Knights Of Nocturne


: Knights Of Nocturne


: KoN


: 126


: 8

Leveling history


: 9233645873504752755


: Darkness beyond twilight, Crimson beyond blood that flows, Buried in the stream of time is where our power grows.


: Maelstrom




: The Manor at Plot 2, 9 Ward, Mist, Adamantoise, Aether

Welcome message

: Welcome to the Knights of the Night. Step in and enjoy our humble abode.


: Always



Ranking history

The Nobles Ace Veradux
The Crypt Ajuk Akfek
The Nobles Akuma Lionheart
The Crypt Amelotte Oakshield
The Knights Ananya Kamala
The Knights Ashlyn Sundancer
The Knights Astrid Bariura
The Crypt Barrlonea Knox
The Crypt Base Six
The Bishops Beatrice Kiddo
The Crypt Blex'ion Tulazine
The Crypt Booze Hound
AFKers Calix Theron
AFKers Candracy Darkhart
The Crypt Ceqa'wa Cisyhe
The Bishops Chariot Arcana
The Bishops Chen Kotomi
The Knights Cin Darkblood
The Squires Cirilla Valkyris
The Nobles Cyana Garamonde
The Squires Darius O'durn
The Knights Darten Tanagra
The Squires Dizzle Fizz
The Knights Dovahkiin Baratheon
The Nobles Dream Highwind
The Squires Dusky Springhealed
The Nobles Ehopi Wolf
The Knights Emily Tan
The Crypt Explosion Goesboom
The Squires Fengi Kengi
The Nobles Fenrir Lionsblood
The Bishops Freya Strongarm
The Crypt Gideon Darkmount
The Crypt Hadyan Ragarua
The Squires Hatsune Mikuu
The Crypt Hyperdrive Activated
The Knights Iskulin Stormborn
The Crypt Its'a Crysis
AFKers J'thub B'eans
The Crypt Jade Aithne
The Crypt Jade Fa'are
The Nobles Justice Arcana
The Knights Kairi Alter
The Knights Kaito Inazami
The Knights Kara Draken
The Knights Karimu Burimu
The Knights Katsu Kush
The Squires Katwa Owolacile
The Crypt Keli Klaws
AFKers Khaull Ru
The Squires King Kaito
The Nobles Kismet Hitsuzen
AFKers Koyote Bloodfang
The Knights Kraez K'tella
The Squires Kylo Skoria
The Knights Lane Wikstrom
The Knights Larry Gun
The Knights Laurentius Neeson
The Crypt Liono Thundercat
The Regal Court Louiz Ultima
The Crypt Lunarsica Onnenketuja
The Nobles Maeve Conall
AFKers Manji Ru
The Knights Maru Norry
The Squires Maze Fox
The Knights Miah Maehalah
The Crypt Mid-life Crysis
The Crypt Mina Li
The Squires Mina Lorthos
The Crypt Mishakakal Lostagain
The Crypt Mujin Strife
The Knights Natsu Ganajai
The Knights Nesil Moretragg
The Nobles Nicco Harvey
The Knights Nine Allexis
The Regal Court Omni Highwind
The Nobles One Neos
The Nobles Pesmerga Valtorum
AFKers Pink Phyre
The Crypt Qual Gerissen
The Knights Queen Miku
The Crypt Radiant Moon
The Crypt Rage Kwit
The Squires Raging Rabbit
The Knights Rakastan Sinua
The Monarch Rakishi Demavero
The Knights Rashidi Nolan
The Knights Rejectz Pressure
The Bishops Ren Kaidou
The Knights Richard Robert
The Crypt Roland Eardwulf
The Crypt Rowena Crookshanks
The Crypt Ryu Floatyboi
The Nobles Sairen Gazz
The Knights Sakura Leingod
The Crypt Samurai Piz'acat
The Squires Sayaka Mikiii
The Knights Scooter Mcgavinn
The Regal Court Seven Luciel
AFKers Shy Lan
The Knights Sirmoul Mikwery
AFKers Six Nova
The Squires Skinles Dream
The Knights Skorn Darkheart
The Nobles Snor Relax
The Nobles Suzuha Ishiyama
The Crypt Temperance Arcana
The Knights Tenku Manabu
The Crypt Thantholina Starfall
The Knights The Bizzaro
The Crypt Theschea Aezer
The Knights Thor Stronghammer
The Knights Thora Raysdottir
The Knights Trek'ha Kelce
The Knights Truthena Valkyris
The Knights Valkyn Storm
The Knights Valkyrie Thorasdottir
The Knights Valkyris Kreios
The Nobles Vincent Kellstorm
The Knights Wilson Tan
The Knights Wizzard Rincewind
The Crypt Yamashiro Demavero
AFKers Yoyonzo Gugunzo
The Knights Yukiko Yuki
The Knights Zigarot Half-blood
The Squires Zokar Darkbane