: Team EPIC




: 222


: 8


: 9233645873504715270


: The original EPIC!


: Maelstrom




: Serenity Hall at Plot 30, 18 Ward, Shirogane, Adamantoise

Welcome message

: We Came, We Saw...... We Came again...


: Always



Ranking history


as of 31/03/2018

[31/03/2018] Oceana Sarfra is assigned EPIC Princess rank

[31/03/2018] Amnis Windwhisper is assigned EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Mesper Lightsmith is assigned EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Sativa Shinrinyoku is assigned EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Anatari Todachi is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Ariatie Wiloh is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Aydien Aincrad is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Bob Chungarino is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Gamaliel Dewinter is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Kuro Kali is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Leila Neoma is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Luciel Shadowthunder is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Mellasyn Dewinter is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Mighty Turtle is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Mina Shikaru is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Mr Teo is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Neoh Thunderfist is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Oscarlet Marot is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Palo Alto is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Pash Mcdohl is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Purpledrink Mixx is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Qat Varish is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Qrow Fancylance is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Quaker Owntmeal is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] R'liath Mihgo is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Rax Triton is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Ray Sor is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Ray Whyte is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Rite Asrain is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Roark Marsall is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Rufio Panning is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Samkin Redwall is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Sasha Sipplewitz is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Satu Weeb is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Seph'roth Citisyn is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Shmuel Higglebottom is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Siths Padawan is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Sky Strife is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Slowly Drifting is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Smolpotato Withlegs is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Solow Lyons is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Songstress Kehlani is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Susanoo Tsukuyomi is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Svongarde Barrett is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Tahla Mewrilah is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Termi Nology is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Tetsuo Emiya is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Thirad Rozzo is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Thya Bajhiri is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Urianna Catsworn is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Va Rockbleeder is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Varriss Lanfree is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Vault Dweller is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Voxata Zxr is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Wisiog Eriod is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Wrecking Moose is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Wylie Sunchaser is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Xend Ruin is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Xpahtalo Wiloh is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Yorick Beast is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Yui Yuuki is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Yumani Dumani is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Zephayra Atraidi is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Zero Sacrifice is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Zidan Fancyboots is assigned New EPIC rank

[31/03/2018] Caius Desalarus is assigned Pirate rank

[31/03/2018] Chunkita Bunsmasher is assigned Pirate rank

[31/03/2018] Chunks Loafsmasher is assigned Pirate rank

[31/03/2018] Cid Lowind is assigned Pirate rank

[31/03/2018] Dea Inanna is assigned Pirate rank

[31/03/2018] Elendur Greenleaf is assigned Pirate rank

[31/03/2018] Falko Ceserino is assigned Pirate rank

[31/03/2018] Ginji Amano is assigned Pirate rank

[31/03/2018] Kevin Fancypants is assigned Pirate rank

[31/03/2018] Maguro Sashimi is assigned Pirate rank

[31/03/2018] Mavryck Flamestride is assigned Pirate rank

[31/03/2018] Minerva Rigauld is assigned Pirate rank

[31/03/2018] Ralph Edrickson is assigned Pirate rank

[31/03/2018] Sai Tit'an is assigned Pirate rank

[31/03/2018] Scooter Fandingo is assigned Pirate rank

[31/03/2018] Shinrai Nija is assigned Pirate rank

[31/03/2018] Te'lara Ashtongue is assigned Pirate rank

[31/03/2018] Vaun Highwind is assigned Pirate rank

[31/03/2018] Vulrik Lichtenstein is assigned Pirate rank

[31/03/2018] Blazefyre Shadowhart is assigned Pirate Captain rank

[29/03/2018] Evelyn Rakuyo is assigned EPIC Pirate rank

[29/03/2018] Akugi Tykha is assigned EPIC rank

[29/03/2018] Belraug Fire is assigned EPIC rank

[29/03/2018] Gaethan Montorgains is assigned EPIC rank

[29/03/2018] Kaliscio Tykha is assigned EPIC rank

[29/03/2018] Viserion Velstadt is assigned EPIC rank

[29/03/2018] Team EPIC buys Plot 30, 18 Ward, Shirogane (Large)

