Pandion Knights

Name: Pandion Knights

Insignia: PK


Level: 8

ID: 9232660711086228990

About: Pandion Knights is a casual company where everyone is welcome. Please PM Tilly Sniper, Rhapsody Iliachenvaar for an inv/info.

Affiliation: Order of the Twin Adder


Location: Pandion Knights at Plot 19, 2 Ward, Mist, Odin

Welcome message: Welcome to Pandion Knights home, we hope you enjoy your stay :3

Open: Always


History as of 13/02/2018

[13/02/2018] Meoshi Nutri-nep joins Pandion Knights

[13/02/2018] Pandion Knights is registered in the service

[25/08/2013] Free Company is formed

Game Admin Meoshi Nutri-nep