Kitty Kat Klub


: Kitty Kat Klub




: 12


: 6


: 9232519973597962680


: Tater


: We must dominate the world one spud at a time!


: Order of the Twin Adder




: The Gilded Oven at Plot 17, 9 Ward, The Lavender Beds, Midgardsormr, Aether

Welcome message

: Welcome to the home of the Tater Brigade!




as of 14/07/2018 (update scheduled on 15/07/2018 13:17)

[14/07/2018] Carrot Fry leaves Kitty Kat Klub

[14/07/2018] Di Va is assigned Officer rank

[14/07/2018] Fish'n Chips is assigned Member rank

[14/07/2018] Poe Tayto is assigned Master Slave rank

[14/07/2018] Broc Li is assigned Co-Leader rank

[14/07/2018] Superfruit Avacado is assigned Officer rank

[14/07/2018] Hot Fries is assigned Member rank

[14/07/2018] Cucumber Lays leaves Kitty Kat Klub

[14/07/2018] Thinsliced Potato leaves Kitty Kat Klub

[14/07/2018] Cuddle Fish is assigned Member rank

[14/07/2018] Kitty Kat Klub changes insignia to "KEK"

[14/07/2018] Tater is renamed to Kitty Kat Klub

[14/07/2018] Pow Tato is assigned Officer rank

[14/07/2018] Unable To-retrieve is assigned Officer rank

[14/07/2018] Lola Pie is assigned Member rank

[14/07/2018] Twice'baked Popoto leaves Kitty Kat Klub

[14/07/2018] Barbi Cue is assigned Member rank

[14/07/2018] Potato Man is assigned Officer rank

[14/07/2018] Organically Grown leaves Kitty Kat Klub

[07/04/2018] Di Va is assigned Officer rank

[05/04/2018] Tater buys Plot 17, 9 Ward, The Lavender Beds (Small)

[05/04/2018] Tater builds "The Gilded Oven"

[05/04/2018] Cold Fries leaves Tater

[05/04/2018] Lola Pie is assigned Member rank

[05/04/2018] Carrot Fry is assigned Co-Leader rank

[16/10/2017] Lola Pie joins Tater

[04/10/2017] Cuddle Fish joins Tater

[04/10/2017] Barbi Cue joins Tater

[15/09/2017] Poe Tayto joins Tater

[15/09/2017] Broc Li joins Tater

[15/09/2017] Superfruit Avacado joins Tater

[15/09/2017] Tater is registered in the service

[15/09/2017] Hot Fries joins Tater

[15/09/2017] Rerenzo Cabanaboy joins Tater

[15/09/2017] Cucumber Lays joins Tater

[15/09/2017] Thinsliced Potato joins Tater

[15/09/2017] Cold Fries joins Tater

[15/09/2017] Channing Potatum joins Tater

[15/09/2017] Pow Tato joins Tater

[15/09/2017] Hungry Jack joins Tater

[15/09/2017] Unable To-retrieve joins Tater

[15/09/2017] Twice'baked Popoto joins Tater

[15/09/2017] Potato Man joins Tater

[15/09/2017] Carrot Fry joins Tater

[15/09/2017] Organically Grown joins Tater

[15/09/2017] Fish'n Chips joins Tater

[08/09/2017] Free Company is formed

Barbi Cue
Broc Li
Cuddle Fish
Di Va
Fish'n Chips
Hot Fries
Lola Pie
Poe Tayto
Potato Man
Pow Tato
Superfruit Avacado
Unable To-retrieve