[29/03/2018] Zen Nez leaves Team EPIC

[19/02/2018] Saiko Tate leaves Team EPIC

[17/02/2018] Viserion Velstadt joins Team EPIC

[17/02/2018] Belraug Fire joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] Mela Beast joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] Mcdave Lampkin joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] Maze Windu joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] Mason Little joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] Mark Loennig joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] Main Tank joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] Luluro Luro joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] Lu'an Keltram joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] Lohkii Mountain joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] Lion Melody joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] Linkovich Chamovsky joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] Lil' Bit joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] Lia Raina joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] Leonhardt Boulve joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] Lan Vanisher joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] Koneko Toujo joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] Kenshin Hanzo joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] Keimei Oshiga joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] Katie Pie joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] Kappa Pogchamp joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] Kaliscio Tykha joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] Kahiku Kuro joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] Jolyne Kujo joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] Jin Zoko joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] Jimmy Firek joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] Jaadar Blackstar joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] Izumi Oshiro joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] Iron Kilt joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] Inoue Tenbe joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] Ifrael Cain joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] Hei Mikazuki joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] Haytham Ragnvard joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] Havokk Highwind joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] Hatey Perry joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] Gynxz Wang joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] Gunner Hellscream joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] Gravis Maslanka joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] Gaethan Montorgains joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] Granpajo Dingleberry joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] Fariah Longfellow joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] Exectus Manogue joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] Evelyn Rakuyo joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] Eevei Vioretu joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] En Vee joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] Drew Mang joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] Drega Ashren joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] Doofy Doof joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] Dirk Steele joins Team EPIC

