: Virtuous


: -V-


: 26


: 8


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: The Divine Citadel


: Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.


: Immortal Flames




: Virtuous Mansion at Plot 15, 6 Ward, Mist, Odin

Welcome message

: Currently Under Construction.Recruiting!


: Always



Ranking history


as of 20/05/2018

[20/05/2018] Sasa Chan joins Virtuous

[20/05/2018] Asuha Ilya is assigned Novice rank

[20/05/2018] The Spark is assigned Novice rank

[20/05/2018] Yoyosa Yosa is assigned Novice rank

[19/05/2018] Randal Thevandal leaves Virtuous

[19/05/2018] Auridon Strife leaves Virtuous

[16/05/2018] S'irle Alythia is assigned Mentor rank

[16/05/2018] Heartless Angel is assigned Novice rank

[16/05/2018] The Divine Citadel is renamed to Virtuous

[16/05/2018] Virtuous changes insignia to "-V-"

[16/05/2018] Virtuous renames "Citadel Mansion" to "Virtuous Mansion"

[16/05/2018] Fufufono Jojofono leaves Virtuous

[16/05/2018] Hazrad Ishibei leaves Virtuous

[16/05/2018] Jared Mars leaves Virtuous

[16/05/2018] Kiera Muuh leaves Virtuous

[16/05/2018] Lynxie Star leaves Virtuous

[16/05/2018] Markzaku Heroke leaves Virtuous

[16/05/2018] Rauss Blackheart leaves Virtuous

[16/05/2018] Red Danger leaves Virtuous

[16/05/2018] Smelly Greentaco leaves Virtuous

[16/05/2018] Soulcrya Evilian leaves Virtuous

[16/05/2018] Winter Elegy leaves Virtuous

[16/05/2018] Andy Hutch leaves Virtuous

[16/05/2018] Elious Casderian leaves Virtuous

[16/05/2018] Varro Tigurius leaves Virtuous

[16/05/2018] Zhong Kui leaves Virtuous

[16/05/2018] Astolfo Charlemagne joins Virtuous

[16/05/2018] Lucrets Gallon joins Virtuous

[18/02/2018] Fyrnveh Logan leaves The Divine Citadel

[11/02/2018] Fyrnveh Logan is assigned Maester rank

[11/02/2018] Hyena Elakha is assigned Maester rank

[11/02/2018] Thora Mountainsong is assigned Maester rank

[11/02/2018] Angelica Starstorm is assigned Mentor rank

[11/02/2018] Corpy Chere is assigned Mentor rank

[11/02/2018] Andy Hutch is assigned Seneschal rank

[11/02/2018] Auridon Strife is assigned Seneschal rank

[11/02/2018] Mystery Man is assigned Seneschal rank

[11/02/2018] S'irle Alythia is assigned Seneschal rank

[11/02/2018] Siiler Illenion is assigned Seneschal rank

[11/02/2018] Ailynn Kross is assigned Acolyte rank

[11/02/2018] Cephir Auria is assigned Acolyte rank

[11/02/2018] Elious Casderian is assigned Acolyte rank

[11/02/2018] Korendil Rensin is assigned Acolyte rank

[11/02/2018] Randal Thevandal is assigned Acolyte rank

[11/02/2018] Ricas Magyth is assigned Acolyte rank

[11/02/2018] Vanya Starstorm is assigned Acolyte rank

[11/02/2018] Varro Tigurius is assigned Acolyte rank

[11/02/2018] Zhong Kui is assigned Acolyte rank

[11/02/2018] Dark Elege is assigned Novice rank

[11/02/2018] Fufufono Jojofono is assigned Novice rank

[11/02/2018] Hazrad Ishibei is assigned Novice rank

[11/02/2018] Jared Mars is assigned Novice rank

[11/02/2018] Kiera Muuh is assigned Novice rank

[11/02/2018] Larz'a Ruz is assigned Novice rank

[11/02/2018] Lynxie Star is assigned Novice rank

[11/02/2018] Maki Chan is assigned Novice rank

[11/02/2018] Markzaku Heroke is assigned Novice rank

[11/02/2018] Miyuki Kodo is assigned Novice rank

[11/02/2018] Rauss Blackheart is assigned Novice rank

[11/02/2018] Red Danger is assigned Novice rank

[11/02/2018] Smelly Greentaco is assigned Novice rank

[11/02/2018] Miyuki Kodo joins The Divine Citadel

[11/02/2018] Larz'a Ruz joins The Divine Citadel

[11/02/2018] Mystery Man joins The Divine Citadel

[11/02/2018] Miyook Perri leaves The Divine Citadel

[11/02/2018] Kyoko Atsumi leaves The Divine Citadel

[11/02/2018] Gary Flynn leaves The Divine Citadel

[11/02/2018] A'kitha Dinhe leaves The Divine Citadel

[11/02/2018] Jadran Zupan leaves The Divine Citadel

[11/02/2018] Cerberuz Cerby leaves The Divine Citadel

[11/02/2018] Benevolent Azalea leaves The Divine Citadel

[11/02/2018] Andy Hutch joins The Divine Citadel

[20/12/2017] Hazrad Ishibei joins The Divine Citadel

[03/12/2017] Siiler Illenion joins The Divine Citadel

[21/10/2017] Fyrnveh Logan joins The Divine Citadel

[24/09/2017] Thora Mountainsong joins The Divine Citadel

[03/09/2017] Fyrnveh Logan joins The Divine Citadel

[03/09/2017] Elious Casderian joins The Divine Citadel

[03/09/2017] Dark Elege joins The Divine Citadel

[03/09/2017] Cerberuz Cerby joins The Divine Citadel

[03/09/2017] Angelica Ainsworth joins The Divine Citadel

[03/09/2017] Benevolent Azalea joins The Divine Citadel

[03/09/2017] Zhong Kui joins The Divine Citadel

[03/09/2017] Varro Tigurius joins The Divine Citadel

[03/09/2017] Ricas Magyth joins The Divine Citadel

[03/09/2017] Gary Flynn joins The Divine Citadel

[03/09/2017] A'kitha Dinhe joins The Divine Citadel

[03/09/2017] The Divine Citadel is registered in the service

[16/08/2017] Free Company is formed

[10/06/2017] Miyook Perri joins The Divine Citadel

[09/05/2017] Kyoko Atsumi joins The Divine Citadel

[09/05/2017] Autumn Elegy joins The Divine Citadel

[09/05/2017] Mivari Steelsoul joins The Divine Citadel

[09/05/2017] Hyena Elakha joins The Divine Citadel

[09/05/2017] Solid Resolve joins The Divine Citadel

[09/05/2017] Elegant Darkness joins The Divine Citadel

[09/05/2017] Cephir Auria joins The Divine Citadel

[21/01/2017] Jadran Zupan joins The Divine Citadel

Grand Maester Autumn Elegy
Arch Maester Elegant Darkness
Arch Maester Mivari Steelsoul
Arch Maester Solid Resolve
Novice Astolfo Charlemagne
Novice Asuha Ilya
Novice Dark Elege
Novice Heartless Angel
Novice Larz'a Ruz
Novice Lucrets Gallon
Novice Maki Chan
Novice Miyuki Kodo
Novice Sasa Chan
Novice The Spark
Novice Yoyosa Yosa
Maester Hyena Elakha
Maester Thora Mountainsong
Seneschal Mystery Man
Seneschal Siiler Illenion
Mentor Corpy Chere
Mentor S'irle Alythia
Acolyte Ailynn Kross
Acolyte Cephir Auria
Acolyte Korendil Rensin
Acolyte Ricas Magyth
Acolyte Vanya Starstorm