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: Welcome to the Chocobo Diaries! Social, Raid, Craft and Casual FC. <span class="completion">Looking for members.</span>For all content big and small join today! :)


: Maelstrom




: The Choco Ranch at Plot 15, 18 Ward, Mist, Adamantoise

Welcome message

: If this house is a rockin', don't come a knockin'.


: Always




as of 12/02/2018

[12/02/2018] Kuroi Mori is assigned KwehStars rank

[12/02/2018] Tina Kitty is assigned KwehStars rank

[12/02/2018] Chocobo Diaries buys Plot 15, 18 Ward, Mist (Large)

[12/02/2018] Xythora Dinhe joins Chocobo Diaries

[12/02/2018] Vosler Dee joins Chocobo Diaries

[12/02/2018] Tygra Dragonianica joins Chocobo Diaries

[12/02/2018] Telirix Ziekden joins Chocobo Diaries

[12/02/2018] Sunshine Lightbright joins Chocobo Diaries

[12/02/2018] Sloth Sin joins Chocobo Diaries

[12/02/2018] Shiro Ishiku joins Chocobo Diaries

[12/02/2018] Shin A'goma joins Chocobo Diaries

[12/02/2018] Nyarla Tophis joins Chocobo Diaries

[12/02/2018] Monarc Miq'shade joins Chocobo Diaries

[12/02/2018] Mian Nalu joins Chocobo Diaries

[12/02/2018] Ikiri Nefzan joins Chocobo Diaries

[12/02/2018] Grier Drakosunn joins Chocobo Diaries

[12/02/2018] Evos Luird joins Chocobo Diaries

[12/02/2018] Dalgon Fair joins Chocobo Diaries

[12/02/2018] Cota Mol joins Chocobo Diaries

[12/02/2018] Bowlof Friez joins Chocobo Diaries

[12/02/2018] Alaris Vanelle joins Chocobo Diaries

[11/02/2018] Kuroi Mori joins Chocobo Diaries

[11/02/2018] Tina Kitty joins Chocobo Diaries

[25/12/2017] Chocobo Diaries is registered in the service

[08/09/2013] Free Company is formed

Head Rooster Blackamus Prime
Sgt. Rooster Daemon Wolfe
Sgt. Rooster Eldminster Darkheart
Sgt. Rooster Honey Cotton
Sgt. Rooster Lord Manhammer
Sgt. Rooster Shura Kote
Sgt. Rooster Shura Sune-ate
Sgt. Rooster Trixie Nightingale
KwehStars Aimee Locksen
KwehStars Aki Hashita
KwehStars Alaris Vanelle
KwehStars Aleksandra Dinami
KwehStars Alesha Dawnseeker
KwehStars Alice Emrys
KwehStars Alpha Delta
KwehStars Auri Skydancer
KwehStars Bagheera Kurohyou
KwehStars Blight Fang
KwehStars Boonie Boondock
KwehStars Bowlof Friez
KwehStars Carrera Night
KwehStars Cota Mol
KwehStars Cross Counters
KwehStars Dalgon Fair
KwehStars Dark Spawn
KwehStars Deadheart The-fallen
KwehStars Domone Kureal
KwehStars Drake Seraph
KwehStars Dyer Nemain
KwehStars Eilara Sidhiel
KwehStars El Tejon
KwehStars Evos Luird
KwehStars Fiona Gallagher
KwehStars Fuggem Awlle
KwehStars Funhouseman Towers
KwehStars Garrytt Cross
KwehStars Grier Drakosunn
KwehStars Himari Ayakashi
KwehStars Horizon Moonhart
KwehStars Horus Djoser
KwehStars Hung Over
KwehStars Idria Dullan
KwehStars Ikiri Nefzan
KwehStars Jargen Mcflargen
KwehStars Jaryd Td
KwehStars Jessenia Aura
KwehStars Johan Kross
KwehStars Junkers Mcgee
KwehStars Kaiden Hale
KwehStars Kedic Snow
KwehStars Keir Elendil
KwehStars Ken Konken
KwehStars Korra' Shin
KwehStars Kuroi Mori
KwehStars Lerich Lux
KwehStars Lucina Posh
KwehStars M'akah Rhauni
KwehStars Maple Plum
KwehStars Mara Lin
KwehStars Maxim Signuts
KwehStars Mian Nalu
KwehStars Mitsvoth Carver
KwehStars Monarc Miq'shade
KwehStars Mr Hamout
KwehStars Nana Tan
KwehStars Nellaure Fourchenault
KwehStars Nen Nue
KwehStars Nyarla Tophis
KwehStars Odilie Noudenet
KwehStars Okander Fheren
KwehStars Othorion Khatu
KwehStars Panda Strongblade
KwehStars Pastor Garrett
KwehStars Punch Tastic
KwehStars Razor Talons
KwehStars Rea Scarlet
KwehStars Ryvian Naivyr
KwehStars Sakura Fairchild
KwehStars Sakuya Miyu
KwehStars Sameen El-orryn
KwehStars Sapy Ski
KwehStars Sarena Satoshi
KwehStars Sarule Braxim
KwehStars Sarulle Braxim
KwehStars Seylen Hourlinet
KwehStars Shin A'goma
KwehStars Shina Vries
KwehStars Shiro Ishiku
KwehStars Sho Buhen
KwehStars Sloth Sin
KwehStars Soul Kiss
KwehStars Stark Aldhelm
KwehStars Stryffe Shockwave
KwehStars Sunshine Lightbright
KwehStars Sylvia Zhwan
KwehStars Talico Surflame
KwehStars Tancred Rothschild
KwehStars Telirix Ziekden
KwehStars Tempered Disposition
KwehStars Thanias Reed
KwehStars The Thotpocket
KwehStars Tina Kitty
KwehStars Tygra Dragonianica
KwehStars Valerie Valentine
KwehStars Veronica Lake
KwehStars Vicious Elegy
KwehStars Vitorrio Thorn
KwehStars Vosler Dee
KwehStars Wulf Dragonmane
KwehStars Xena Nightstorm
KwehStars Xythora Dinhe
KwehStars Yakuzi Kamun
KwehStars Yayawazu Gogowazu
KwehStars Zilver Tribal