[15/09/2017] Damini Noira joins Team EPIC

[27/08/2017] Daevran Carmine joins Team EPIC

[27/08/2017] Cool Storybro joins Team EPIC

[27/08/2017] Cidan Morra joins Team EPIC

[27/08/2017] Celesie Starblast joins Team EPIC

[27/08/2017] Buster Hymen joins Team EPIC

[27/08/2017] Bigzman Tia joins Team EPIC

[27/08/2017] Bendaya Misuchi joins Team EPIC

[27/08/2017] Bendalus Sommer joins Team EPIC

[27/08/2017] Bara Sempai joins Team EPIC

[27/08/2017] Balian Theren joins Team EPIC

[27/08/2017] Avron Godric joins Team EPIC

[27/08/2017] Astrelle Hellborn joins Team EPIC

[27/08/2017] Ash Yew joins Team EPIC

[27/08/2017] Arleta Kurokawa joins Team EPIC

[27/08/2017] Aragorn Greyashe joins Team EPIC

[27/08/2017] Aporath Dawnstar joins Team EPIC

[27/08/2017] Anthony Hamilton joins Team EPIC

[27/08/2017] Anofrei Jenson joins Team EPIC

[27/08/2017] Andric Thorne joins Team EPIC

[27/08/2017] Amri Ravot joins Team EPIC

[27/08/2017] Alexandre Dantes joins Team EPIC

[27/08/2017] Akugi Tykha joins Team EPIC

[27/08/2017] Aeris Amara joins Team EPIC

[27/08/2017] Zen Nez joins Team EPIC

[27/08/2017] Zayden Lothbrook joins Team EPIC

[27/08/2017] Zataz Rozor joins Team EPIC

[27/08/2017] Valamir Gantois joins Team EPIC

[27/08/2017] Up Greydde joins Team EPIC

[27/08/2017] Ug Lug joins Team EPIC

[27/08/2017] Tweex Arnold joins Team EPIC

[27/08/2017] Thunder Kloud joins Team EPIC

[27/08/2017] Thorinori Dragneel joins Team EPIC

[27/08/2017] Stuups Brashear joins Team EPIC

[27/08/2017] Sin Din joins Team EPIC

[27/08/2017] Seto Lair joins Team EPIC

[27/08/2017] Seki Broman joins Team EPIC

[27/08/2017] Sayora Foximus joins Team EPIC

[27/08/2017] Ruke Goke joins Team EPIC

[27/08/2017] Rilek Earthbound joins Team EPIC

[27/08/2017] Red Koolaid joins Team EPIC

[27/08/2017] Quesnar Dalarcious joins Team EPIC

[27/08/2017] Petal Isadora joins Team EPIC

[27/08/2017] Namya Azym joins Team EPIC

[27/08/2017] Luciona Miyasaki joins Team EPIC

[27/08/2017] Little Mason-jr joins Team EPIC

[27/08/2017] Lily Saur joins Team EPIC

[06/08/2017] Kenjitsu Matsumoto joins Team EPIC

[06/08/2017] Kelana Silverwind joins Team EPIC

[06/08/2017] Jigoku Shoujo joins Team EPIC

[06/08/2017] Jadedheart Ryoko joins Team EPIC

[06/08/2017] Hope Grand joins Team EPIC

[06/08/2017] Foizion Zen joins Team EPIC

[06/08/2017] Hamachi Maki joins Team EPIC

[06/08/2017] Faring Opi joins Team EPIC

[06/08/2017] Elenoire Faelwen joins Team EPIC

[06/08/2017] Eklipse Luna joins Team EPIC

[06/08/2017] Darius Garenson joins Team EPIC

[06/08/2017] Daimyon Somerset joins Team EPIC

[06/08/2017] Callista Ming joins Team EPIC

[06/08/2017] Crys Jinh joins Team EPIC

[06/08/2017] Boss Man joins Team EPIC

[06/08/2017] Blitxz Dragon joins Team EPIC

[06/08/2017] Big Pebbles joins Team EPIC

[06/08/2017] Betharella Sommer joins Team EPIC

[06/08/2017] Asuna Fae joins Team EPIC

[06/08/2017] Ariel Aran joins Team EPIC

[06/08/2017] Ammo Nition joins Team EPIC

[06/08/2017] A'lora Shikhu joins Team EPIC

