Redemption Inc.


: Redemption Inc.


: R&D


: 40


: 8


: 9233645873504721267


: Zantetsuken


: Sexy glamour is the key to top 100% DPS.


: Immortal Flames




: Redemption Inc at Plot 3, 5 Ward, The Lavender Beds, Adamantoise

Welcome message

: Welcome to Redemption Inc headquarters; redeeming Eorzea one sea of salt at a time. Expect the honest truth that you may not like.


: Always



Ranking history


as of 25/03/2018

[25/03/2018] Suzi Quatro is assigned Agents rank

[25/03/2018] Myrriel Entrari is assigned Special Agents rank

[25/03/2018] Amiter Zellis is assigned Agents rank

[25/03/2018] Geheiligt Freiheit is assigned Agents rank

[25/03/2018] Katsuki Don is assigned Agents rank

[25/03/2018] Medea Souichirou is assigned Agents rank

[25/03/2018] Otaking Home is assigned Agents rank

[25/03/2018] Reikozu Dreadaxe is assigned Agents rank

[25/03/2018] Yuki Nyan is assigned Agents rank

[23/03/2018] Jackal Solis leaves Redemption Inc.

[23/03/2018] Sure Shot leaves Redemption Inc.

[23/03/2018] Agilas Pandi joins Redemption Inc.

[23/03/2018] Carcas Zelt joins Redemption Inc.

[23/03/2018] Longfellow Deeds joins Redemption Inc.

[23/03/2018] Jotaro Kujo joins Redemption Inc.

[23/03/2018] Judas Iscariot is assigned CEO rank

[23/03/2018] Kyli Tamwood is assigned Directors rank

[23/03/2018] Zykor Aero is assigned Directors rank

[23/03/2018] Emil Regelbrecher is assigned Executives rank

[23/03/2018] Kiskili Tsuki is assigned Executives rank

[23/03/2018] Alexina Valenti is assigned Special Agents rank

[23/03/2018] Ellendra Theraton is assigned Special Agents rank

[23/03/2018] Emma Nuit is assigned Special Agents rank

[23/03/2018] Pottom Bottom is assigned Special Agents rank

[23/03/2018] Senjura Cross is assigned Special Agents rank

[23/03/2018] Taichi Yagami is assigned Special Agents rank

[23/03/2018] David Antivurgh is assigned Agents rank

[23/03/2018] Fanille Freyr is assigned Agents rank

[23/03/2018] Genjo Kujata is assigned Agents rank

[23/03/2018] Giant Slayer is assigned Agents rank

[23/03/2018] Kainith Lazik is assigned Agents rank

[23/03/2018] Kryden Blackhorn is assigned Agents rank

[23/03/2018] Misaki Kotai is assigned Agents rank

[23/03/2018] Mochi Uchiha is assigned Agents rank

[23/03/2018] Nillika Heartbreaker is assigned Agents rank

[23/03/2018] Peralee Altaire is assigned Agents rank

[23/03/2018] Roarmiaka Wildwind is assigned Agents rank

[23/03/2018] Saeki Dryden is assigned Agents rank

[23/03/2018] Treasure Hunter is assigned Agents rank

[23/03/2018] Will Delsolis is assigned Agents rank

[23/03/2018] Charakha Khaa is assigned HR rank

[23/03/2018] Geysus Griffin is assigned HR rank

[23/03/2018] Redemption Inc. buys Plot 3, 5 Ward, The Lavender Beds (Large)

[20/02/2018] Rin Lockheart leaves Redemption Inc.

[20/02/2018] Aelise Lockheart leaves Redemption Inc.

[12/02/2018] Techno Minari leaves Redemption Inc.

[12/02/2018] Sinstarr Meowingtons leaves Redemption Inc.

[12/02/2018] Sin Bin leaves Redemption Inc.

[12/02/2018] Min Bin leaves Redemption Inc.

[11/02/2018] Onimaru Kunitsuna leaves Redemption Inc.

[11/02/2018] Cor Leonis leaves Redemption Inc.

[11/02/2018] Athena Sage leaves Redemption Inc.

[11/02/2018] Mana Tears leaves Redemption Inc.

[28/12/2017] Emma Nuit joins Redemption Inc.

[27/10/2017] Onimaru Kunitsuna joins Redemption Inc.

[11/07/2017] Charakha Khaa joins Redemption Inc.

[29/05/2017] Zantetsuken is renamed to Redemption Inc.

[10/05/2017] Mochi Uchiha joins Redemption Inc.

[19/03/2017] Treasure Hunter joins Redemption Inc.

[03/03/2017] Senjura Cross joins Redemption Inc.

[03/03/2017] Ellendra Theraton joins Redemption Inc.

[25/02/2017] Sin Bin joins Redemption Inc.

[25/02/2017] Geysus Griffin joins Redemption Inc.

[25/02/2017] Kyli Tamwood joins Redemption Inc.

[25/02/2017] Judas Iscariot joins Redemption Inc.

[25/02/2017] Zantetsuken is registered in the service

[01/01/2017] Nillika Heartbreaker joins Redemption Inc.

[12/10/2013] Free Company is formed

CEO Judas Iscariot
Executives Emil Regelbrecher
Executives Kiskili Tsuki
Agents Agilas Pandi
Agents Amiter Zellis
Agents Carcas Zelt
Agents David Antivurgh
Agents Fanille Freyr
Agents Geheiligt Freiheit
Agents Genjo Kujata
Agents Giant Slayer
Agents Kainith Lazik
Agents Katsuki Don
Agents Kryden Blackhorn
Agents Longfellow Deeds
Agents Medea Souichirou
Agents Misaki Kotai
Agents Mochi Uchiha
Agents Nillika Heartbreaker
Agents Otaking Home
Agents Peralee Altaire
Agents Reikozu Dreadaxe
Agents Roarmiaka Wildwind
Agents Saeki Dryden
Agents Suzi Quatro
Agents Treasure Hunter
Agents Will Delsolis
Agents Yuki Nyan
Directors Kyli Tamwood
Directors Zykor Aero
Special Agents Alexina Valenti
Special Agents Ellendra Theraton
Special Agents Emma Nuit
Special Agents Myrriel Entrari
Special Agents Pottom Bottom
Special Agents Senjura Cross
Special Agents Taichi Yagami
HR Charakha Khaa
HR Geysus Griffin
Filthy Casual Jotaro Kujo