: Spectres




: 24


: 8


: 9233645873504720252


: Expect no mercy. Show no mercy. You fight or you die!


: Immortal Flames




: The Citadel at Plot 12, 4 Ward, The Goblet, Adamantoise, Aether

Welcome message

: "We'll bang, okay?" - Commander May'aa


: Always



Ranking history


as of 18/08/2018 (update scheduled on 19/08/2018 23:49)

[18/08/2018] Luna Vilauclaire is assigned Ensign rank

[18/08/2018] Olyver West is assigned Lieutenant rank

[18/08/2018] Hijikata Toushirou is assigned Ensign rank

[18/08/2018] Apple Crisp is assigned Alias rank

[18/08/2018] May'aa Chelewae is assigned Admiral rank

[18/08/2018] Scruffy Muz is assigned Lieutenant rank

[18/08/2018] Syn Ra is assigned Commander rank

[18/08/2018] Khal Dodo is assigned Lieutenant rank

[18/08/2018] Leeroy's Chicken is assigned Ensign rank

[18/08/2018] Dark Nem is assigned Lieutenant rank

[18/08/2018] Poly Pug is assigned Lieutenant rank

[18/08/2018] Niyan Ys is assigned Captain rank

[18/08/2018] Listir Ospere is assigned Lieutenant rank

[18/08/2018] Octavia Avagnar is assigned Alias rank

[18/08/2018] Cynthia Dhoro is assigned Commander rank

[18/08/2018] Cheezel Cheezelton is assigned Lieutenant rank

[18/08/2018] Funkles Funkyz is assigned Lieutenant rank

[18/08/2018] Cinnamon Donut is assigned Alias rank

[18/08/2018] Plerpy Lagroin is assigned M.I.A. rank

[18/08/2018] Koh'a Chelewae is assigned Commander rank

[18/08/2018] Otto Byn is assigned Alias rank

[18/08/2018] Mithril Zero is assigned Ensign rank

[22/04/2018] Syn Ra is assigned Lieutenant rank

[22/04/2018] Dark Nem is assigned Lieutenant rank

[22/04/2018] Cynthia Dhoro is assigned Commander rank

[12/04/2018] Niyan Ys is assigned Captain rank

[12/04/2018] Penny Lang leaves Spectres

[12/04/2018] Vanilla Slice leaves Spectres

[06/09/2017] Niyan Ys joins Spectres

[16/07/2017] Hijikata Toushirou joins Spectres

[20/03/2017] Otto Byn joins Spectres

[03/01/2017] Apple Crisp joins Spectres

[03/01/2017] Mathalys Ospere joins Spectres

[03/01/2017] Rhaegar Monlo joins Spectres

[03/01/2017] May'aa Chelewae joins Spectres

[03/01/2017] Scruffy Muz joins Spectres

[03/01/2017] Khal Dodo joins Spectres

[03/01/2017] Leeroy's Chicken joins Spectres

[03/01/2017] Poly Pug joins Spectres

[03/01/2017] Thurman Aus joins Spectres

[03/01/2017] Listir Ospere joins Spectres

[03/01/2017] Octavia Avagnar joins Spectres

[03/01/2017] Cheezel Cheezelton joins Spectres

[03/01/2017] Funkles Funkyz joins Spectres

[03/01/2017] Penny Lang joins Spectres

[03/01/2017] Cinnamon Donut joins Spectres

[03/01/2017] Plerpy Lagroin joins Spectres

[03/01/2017] Koh'a Chelewae joins Spectres

[03/01/2017] Alyscia Nero joins Spectres

[03/01/2017] Spectres is registered in the service

[03/01/2017] Vanilla Slice joins Spectres

[03/01/2017] Mithril Zero joins Spectres

[03/01/2017] Luna Vilauclaire joins Spectres

[03/01/2017] Olyver West joins Spectres

[27/09/2013] Free Company is formed

Ander Tealeaf
Apple Crisp
Cheezel Cheezelton
Cinnamon Donut
Cynthia Dhoro
Dark Nem
Funkles Funkyz
Hijikata Toushirou
Khal Dodo
Koh'a Chelewae
Leeroy's Chicken
Listir Ospere
Luna Vilauclaire
May'aa Chelewae
Mithril Zero
Niyan Ys
Octavia Avagnar
Olyver West
Otto Byn
Plerpy Lagroin
Poly Pug
Praxim Hestia
Scruffy Muz
Syn Ra