Keepers of the Flame


: Keepers of the Flame

Previous names



: KotF


: 116


: 8

Leveling history


: 9232660711086297473


: Can you dance in the fire and not be burnt?<br /> Welcoming applicants. Discord available.


: Immortal Flames




: The Sacred Fire at Plot 3, 11 Ward, The Lavender Beds, Odin, Chaos

Welcome message

: Come warm yourself by the home fire, here, where the flame of your soul&#39;s passion is sacred.


: Always



Ranking history

Fire Sentinel Aetic Ceredwyn
Sparks (alts) Akane Yusami
Spatharios Amaranth Scarlet
Ember Guardian Amelia Lightbringer
Kindled Flames Arcturus Highwind
Fire Sentinel Aruktai Mourne
Kindled Flames Ary Ahegao
Sparks (alts) Asahina Asaka
Ember Guardian Ashikia Tailchaser
Kindled Flames Astros Kirima
Sparks (alts) Aya Fae
Spatharios Ayano Tayun
Kindled Flames Bardin Olockson
Ashen Archives Beedle Bard
Sol Vestiaritai Beriaru Dela'croix
Sparks (alts) Bitesized Portions
Fire Sentinel Blane Xion
Ember Guardian Blunt Arrows
Fire Sentinel Bobby Boss
Spatharios Buck Flizzard
Flamines Maiore Chante Hinhan
Epulone Fashion Chrona Kaori
Sparks (alts) Colo Fyrewall
Fire Sentinel Cruril Carter
Spatharios Daddy Meow
Ember Guardian Darkblood Returns
Fire Sentinel Darth Muffins
Sparks (alts) Delvin Daemonfuge
Sparks (alts) Demon Daddy
Kindled Flames Devil Arsa
Ember Guardian Doktor Lavanda
Fire Sentinel Dragorlath Mercer
Fire Sentinel Drigg Strongarm
Kindled Flames Dusk Fox
Ashen Archives Elquinjena Silverwing
Fire Sentinel Emrys Eternus
Fire Sentinel Eternal Dreaming
Kindled Flames Ethan Kitsune
Sparks (alts) Haerzeidin Sthalbryda
Fire Sentinel Halilui Deviant
Fire Sentinel Hana Banana
Fire Sentinel Health Estheim
Ember Guardian Huge Spliff
Ember Guardian I'shtara Blaze
Sparks (alts) Ildiene Lijont
Fire Sentinel Jade Forheal
Fire Sentinel Jester Puppet
Kindled Flames Jibril Elchea
Fire Sentinel Juno Astra
Fire Sentinel Kaizer Pendragon
Ashen Archives Keizo Teruya
Ember Guardian Khon Ser'val
Fire Sentinel Korendil Rensin
Fire Sentinel Koyuki Sakanagi
Fire Sentinel Kurzou Sharpfang
Sparks (alts) Layla Draconis
Ember Guardian Leif Mordersson
Fire Sentinel Lexi Rose
Ember Guardian Lin Kuei
RP characters Lithyngale Dria'ad
Fire Sentinel Lymis Celesaria
Spatharios Maerlyn Delacour
Sol Vestiaritai Maeve Nymera
Spatharios Magicka Concentrate
Fire Sentinel Magnus Eternus
Ember Guardian Man'o Steel
Ashen Archives Merge Annencharge
Viator Scientia Messokin Yateets
Fire Sentinel Mex Crescent
Fire Sentinel Minokin Radrix
Ember Guardian Misha Riftwalker
Fire Sentinel Mistakes- Were-made
Fire Sentinel Mithrarin Yagami
Sparks (alts) Nyrista Khore
Ember Guardian Onyx Terpsichore
Fire Sentinel Otchayla Debrand
Sparks (alts) Panzer Doorstop
Flamines Maiore Penelo Theater
Epulone Fashion Potato Cam
Fire Sentinel Pretty Sun
Ember Guardian Priscilla Shalquoir
Ashen Archives Raih'a Lihzeh
Kindled Flames Rawthean Raw
Kindled Flames Riahx Leinda
Fire Sentinel Roary Mercury
Sparks (alts) Robyn Banks
Sol Vestiaritai Roxy Tatertots
Ember Guardian Rucks Morr
Ember Guardian Samwise Theblue
Flamines Maiore Sarah Locksley
Sol Vestiaritai Sayo Nagae
Spatharios Screaming Fist
Fire Sentinel Seraphin Dragonslayer
Fire Sentinel Sol Ririzigo
Fire Sentinel Solly Kameleous
Spatharios Sonur'ya Msitu
Kindled Flames Sorella Swiftrunner
Ember Guardian Spec Spectre
Ember Guardian Steevi Mersa
Ember Guardian Suskar Mar'ar
Ember Guardian Swyft Sunflare
Ember Guardian Syngiwib Roe
Fire Sentinel Tahlia Valiri
Fire Sentinel Tianmi Mao
Kindled Flames Tilii Yuuki
Flamines Maiore Tuis Zalan
Ashen Archives U'hu Styque
Kindled Flames Vanium Vladimir
Fire Sentinel Vero Sartorius
Vicarius Violet Snow
Spatharios Vishar Amaruq
RP characters Wochi-ake Neasjah
Flamines Maiore Yahagi Seaburneye
Ember Guardian Yulian Gavaldi
Flamines Maiore Ziggy Craftzen'marz
Mercy Zukira Phaera