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: Remember folks, It's 'Garbage can.' Not 'Garbage cannot.'


: Maelstrom




: The Steaming Sheep at Plot 16, 8 Ward, Shirogane, Adamantoise

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: Home of the Realm First Prickly Pineapple tree and server last O4S clear.We also offer a premium daycare facility for Lalafells.

Ranking history


as of 20/02/2018

[20/02/2018] Jaylen Jairus is assigned Sprouts rank

[20/02/2018] Sophocles Rex is assigned Sprouts rank

[20/02/2018] Sinorin Asada joins Eminence

[20/02/2018] Rin Lockheart joins Eminence

[20/02/2018] Futo-maki Roll joins Eminence

[20/02/2018] Aelise Lockheart joins Eminence

[13/02/2018] Jaylen Jairus joins Eminence

[12/02/2018] Sophocles Rex joins Eminence

[12/02/2018] Eminence is registered in the service

[26/08/2013] Free Company is formed

Free Company members are being registered, so not all of them may be shown.
Starch Supreme Symari Samyri
Popoto Pals Albert Domine
Popoto Pals Aletai Wolfsbane
Popoto Pals Allison Deritvaras
Popoto Pals Alpha Asian
Popoto Pals Arkady Desean
Popoto Pals Arockne Delmare
Popoto Pals Chuck Ackerman
Popoto Pals Crazy Jay
Popoto Pals Daija Nevasca
Popoto Pals Derek Lively
Popoto Pals Electo Kor
Popoto Pals Elysande Dreadheart
Popoto Pals Emi Sunstriker
Popoto Pals Felicia Nakashima
Popoto Pals Gwayne Burnthammer
Popoto Pals Leander Frostlake
Popoto Pals Poko Quinn
Popoto Pals Rachel Alucard
Popoto Pals Sampson Apos
Popoto Pals Scud Muffin
Popoto Pals Shihedo Aergia
Popoto Pals Shiryuu Rou
Popoto Pals Slips Allon
Popoto Pals Tatsuya Takatora
Popoto Pals Vaxx Orlandu
Popoto Pals Vell Kiri
Popoto Pals Wisren Tobias
Sprouts Alex Ravenzard
Sprouts Bard Pitt
Sprouts Chirashi Zushi
Sprouts Day Zero
Sprouts Futo-maki Roll
Sprouts Haytham Oswell
Sprouts Heisenberg Weisenberg
Sprouts Jaylen Jairus
Sprouts Karisuno Rei
Sprouts Koramarie Kora
Sprouts Ksea Grandbegraven
Sprouts Lehuhu Lahu
Sprouts Merliss Coelfarron
Sprouts Morgana Moonstone
Sprouts Phive Moes
Sprouts Raizel Steelwind
Sprouts Rice Hunter
Sprouts Rin Lockheart
Sprouts Sakura Matou
Sprouts Se'bastina Quinn
Sprouts Sebaschian Quinn
Sprouts Sebastien Quinn
Sprouts Sebastina Quinn
Sprouts Sinorin Asada
Sprouts Sophocles Rex
Sprouts Stella Driftwood
Sprouts The Gooneytoons
Sprouts Tira Arkaelim
Sprouts Viral Enki
Sprouts Yui Ji
Popoto Consort Aldir Ileani
Popoto Consort Hikkoto Eremes
Popoto Consort Kali Amony
Popoto Consort Prin Lowe
Popoto Consort Riri Tsavorite
Popoto Consort Sebastian Quinn
-->TayCorp<-- Draga Nightwalker
-->TayCorp<-- Tay Tay
-->TayCorp<-- Tayib Doran
-->TayCorp<-- Tuna Kahuna
BankAlts Alexander Skarsgard
BankAlts Captain Sympai
BankAlts Symari Ileani
BankAlts The Narrator
BankAlts Tuna Banks
Spuddies Aelise Lockheart
Spuddies Arxny Argonar
Spuddies Bort Simpson
Spuddies Buro El'dath
Spuddies Carl Wheezer
Spuddies Conundrum Darkness
Spuddies L'arc Linzeine
Spuddies Luke Shepard
Spuddies Lunar Shade
Spuddies Mewler Halcyon
Spuddies Mylea Thorn
Spuddies Op Korean
Spuddies Sade D'angelo
Spuddies Sceradin Yld'awyne
Spuddies Tatanya Rancourt
Spuddies Vox Stella
Divine Diva Elistriell Briarwood
Divine Diva Leib Er'fond
Divine Diva Mamoru Chan
Alts Amelia Saillune
Alts Basic Darkness
Alts Beta Asian
Alts Burnie Cinders
Alts Captain Fabulous
Alts Elysande Brande
Alts Jeri Curls
Alts Jithra Crandel
Alts Leanna Stormwood
Alts Leib'er Fond
Alts Masonic Halcyon
Alts Moonlight Knight
Alts Namara Sunstriker
Alts Pot Sherrrd
Alts Revy Lowe
Alts S'vene Starsoul
Alts Shield Lob
Alts Zuko Firebender
Salty Catwench Sohrah Vakrha
Eternal Tubers Aiden Latharn
Eternal Tubers Anidie Wats
Eternal Tubers Elrik Biscuit
Eternal Tubers Flared Chance
Eternal Tubers Guibert Shadowsnipe
Eternal Tubers Jexxy Giggz
Eternal Tubers Kerfanna Daciano
Eternal Tubers Kikara Lynn
Eternal Tubers Mad Cabbage
Eternal Tubers Noob Ju
Eternal Tubers Pixill Webitt
Eternal Tubers Randulf Halli
Eternal Tubers Rikku Crescent
Eternal Tubers Silvia Duskquill
Eternal Tubers Sizha Molkoh
Eternal Tubers Strom Blackthorn
Eternal Tubers Teemo Baggins
Eternal Tubers Toruna Runa
Eternal Tubers Wavemaster Elk
(DANGER ZONE) Aelia Tayuun
(DANGER ZONE) Baby Walnuts
(DANGER ZONE) Carth Creston
(DANGER ZONE) Dah'rien Lallavien
(DANGER ZONE) Forte Owner
(DANGER ZONE) Haroto Leonhart
(DANGER ZONE) Kalinda Agos
(DANGER ZONE) Katzchen Kleinepfoten
(DANGER ZONE) Lilium Ura
(DANGER ZONE) Mimilou Mayvin
(DANGER ZONE) Myrriah Delmare
(DANGER ZONE) Nora Lightsworn
(DANGER ZONE) Raiza Colella
(DANGER ZONE) Semi Kholin
(DANGER ZONE) Shirikawa Akiba
(DANGER ZONE) Valferys Blackstar