[06/08/2017] Playswith Squirrels joins Team EPIC

[06/08/2017] Future Cool joins Team EPIC

[06/08/2017] Socratic Method joins Team EPIC

[06/08/2017] Shade Dragon joins Team EPIC

[06/08/2017] Gidaika Rifaecora joins Team EPIC

[06/08/2017] Miriya Northwind joins Team EPIC

[06/08/2017] Twinkie Dreadcakes joins Team EPIC

[06/08/2017] Spag Nutty joins Team EPIC

[06/08/2017] Shiba Sigmon joins Team EPIC

[06/08/2017] Robynn Wood joins Team EPIC

[06/08/2017] Fancy Chapeau joins Team EPIC

[06/08/2017] Sir Bonez joins Team EPIC

[06/08/2017] Sds Great joins Team EPIC

[06/08/2017] Ripps Anterra joins Team EPIC

[06/08/2017] Mephice Elemir joins Team EPIC

[06/08/2017] Karis Silverhand joins Team EPIC

[06/08/2017] Dendalus Sommer joins Team EPIC

[06/08/2017] Daioh Maou joins Team EPIC

[06/08/2017] Arch Savior joins Team EPIC

[06/08/2017] Sir Cstuntin joins Team EPIC

[06/08/2017] Team EPIC is registered in the service

[20/05/2017] Blair Witch joins Team EPIC

[24/08/2013] Free Company is formed

EPIC Master Sir Cstuntin
EPIC Founder Arch Savior
EPIC Founder Daioh Maou
EPIC Founder Dendalus Sommer
EPIC Founder Karis Silverhand
EPIC Founder Mephice Elemir
EPIC Founder Ripps Deathlungs
EPIC Founder Sds Great
EPIC Founder Sir Bonez
New EPIC Aeris Amara
New EPIC Alexandre Dantes
New EPIC Amri Ravot
New EPIC Anatari Todachi
New EPIC Andric Thorne
New EPIC Anofrei Jenson
New EPIC Anthony Hamilton
New EPIC Aporath Dawnstar
New EPIC Aragorn Greyashe
New EPIC Ariatie Wiloh
New EPIC Arleta Kurokawa
New EPIC Ash Yew
New EPIC Astrelle Hellborn
New EPIC Avron Godric
New EPIC Aydien Aincrad
New EPIC Balian Theren
New EPIC Bara Sempai
New EPIC Bendalus Sommer
New EPIC Bendaya Misuchi
New EPIC Bigzman Tia
New EPIC Blair Witch
New EPIC Bob Chungarino
New EPIC Buster Hymen
New EPIC Celesie Starblast
New EPIC Cidan Morra
New EPIC Cool Storybro
New EPIC Daevran Carmine
New EPIC Damini Noira
New EPIC Dirk Steele
New EPIC Doofy Doof
New EPIC Drega Ashren
New EPIC Drew Mang
New EPIC Eevei Vioretu
New EPIC En Vee
New EPIC Exectus Manogue
New EPIC Fariah Longfellow
New EPIC Gamaliel Dewinter
New EPIC Granpajo Dingleberry
New EPIC Gravis Maslanka
New EPIC Gunner Hellscream
New EPIC Gynxz Wang
New EPIC Hatey Perry
New EPIC Havokk Highwind
New EPIC Haytham Ragnvard
New EPIC Hei Mikazuki
New EPIC Ifrael Cain
New EPIC Inoue Tenbe
New EPIC Iron Kilt
New EPIC Jaadar Blackstar
New EPIC Jimmy Firek
New EPIC Jin Zoko
New EPIC Jolyne Kujo
New EPIC Kahiku Kuro
New EPIC Kappa Pogchamp
New EPIC Katie Pie
New EPIC Keimei Oshiga
New EPIC Kenshin Hanzo
New EPIC Koneko Toujo
New EPIC Kuro Kali
New EPIC Lan Vanisher
New EPIC Leila Neoma
New EPIC Leonhardt Boulve
New EPIC Lia Raina
New EPIC Lil' Bit
New EPIC Linkovich Chamovsky
New EPIC Lion Melody
New EPIC Lohkii Mountain
New EPIC Lu'an Keltram
New EPIC Luciel Shadowthunder
New EPIC Luluro Luro
New EPIC Main Tank
New EPIC Mark Loennig
New EPIC Mason Little
New EPIC Maze Windu
New EPIC Mcdave Lampkin
New EPIC Mela Beast
