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: Immortal Flames




: Rain Campus at Plot 5, 8 Ward, The Goblet, Odin, Chaos

Welcome message

: The Institute of Rain! Paving the way to excellence. Our campus garden is open to any and everyone! We simply request, all be treated with respect.


as of 14/07/2018 (update scheduled on 18/07/2018 21:18)

[14/07/2018] Lilith Oh'rly leaves Rain

[14/07/2018] Sir Raimond leaves Rain

[14/07/2018] Avasolde Rain is assigned Administration rank

[14/07/2018] Siereh Nitsah leaves Rain

[14/07/2018] Mia Yo'rly leaves Rain

[14/07/2018] Willow Valentine leaves Rain

[14/07/2018] Kiri Kurogane leaves Rain

[14/07/2018] Miss Rookie joins Rain

[14/07/2018] Avander Rain leaves Rain

[14/07/2018] Rain renames "Shisui Tides Campus" to "Rain Campus"

[14/07/2018] Epex Avagnar leaves Rain

[14/07/2018] Ganbaatar Avagnar leaves Rain

[14/07/2018] Rain closes recruitment

[14/07/2018] Dukfaar Vertari leaves Rain

[05/07/2018] Avasolde Rain joins Rain

[29/04/2018] Arelia Stormborn leaves Rain

[28/04/2018] Minfilia Lionheart leaves Rain

[28/04/2018] Avasolde Rain leaves Rain

[28/04/2018] Safe Hands leaves Rain

[24/03/2018] Sir Raimond is assigned Administration rank

[24/03/2018] Willow Valentine is assigned First Year rank

[24/03/2018] Avander Rain is assigned Administration rank

[24/03/2018] Ganbaatar Avagnar is assigned Headmaster rank

[24/03/2018] Minfilia Lionheart is assigned Transfer rank

[22/03/2018] Barteh Oranos leaves Rain

[22/03/2018] Lilith Oh'rly is assigned Graduate rank

[22/03/2018] Edyva Rich leaves Rain

[22/03/2018] Yukimura Ken leaves Rain

[22/03/2018] Siereh Nitsah is assigned Graduate rank

[22/03/2018] Mia Yo'rly is assigned Graduate rank

[22/03/2018] Fey Mhevee leaves Rain

[22/03/2018] Arelia Stormborn is assigned Graduate rank

[22/03/2018] Sigurd Gaffsen leaves Rain

[22/03/2018] Kiri Kurogane is assigned Graduate rank

[22/03/2018] Sellah Rhel leaves Rain

[22/03/2018] Lamias Tiara leaves Rain

[22/03/2018] Rain renames "Rain Mansion" to "Shisui Tides Campus"

[22/03/2018] Epex Avagnar is assigned Graduate rank

[22/03/2018] Dukfaar Vertari is assigned Graduate rank

[22/03/2018] Safe Hands is assigned Graduate rank

[22/03/2018] Draecid Highwind leaves Rain

[22/03/2018] Avasolde Rain is assigned Administration rank

[17/02/2018] A'milva Wetae leaves Rain

[11/02/2018] Nayuta Lanzarote leaves Rain

[11/02/2018] Maigi Walker leaves Rain

[11/02/2018] Miss Rookie leaves Rain

[19/11/2017] Avasolde Rain joins Rain

[23/07/2017] Yukimura Ken joins Rain

[23/07/2017] Siereh Nitsah joins Rain

[23/07/2017] Sigurd Gaffsen joins Rain

[04/05/2017] Silenia Cocopuff joins Rain

[20/04/2017] Falstaan Flamestaff joins Rain

[20/04/2017] Kiri Kurogane joins Rain

[25/03/2017] Lamias Tiara joins Rain

[19/03/2017] Nayuta Lanzarote joins Rain

[03/03/2017] Edyva Rich joins Rain

[03/03/2017] Mia Yo'rly joins Rain

[03/03/2017] A'milva Wetae joins Rain

[03/03/2017] Fey Mhevee joins Rain

[03/03/2017] Miss Rookie joins Rain

[03/03/2017] Maigi Walker joins Rain

[03/03/2017] Sellah Rhel joins Rain

[03/03/2017] Rain is registered in the service

[03/03/2017] Lucanox Veteris joins Rain

[03/03/2017] Epex Avagnar joins Rain

[03/03/2017] Misuto Hazuki joins Rain

[03/03/2017] Dukfaar Vertari joins Rain

[03/03/2017] Safe Hands joins Rain

[03/03/2017] Draecid Highwind joins Rain

[03/03/2017] Barteh Oranos joins Rain

[03/03/2017] Lilith Oh'rly joins Rain

[24/02/2017] Arelia Stormborn joins Rain

[05/05/2015] Free Company is formed

Avasolde Rain
Miss Rookie