: Machina




: 31


: 8


: 9233645873504716853


: Old players from FFXI on FFXIV.


: Order of the Twin Adder


: House Machina at Plot 28, 15 Ward, The Lavender Beds, Adamantoise

Welcome message

: Friendly, Open and Casual. Helpful towards others, welcoming all who wish to find a home.


as of 11/02/2018

[11/02/2018] Joxer Themighty is assigned Master Machina rank

[11/02/2018] Torqameda Quetzacoatl is assigned Flatfoot rank

[11/02/2018] Anissa Persis is assigned Postal Carrier rank

[11/02/2018] Archisha Adyson is assigned Postal Carrier rank

[11/02/2018] Aurora Andromeda is assigned Postal Carrier rank

[11/02/2018] Exx Reborn is assigned Postal Carrier rank

[11/02/2018] Gabriel Stark is assigned Postal Carrier rank

[11/02/2018] Jak Holloween is assigned Postal Carrier rank

[11/02/2018] Kodi Fenrisulfr is assigned Postal Carrier rank

[11/02/2018] Rikkumine Taevas is assigned Postal Carrier rank

[11/02/2018] Adolin Venture is assigned Citizen rank

[11/02/2018] Artegal Conitor is assigned Citizen rank

[11/02/2018] Drecian Kindred is assigned Citizen rank

[11/02/2018] Franky Dellucci is assigned Citizen rank

[11/02/2018] Gunn Kloud is assigned Citizen rank

[11/02/2018] Hakuna Matata is assigned Citizen rank

[11/02/2018] Lirielle Fae is assigned Citizen rank

[11/02/2018] Namira Sha'amiran is assigned Citizen rank

[11/02/2018] Vex Machina is assigned Citizen rank

[11/02/2018] Machina closes recruitment

[11/02/2018] Machina buys Plot 28, 15 Ward, The Lavender Beds (Large)

[11/02/2018] Machina finds a Tank

[11/02/2018] Machina finds a Healer

[11/02/2018] Machina finds a DPS

[11/02/2018] Machina finds a Crafter

[11/02/2018] Machina finds a Gatherer

[10/02/2018] Velderin Ssussun leaves Machina

[10/02/2018] Vafruvant Vaticinius leaves Machina

[27/11/2017] Hakuna Matata joins Machina

[27/11/2017] Gunn Kloud joins Machina

[27/11/2017] Franky Dellucci joins Machina

[27/11/2017] Drecian Kindred joins Machina

[27/11/2017] Artegal Conitor joins Machina

[27/11/2017] Adolin Venture joins Machina

[27/11/2017] Vex Machina joins Machina

[27/11/2017] Namira Sha'amiran joins Machina

[27/11/2017] Marpack Miigo joins Machina

[27/11/2017] Lirielle Fae joins Machina

[27/11/2017] Kodi Fenrisulfr joins Machina

[27/11/2017] Gabriel Stark joins Machina

[27/11/2017] Exx Reborn joins Machina

[27/11/2017] Aurora Andromeda joins Machina

[27/11/2017] Archisha Adyson joins Machina

[27/11/2017] Vincent Stryker joins Machina

[27/11/2017] Velderin Ssussun joins Machina

[27/11/2017] Vafruvant Vaticinius joins Machina

[27/11/2017] Torqameda Quetzacoatl joins Machina

[27/11/2017] Finley Morumotto joins Machina

[27/11/2017] Cubert Lee joins Machina

[27/11/2017] Anissa Persis joins Machina

[27/11/2017] Joxer Themighty joins Machina

[27/11/2017] Machina is registered in the service

[01/09/2013] Free Company is formed

Master Machina Joxer Themighty
Flatfoot Marpack Miigo
Flatfoot Torqameda Quetzacoatl
Postal Carrier Anissa Persis
Postal Carrier Archisha Adyson
Postal Carrier Aurora Andromeda
Postal Carrier Exx Reborn
Postal Carrier Gabriel Stark
Postal Carrier Jak Holloween
Postal Carrier Kodi Fenrisulfr
Postal Carrier Rikkumine Taevas
Uber SUPER Rank Cubert Lee
Uber SUPER Rank Finley Morumotto
Uber SUPER Rank Vincent Stryker
Citizen Adolin Venture
Citizen Artegal Conitor
Citizen Drecian Kindred
Citizen Franky Dellucci
Citizen Gunn Kloud
Citizen Hakuna Matata
Citizen Lirielle Fae
Citizen Masisi Masi
Citizen Maximus Blackstone
Citizen Namira Sha'amiran
Citizen Nessa Kindred
Citizen Ramonna Flowers
Citizen Sanj Wooky
Citizen Skape Kere
Citizen Skape Stellae
Citizen Vex Machina
Citizen Vile Darling