The Stray Sheep


: The Stray Sheep


: Sheep


: 49


: 8


: 9233645873504716362


: Tired of pugs ruining your day? Join the Stray Sheep today!


: Maelstrom




: The Stray Sheep at Plot 30, 2 Ward, The Goblet, Adamantoise, Aether


: Weekdays



Ranking history


as of 21/02/2018 (update scheduled on 24/06/2018 06:20)

[20/02/2018] Morishita Yasei'me is assigned Basic rank

[20/02/2018] Eclair Spitzdano is assigned Hokage rank

[20/02/2018] Kindeliya Saneko is assigned Hokage rank

[20/02/2018] King Thor is assigned Basic rank

[20/02/2018] Harley Mayonaka is assigned Raubahn rank

[20/02/2018] Keks Smash is assigned Basic rank

[20/02/2018] Flo Master is assigned Genin rank

[20/02/2018] Dotty Dee leaves The Stray Sheep

[20/02/2018] Akiha Brunestud is assigned Basic rank

[20/02/2018] Ziven Saneko is assigned Genin rank

[20/02/2018] Edna Edwards is assigned Basic rank

[20/02/2018] Nemesisxak Mayonaka is assigned Anbu rank

[20/02/2018] Tiger Bunny is assigned Genin rank

[20/02/2018] Taffy Burritothief is assigned Jonin rank

[20/02/2018] Demon Kat is assigned Basic rank

[20/02/2018] Lillia Leviti joins The Stray Sheep

[20/02/2018] Naomi Saneko is assigned Genin rank

[20/02/2018] Faol Dhubh is assigned Nanamo Ul Namo rank

[20/02/2018] Sakkara Leviticus joins The Stray Sheep

[20/02/2018] Jagaris Arryn is assigned Jonin rank

[20/02/2018] Muscle Woman is assigned Chunin rank

[20/02/2018] Dracarys Targaryen is assigned Basic rank

[20/02/2018] Jackthe Ripper is assigned Genin rank

[20/02/2018] Etgar Heiral is assigned Basic rank

[20/02/2018] Legendary Milk is assigned Basic rank

[20/02/2018] Alistaer Lightbane joins The Stray Sheep

[20/02/2018] Pabe Vino is assigned Basic rank

[22/04/2017] Kindeliya Saneko joins The Stray Sheep

[22/04/2017] The Stray Sheep is registered in the service

[27/08/2013] Free Company is formed

Aisha Nytetide
Akiha Brunestud
Alistaer Lightbane
Amlug Rhien
Athanisia Sigrun
Azazel Leviticus
Chii Mihara
Demo Bear
Demon Kat
Dracarys Targaryen
Eclair Spitzdano
Edna Edwards
Etgar Heiral
Falkaria Dejinara
Faol Dhubh
Flo Master
Harley Mayonaka
Jackthe Ripper
Jagaris Arryn
Keks Smash
Khayman Sky
Kindeliya Saneko
King Thor
Legendary Milk
Lillia Leviti
Morishita Yasei'me
Muscle Woman
Naomi Saneko
Nemesisxak Mayonaka
Osiris Moon
Pabe Vino
Petra Lionheart
Pooky Bear
Pyon Pyon
Reaper Hunter
Reborn Soul
Refrim Andum
Rhugar Dagnir
Saiya Leviticus
Sakkara Leviticus
Sam Shifter
Taffy Burritothief
Tanking Doggo
Tasia Xene
Tiger Bunny
Uncle Dad
Xenia Neasa
Ysabelle Queenie
Ziven Saneko