: Drow


: 53


: 8


: 9233645873504715262


: Kill Bosses; Get Loot


: Immortal Flames




: Eilistraee at Plot 32, 14 Ward, Mist, Adamantoise, Aether

Welcome message

: Retirement Home


: Always



Ranking history


as of 01/04/2018 (update scheduled on 22/06/2018 17:36)

[01/04/2018] Aa Cc is assigned Recruit rank

[01/04/2018] Maelfus Smells is assigned Recruit rank

[01/04/2018] Faedynn Rampart is assigned Recruit rank

[01/04/2018] Ghenna Ghenna is assigned Member rank

[31/03/2018] Shartana Starlily is assigned Member rank

[31/03/2018] Neuromancer Ai is assigned Member rank

[31/03/2018] Nano Catalyst is assigned Leader rank

[31/03/2018] Grizz Lee is assigned Member rank

[31/03/2018] Trogdor Daburninator is assigned Officer rank

[31/03/2018] Jowy Blight is assigned Raider rank

[31/03/2018] Mael'a Pathi is assigned Clergy rank

[31/03/2018] Anti Clergy is assigned Recruit rank

[31/03/2018] Infinite Dreams leaves DROW

[31/03/2018] Omada Faragen is assigned Raider rank

[31/03/2018] DROW buys Plot 32, 14 Ward, Mist (Large)

[31/03/2018] Perix Urumet leaves DROW

[31/03/2018] Metal Militia leaves DROW

[31/03/2018] Jade Wolfvillage leaves DROW

[30/09/2017] Missus Kater joins DROW

[30/09/2017] Thil Ani joins DROW

[30/09/2017] Shinka Tanner joins DROW

[30/09/2017] Yifs Kl joins DROW

[17/08/2017] Snippi Chippi joins DROW

[17/08/2017] Fuhma Valefor joins DROW

[17/08/2017] Nano Catalyst joins DROW

[17/08/2017] Nav Nav joins DROW

[17/08/2017] Rue Nimanderis joins DROW

[17/08/2017] Grizz Lee joins DROW

[17/08/2017] Tilestiv Silverton joins DROW

[17/08/2017] Mad Mali joins DROW

[17/08/2017] Trogdor Daburninator joins DROW

[17/08/2017] Jowy Blight joins DROW

[17/08/2017] Orestes Atreus joins DROW

[17/08/2017] Cel Ardor joins DROW

[17/08/2017] Nme Nme joins DROW

[17/08/2017] Afu Afu joins DROW

[17/08/2017] Mael'a Pathi joins DROW

[17/08/2017] Anti Clergy joins DROW

[17/08/2017] Pooon Altimate joins DROW

[17/08/2017] Kikito Kito joins DROW

[17/08/2017] Dreylen Falathir joins DROW

[17/08/2017] Baelix Wadu joins DROW

[17/08/2017] Reesi Bear joins DROW

[17/08/2017] Kiht'a Pathi joins DROW

[17/08/2017] Aslan Bro joins DROW

[17/08/2017] Loreyna Sevalt joins DROW

[17/08/2017] Dellingr Lightborne joins DROW

[17/08/2017] Infinite Dreams joins DROW

[17/08/2017] Miri Kraddick joins DROW

[17/08/2017] Yaboy Fakes joins DROW

[17/08/2017] Omada Faragen joins DROW

[17/08/2017] Mister Kater joins DROW

[17/08/2017] Shyvana Bolas joins DROW

[17/08/2017] DROW is registered in the service

[17/08/2017] Perix Deathwhisper joins DROW

[17/08/2017] Smackaroni Andcheese joins DROW

[17/08/2017] Lateralous Major joins DROW

[17/08/2017] Jaron Relentless joins DROW

[17/08/2017] Blackwater Park joins DROW

[17/08/2017] Poooon Tiff joins DROW

[17/08/2017] Stormgeald Adire joins DROW

[17/08/2017] Alia Tus joins DROW

[17/08/2017] Reesi Melika joins DROW

[17/08/2017] Perix Urumet joins DROW

[17/08/2017] Metal Militia joins DROW

[17/08/2017] Astrul Tether joins DROW

[17/08/2017] Rhuka Mih'loh joins DROW

[17/08/2017] Jade Wolfvillage joins DROW

[17/08/2017] Vemo Kat joins DROW

[17/08/2017] Shartana Starlily joins DROW

[17/08/2017] Neuromancer Ai joins DROW

[21/02/2017] Lhu'a Phah joins DROW

[24/08/2013] Free Company is formed

Aa Cc
Afu Afu
Alia Tus
Anti Clergy
Aslan Bro
Astrul Tether
Baelix Wadu
Blackwater Park
Cel Ardor
Dellingr Lightborne
Dreylen Falathir
Faedynn Rampart
Fuhma Valefor
Ghenna Ghenna
Grizz Lee
Jaron Relentless
Jowy Blight
Kiht'a Pathi
Kikito Kito
Lateralous Major
Lhu'a Phah
Loreyna Sevalt
Mad Mali
Mael'a Pathi
Maelfus Smells
Miri Kraddick
Missus Kater
Mister Kater
Nano Catalyst
Nav Nav
Neuromancer Ai
Nme Nme
Omada Faragen
Orestes Atreus
Perix Deathwhisper
Pooon Altimate
Poooon Tiff
Reesi Bear
Reesi Melika
Rhuka Mih'loh
Rue Nimanderis
Shartana Starlily
Shinka Tanner
Shyvana Bolas
Smackaroni Andcheese
Snippi Chippi
Stormgeald Adire
Thil Ani
Tilestiv Silverton
Trogdor Daburninator
Vemo Kat
Yaboy Fakes
Yifs Kl