Rutilus Nex


: Rutilus Nex


: Rune


: 57


: 8


: 9233645873504737255


: "There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure."


: Immortal Flames




: Rutilus Nex Mansion at Plot 15, 4 Ward, Mist, Adamantoise

Welcome message

: Welcome To Rutilex Nex Headquarters.House Of Champions!


: Always



Ranking history


as of 23/02/2018

[23/02/2018] Overlord Nexrawr is assigned Overlord rank

[23/02/2018] Dain Megidolaon is assigned Underlord rank

[23/02/2018] Eva Nite is assigned Underlord rank

[23/02/2018] Imya Jomfru is assigned Underlord rank

[23/02/2018] Tonio Anderson is assigned Underlord rank

[23/02/2018] Dixie Mist is assigned Hall Of Famer rank

[23/02/2018] Eryt Liaute is assigned Hall Of Famer rank

[23/02/2018] Jairo Soldier is assigned Hall Of Famer rank

[23/02/2018] Master Shiznit is assigned Hall Of Famer rank

[23/02/2018] Ambi Domino is assigned Officer rank

[23/02/2018] Balerion Sforza is assigned Officer rank

[23/02/2018] Dixon Normus is assigned Officer rank

[23/02/2018] Gucci Gee is assigned Officer rank

[23/02/2018] Shibs Deltari is assigned Officer rank

[23/02/2018] Vox De'causa is assigned Officer rank

[23/02/2018] Adolie Faine is assigned Soldier rank

[23/02/2018] Anonymous Virtue is assigned Soldier rank

[23/02/2018] Asuna Awandah is assigned Soldier rank

[23/02/2018] Asuzu Asu is assigned Soldier rank

[23/02/2018] Augustus Black is assigned Soldier rank

[23/02/2018] Boblin Wingheart is assigned Soldier rank

[23/02/2018] Chibil Lightbringer is assigned Soldier rank

[23/02/2018] Daddy Spells is assigned Soldier rank

[23/02/2018] Fallen Cyclone is assigned Soldier rank

[23/02/2018] Getsy Georjeaux is assigned Soldier rank

[23/02/2018] Gid Ramirez is assigned Soldier rank

[23/02/2018] Ironhide Prime is assigned Soldier rank

[23/02/2018] Jellie Bellie is assigned Soldier rank

[23/02/2018] Joejon Jonston is assigned Soldier rank

[23/02/2018] Kawaii Nekochan is assigned Soldier rank

[23/02/2018] Kilikili Mabaho is assigned Soldier rank

[23/02/2018] Kovu Gato is assigned Soldier rank

[23/02/2018] Marie Drake is assigned Soldier rank

[23/02/2018] Misty Voices is assigned Soldier rank

[23/02/2018] Mizore Shirayukie is assigned Soldier rank

[23/02/2018] Ruina Helkstadt is assigned Soldier rank

[23/02/2018] Sylvia Grr is assigned Soldier rank

[23/02/2018] Thimo Black is assigned Soldier rank

[23/02/2018] Tk Hak is assigned Soldier rank

[23/02/2018] Akira Rena is assigned Initiate rank

[23/02/2018] Azalian Megido is assigned Initiate rank

[23/02/2018] Cleb Blackflame is assigned Initiate rank

[23/02/2018] Damaen White is assigned Initiate rank

[23/02/2018] Dey Whey is assigned Initiate rank

[23/02/2018] Erick Jaeger is assigned Initiate rank

[23/02/2018] Phook Kappa is assigned Initiate rank

[23/02/2018] Rebecca Star is assigned Initiate rank

[23/02/2018] Rida Volsung is assigned Initiate rank

[23/02/2018] Sartori Imatank is assigned Initiate rank

[23/02/2018] Sasaki Kasuga is assigned Initiate rank

[23/02/2018] Shannon King is assigned Initiate rank

[23/02/2018] Silica Alo is assigned Initiate rank

[23/02/2018] Sylphil Valentine is assigned Initiate rank

[23/02/2018] Thebrave Liltoaster is assigned Initiate rank

[23/02/2018] Thunder Mountain is assigned Initiate rank

[23/02/2018] Yesuntei Bairon is assigned Initiate rank

[22/02/2018] Veltris Volsung is assigned Soldier rank

[21/02/2018] Veltris Volsung joins Rutilus Nex

[21/02/2018] Rutilus Nex is registered in the service

[15/03/2014] Free Company is formed

Overlord Overlord Nexrawr
Hall Of Famer Dixie Mist
Hall Of Famer Eryt Liaute
Hall Of Famer Jairo Soldier
Hall Of Famer Master Shiznit
Initiate Akira Rena
Initiate Azalian Megido
Initiate Cleb Blackflame
Initiate Damaen White
Initiate Dey Whey
Initiate Erick Jaeger
Initiate Phook Kappa
Initiate Rebecca Star
Initiate Rida Volsung
Initiate Sartori Imatank
Initiate Sasaki Kasuga
Initiate Shannon King
Initiate Silica Alo
Initiate Sylphil Valentine
Initiate Thebrave Liltoaster
Initiate Thunder Mountain
Initiate Yesuntei Bairon
Officer Ambi Domino
Officer Balerion Sforza
Officer Dixon Normus
Officer Gucci Gee
Officer Shibs Deltari
Officer Vox De'causa
Soldier Adolie Faine
Soldier Anonymous Virtue
Soldier Asuna Awandah
Soldier Asuzu Asu
Soldier Augustus Black
Soldier Boblin Wingheart
Soldier Chibil Lightbringer
Soldier Daddy Spells
Soldier Fallen Cyclone
Soldier Getsy Georjeaux
Soldier Gid Ramirez
Soldier Ironhide Prime
Soldier Jellie Bellie
Soldier Joejon Jonston
Soldier Kawaii Nekochan
Soldier Kilikili Mabaho
Soldier Kovu Gato
Soldier Marie Drake
Soldier Misty Voices
Soldier Mizore Shirayukie
Soldier Ruina Helkstadt
Soldier Sylvia Grr
Soldier Thimo Black
Soldier Tk Hak
Soldier Veltris Volsung
Underlord Dain Megidolaon
Underlord Eva Nite
Underlord Imya Jomfru
Underlord Tonio Anderson