Imperial Blood


: Imperial Blood




: 118


: 26


: 9233505136016367967


: º International FC º<br /> All are welcome to join Imperial Blood Empire


: Order of the Twin Adder




: Imperial Castle at Plot 16, 9 Ward, Shirogane, Tonberry, Elemental

Welcome message

: &quot;Be he king or peasant, he is happiest who finds peace home.&quot; - Johann Wolfgang Von Goeth


: Always



Ranking history

Imperial Squire A' Bard
Imperial Guard Abyssal Luna
Imperial Guard Acezai Pro
Imperial Squire Adornus Daelentar
Imperial Squire Aetius Torridon
Imperial Squire Akihiko Sanada
Imperial Elite Akilina Carcano
Imperial Squire Akiyuki Asakusa
Imperial Squire Alanna Beoulve
Imperial Guard Aletheia Xyten
Imperial Elite Amathyn Forthwit
Imperial Elite Antenor Martell
Imperial Guard Astri Terracett
Imperial Guard Astronium Neko
Imperial Elite Asuka Nakamura
Imperial Guard Auna Erimian
Imperial Guard Azalea Ho'ru
Imperial Ultima Bella Roselyn
Imperial Squire Beorn Bjornsson
Imperial Elite Canimus Surdis
Imperial Squire Carlibur Maximize
Imperial Guard Cda Leonhart
Imperial Squire Ceasare Yan
Imperial Guard Choco Bat
Imperial Squire Corian Dawnbringer
Imperial Guard Crispy Tissue
Imperial Squire Cross Lancer
Imperial Guard Dari Aeolux
Imperial Squire Darius Bludhardt
Imperial Ultima Deca Williand
Imperial Elite Dhez Vajara
Imperial Knight Dim Ension
Imperial Squire Dracule Kiro
Hello Kitty Eeyt Reiss
Imperial Squire Eeyuhn'to Balaan
Imperial Knight Elaine Rasa
Imperial Elite Eyirbel Valeon
Imperial Guard Feludius Foxfire
Imperial Squire Formaggi Rosso
Imperial Knight Foul Play
Imperial Squire Frahlia Terrens
Imperial Squire Galatea Godseye
Imperial Knight Garacant Ishgard
Imperial Guard Garune Heartgate
Imperial Elite Gilgamesh Merodach
Imperial Squire Gilva Ura
Imperial Knight Glupo Stimh
Imperial Elite Haru Miki
Imperial Noble Haruna Nobunaga
Imperial Squire Heart Underblade
Imperial Elite Hida Dracht
Imperial Guard Hoshino Minami
Imperial Squire I'no Dewae
Imperial Guard Inferno Cop
Imperial Guard Iria Nao
Imperial Squire Irisu Makina
Imperial Guard Junz Noxfleuret
Imperial Knight K'atya Nunh
Imperial Elite Kaihri Khoggu
Imperial Guard Kengan' Asura
Imperial Guard Kenx Kenxi
Imperial Guard Kiko Recon
Imperial Guard Kitsune Takahashi
Imperial Knight Klain Grayheart
Imperial Squire Kuro Mujou
Imperial Elite Lakche Dozel
Imperial Noble Larsa Kleinchen
Imperial Ultima Lionel Arystar
Imperial Guard Liquidus Snake
Imperial Squire Liriel Hawke
Imperial Squire Love Luna
Imperial Elite Machina Maw
Imperial Knight Magikid Kuchiki
Imperial Squire Mari Tsuki
Imperial Squire Matt Stark
Imperial Squire Mika Lynn
Imperial Noble Mirdyn Walhorn
Imperial Squire Moonlight Refrain
Imperial Squire Nozomi Adachi
Imperial Elite Onehellofa Scarymage
Imperial Guard Peter Lns
Imperial Guard Phi Gina
Imperial Guard Polred Redleif
Imperial Guard Rang Vallar
Imperial Guard Ransetsu Tosho
Imperial Squire Raza Lom
Imperial Elite Reingardt Weiss
Imperial Elite Renatus Nox
Imperial Squire Romja Strahl
Imperial Guard Rose Ocelot
Imperial Squire Ruby Duuuuuu
Imperial Elite Ryumi Tayaka
Imperial Noble Schere Nava
Imperial Squire Shadara Moondancer
Imperial Guard Slash Gallagher
Imperial Squire Sniff Sniff
Imperial Guard Staring Goat
Imperial Elite Sync Facade
Imperial Squire Tauriel Shadowstalk
Imperial Squire Tempest Windwalker
Imperial Guard Tentraele Medis
Imperial Guard Theo Dangre
Imperial Squire Tira Tsunami
Imperial Noble Tsukishiro Harue
Imperial Squire Tu'minit Ramen
Imperial Knight Tuppi Tempo
Imperial Guard Urabe Aoi
Imperial Guard Vali Lucidus
Imperial Guard Vanyel Ashkevron
Imperial Noble Velera Valeon
Imperial Guard Vish Rhamur
Imperial Squire Voratis Tenebris
Imperial Squire Xaxton Shinryuu
Imperial Noble Xephiez Aensland
Imperial Guard Ysera Atoel
Imperial Guard Yuki Sasaki
Imperial Noble Zevilia D'fyln
Imperial Elite Zwyngeim Swyrwyrstwyn