New EPIC Mellasyn Dewinter
New EPIC Mighty Turtle
New EPIC Mina Shikaru
New EPIC Mr Teo
New EPIC Neoh Thunderfist
New EPIC Oscarlet Marot
New EPIC Palo Alto
New EPIC Pash Mcdohl
New EPIC Purpledrink Mixx
New EPIC Qat Varish
New EPIC Qrow Fancylance
New EPIC Quaker Owntmeal
New EPIC R'liath Mihgo
New EPIC Rax Triton
New EPIC Ray Sor
New EPIC Ray Whyte
New EPIC Rite Asrain
New EPIC Roark Marsall
New EPIC Rufio Panning
New EPIC Samkin Redwall
New EPIC Sasha Sipplewitz
New EPIC Satu Weeb
New EPIC Seph'roth Citisyn
New EPIC Shmuel Higglebottom
New EPIC Siths Padawan
New EPIC Sky Strife
New EPIC Slowly Drifting
New EPIC Smolpotato Withlegs
New EPIC Solow Lyons
New EPIC Songstress Kehlani
New EPIC Susanoo Tsukuyomi
New EPIC Svongarde Barrett
New EPIC Tahla Mewrilah
New EPIC Termi Nology
New EPIC Tetsuo Emiya
New EPIC Thirad Rozzo
New EPIC Thya Bajhiri
New EPIC Urianna Catsworn
New EPIC Va Rockbleeder
New EPIC Varriss Lanfree
New EPIC Vault Dweller
New EPIC Voxata Zxr
New EPIC Wisiog Eriod
New EPIC Wrecking Moose
New EPIC Wylie Sunchaser
New EPIC Xend Ruin
New EPIC Xpahtalo Wiloh
New EPIC Yorick Beast
New EPIC Yui Yuuki
New EPIC Yumani Dumani
New EPIC Zephayra Atraidi
New EPIC Zero Sacrifice
New EPIC Zidan Fancyboots
EPIC Leader Gidaika Rifaecora
EPIC Leader Miriya Northwind
EPIC Leader Shade Dragon
EPIC Leader Socratic Method
EPIC A'lora Shikhu
EPIC Akugi Tykha
EPIC Ammo Nition
EPIC Amnis Windwhisper
EPIC Ariel Aran
EPIC Asuna Fae
EPIC Belraug Fire
EPIC Betharella Sommer
EPIC Big Pebbles
EPIC Blitxz Dragon
EPIC Boss Man
EPIC Callista Ming
EPIC Crys Jinh
EPIC Daimyon Somerset
EPIC Darius Garenson
EPIC Eklipse Luna
EPIC Elenoire Faelwen
EPIC Faring Opi
EPIC Foizion Zen
EPIC Gaethan Montorgains
EPIC Hamachi Maki
EPIC Hope Grand
EPIC Jadedheart Ryoko
EPIC Jigoku Shoujo
EPIC Kaliscio Tykha
EPIC Kelana Silverwind
EPIC Kenjitsu Matsumoto
EPIC Little Mason-jr
EPIC Luciona Miyasaki
EPIC Mesper Lightsmith
EPIC Namya Azym
EPIC Petal Isadora
EPIC Quesnar Dalarcious
EPIC Red Koolaid
EPIC Rilek Earthbound
EPIC Ruke Goke
EPIC Sativa Shinrinyoku
EPIC Sayora Foximus
EPIC Seki Broman
EPIC Seto Lair
EPIC Sin Din
EPIC Stuups Brashear
EPIC Thorinori Dragneel
EPIC Thunder Kloud
EPIC Tweex Arnold
EPIC Up Greydde
EPIC Valamir Gantois
EPIC Viserion Velstadt
EPIC Zataz Rozor
EPIC Zayden Lothbrook
EPIC Princess Fancy Chapeau
EPIC Princess Oceana Sarfra
EPIC Princess Robynn Wood
EPIC Princess Shiba Sigmon
EPIC Princess Spag Nutty
EPIC Princess Twinkie Beefcakes
EPIC Pirate Evelyn Rakuyo
EPIC Pirate Future Cool
EPIC Pirate Playswith Squirrels
Pirate Caius Desalarus
Pirate Chunkita Bunsmasher
Pirate Chunks Loafsmasher
Pirate Cid Lowind
Pirate Dea Inanna
Pirate Elendur Greenleaf
Pirate Falko Ceserino
Pirate Ginji Amano
Pirate Kevin Fancypants
Pirate Maguro Sashimi
Pirate Mavryck Flamestride
Pirate Minerva Rigauld
Pirate Ralph Edrickson
Pirate Sai Tit'an
Pirate Scooter Fandingo
Pirate Shinrai Nija
Pirate Te'lara Ashtongue
Pirate Vaun Highwind
Pirate Vulrik Lichtenstein
Pirate Captain Blazefyre Shadowhart