shown.
Astrid Winter
Aws Obaidy
Dixon Ticonderoga
Emerald Sustraii
Guila Cabon
Haruhana Yatsurugi
Hussein Mantis
Juni Akako
K'yalwynn Tyata
Kashleigh Fox
Kuina Kurogane
Lily White
Liz Thompson
Lord Pigs
Lumina Starseeker
Meme Desu
Mission Vao
Motoko Kusanagiii
Noel Ayakaile
Noel Valkyrur
Ol' Salty
Orthinax Arche
Rance Armstrong
Rayn Ralalbi
Takashi Katana
Tori Wasabigucci
Utakata Chieko
Weeb Chan
Young-c True-fist
Yumi Kimura
Zoruda Blackthorne