Agents of Veldt


: Agents of Veldt

Previous names

Knights of Veldt,
Solemn Trinity,
The Daddy Agency


: Agent


: 78


: 8

Leveling history


: 9233505136016406940


: A homely relaxed FC since 2015. We aren't as active as we once were but we always try to help new people when we can. 24/7 BUFFS. Goblet Mansion.


: Maelstrom




: Mt. Crescent Vista at Plot 35, 8 Ward, The Goblet, Tonberry, Elemental

Welcome message

: Welcome hunters! ^.^


: Always



Ranking history

Agent Trainee Aiyana Catori
Agent Knight Alainne Eu'riel
Agent Knight Ashta Elle
Agent Trainee Atari Nightstar
Agent Trainee Aurelia Lo'rallel
Agent Knight Bear Pepe
Special Agent Beard Papa
Agent Trainee Bella Rose
Agent Knight Betty Lou
Sleeper Agent Blwa Man
Special Agent Cadis Etrama
Agent Keeper Cal Nyaa
Agent Knight Captain Smokey
Agent Knight Celie Lionnellais
Agent Knight Chiri Taru
Agent Knight Curry Sauce
Agent Knight Delphinia Tajams
Agent Knight Dex Cogstride
Agent Knight Donaar Corrien
Agent Knight Eba Yuzuki
Sleeper Agent El Aira
Sleeper Agent Elfilyn Cres'enne
Agent Knight Ellyyee Miyumi
Special Agent Falala Arara
Sleeper Agent Feud Ellos
Agent Trainee Havenz Arch
Agent Knight Huaya Tusuu
Agent Knight Im Gremlin
Agent Keeper Irena Lumina
Agent Knight Jef'ry Mewzuu
Agent Knight Jester Sixx
Sleeper Agent Jinbe Oyabun
Agent Knight Kaius Octavius
Agent Knight Kangus Esquire
Sleeper Agent Karinthi Grimm
Agent Trainee Kimiko Yatsurugi
Agent Trainee Kito To
Special Agent Kyxa Iruxa
Agent Knight Lambo Bovino
Special Agent Laurentious Kett
Sleeper Agent Liberta Wilder
Sleeper Agent Lowe J'hara
Agent Keeper Luci Nyaa
Agent Trainee Luna Altani
Agent Trainee Lush Thistle
Agent Knight Makoto Takuko
Sleeper Agent Malignance Eternal
Agent Knight Maru Marun
Special Agent Metro Vrach
Agent Knight Mireille Highwind
Agent Knight Mireille Ys
Agent Trainee Miyafuji Mikoto
Agent Knight Mocca Cola
Sleeper Agent Moist Sauce
Sleeper Agent Nerys Zorion
Sleeper Agent Ninthe Villieth
Agent Knight Reine Gracious
Agent Knight Renna Dincht
Sleeper Agent Ryougi Shiiki
Agent Trainee Sana Minato'zaki
Agent Knight Sein Shana
Agent Knight Shaniqua Brooks
Agent Knight Shichi Infernia
Agent Trainee Shun Ririnori
Special Agent Sir Bob
Agent Knight Snowy Joe
Special Agent Su'ou Ainsley
Special Agent Sushi Roll
Sleeper Agent Tiktaki Taktika
Sleeper Agent Tillie Sweet
Sleeper Agent Ulva Serpentfang
Agent Knight Wiggy Thewhite
Agent Keeper Wolfred Blackwater
Agent Knight Yingruru Yingru
Agent Knight You Tube
Agent Trainee Yuffee Salaheem
Agent Trainee Yuuna Aki
Special Agent Zellin Saceria