Cafe Noir


: Cafe Noir


: Noir


: 22


: 8


: 9232379236109606328


: We do not sow.


: Order of the Twin Adder




: Novel's Keep at Plot 15, 17 Ward, Mist, Leviathan

Welcome message

: Welcome to our library! Drinks are on the house. EPR 101 guides on 2nd floor. The West Wing is forbidden.


: Always




as of 13/02/2018

[13/02/2018] Cafe Noir buys Plot 15, 17 Ward, Mist (Large)

[13/02/2018] Cafe Noir builds "Novel's Keep"

[13/02/2018] Lamora Crescent joins Cafe Noir

[24/10/2017] Narome Carome joins Cafe Noir

[24/10/2017] Haelsyng Macfarlane joins Cafe Noir

[24/10/2017] Lemmon Jello joins Cafe Noir

[03/09/2017] Krakalakkin Buu joins Cafe Noir

[03/09/2017] Kainin Melwasuel joins Cafe Noir

[03/09/2017] Golden Blade joins Cafe Noir

[03/09/2017] Faetasy Fay joins Cafe Noir

[03/09/2017] Dancing Rain joins Cafe Noir

[03/09/2017] Zazie Highwind joins Cafe Noir

[03/09/2017] Nymeria Tyrell joins Cafe Noir

[03/09/2017] Luna Moonsong joins Cafe Noir

[03/09/2017] Ardylenks Helix joins Cafe Noir

[08/06/2017] Eriru Violet joins Cafe Noir

[17/04/2017] Furudo Erika joins Cafe Noir

[17/04/2017] Breine Hortimont joins Cafe Noir

[17/04/2017] Cafe Noir is registered in the service

[10/04/2017] Free Company is formed

[27/02/2017] Lense Celeste joins Cafe Noir

[19/02/2017] Euron Tribal joins Cafe Noir

Lord Commander Euron Tribal
Kingsguard Breine Hortimont
Kingsguard Eriru Violet
Maid Furudo Erika
Sellsword An Angel
Sellsword Arne Sofylwyn
Sellsword Beef King
Sellsword Faetasy Fay
Sellsword Golden Blade
Sellsword Haelsyng Macfarlane
Sellsword Hody Dosun
Sellsword Kainin Melwasuel
Sellsword Krakalakkin Buu
Sellsword Lamora Crescent
Sellsword Narome Carome
Golden Company Ardylenks Helix
Golden Company Dancing Rain
Golden Company Lemmon Jello
Golden Company Luna Moonsong
Golden Company Nymeria Tyrell
Golden Company Zazie Highwind
Mad Queen Lense Celeste