A League Of Legends


: A League Of Legends

Previous names

Level Of ViolencE


: LoL


: 82


: 8

Leveling history


: 9232519973597940157


: A group of legends getting through easy to hard contents as a team.<br />Join today and become a LEGEND!


: Order of the Twin Adder




: Where the heart is at Plot 15, 10 Ward, Mist, Midgardsormr, Aether

Welcome message

: Legends Headquarter


: Always



Ranking history

Unranked Acheron Nightangel
Champion Alaric Caine
Champion Aleniel Bishop
Unranked Alice Card
Unranked Amity Orianna
Unranked Ancrath Brews
Unranked Archon Jeaux
Unranked Arty Fishal
Gold Atalya Epocan
Champion Ciri Alexandria
Champion Clunk Chunderfrump
Champion Cyrus Azurewind
Champion Darya Karamazov
Unranked Demonic Soul
Champion Diarmuid D'luc
Legend Divineskillz Dragon
Champion Eliza Nadazdy
Unranked Flaire Azurestrike
Unranked Fynn Scarletsmoke
Champion Giga Watts
♥Princess♥ Haylynn Ahri
Champion Hoelun Malaguld
Unranked Hostile Poptart
Unranked Hydro Kiowa
Champion Impalia Noone
Unranked Innuendo Innyourendo
Unranked Ireth Guild
Champion Jadzia Dax
Unranked Jeaux Khan
Gold Jensen Mann
Champion Justin Potts
Unranked Kira Ka'sun
Unranked Kou Kohai
Unranked Kou Leifo
Unranked Kou Senpai
Unranked Lady Kurogame
Champion Leinardo Lucentio
Unranked Lilith Kampfer
Unranked Lilith Raine
Champion Lucid Highwind
Champion Luna Karamazov
Unranked Master Tofu
Champion Midgarsor Dragonheart
Unranked Midnight Tokes
Unranked Moridin Tedronai
Champion Mother Hitton
Unranked Mypots Justbetter
Champion Mythril Nivvalis
Champion Najort Trojan
Gold Nikkie Phoenix
♥Princess♥ Onium Starchaser
Unranked Pocket Rocket
Unranked Prison School
Champion Rasputina Gorey
Champion Rawr Meowmeow
Unranked Reef Tan
Champion Remtext Olibonra
Unranked Rhyfel Schirm
Gold Rhys Lightdream
Champion Rie Striker
Gold Rose Love
Unranked Ryan Redragon
Gold Sandorz Lovestrong
Unranked Shion Takanashi
Unranked Skydara Moonlight
Unranked Skylee Klaws
♥Princess♥ Stormmie Starchaser
Unranked Suicidal Poptart
Unranked Tatsuya Ie'nei
Unranked Theodric Frost
Unranked Therizina Saurus
Unranked Thunder Theslayer
Champion Tirian Lightseeker
Unranked Tokin Phatbluntz
Unranked Tyranno Saurus
Champion Vaya Plex
Champion Vinayla Ice
Unranked Volyero Prime
Unranked Voraxxis Kader
Unranked Yazzana Tanning
Unranked Zachary Francis
Champion Zanyman Madness